Pioneer Pdp 436xde Manual Tire

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

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Discover the benefits of registering your product online at. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Pioneer plasma display system operating instructions pages.

Key Specifications

Pioneer pdphd: operating instruction pages. To prevent a fire or shock labels attached to the product. They alert hazard, do not place any container filed with liquid near the operators and service personnel of this equipment such as a vase or flower pot or expose it to this equipment Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.

After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference. Page 6 Contents Connecting a game console or 15 Appendix Troubleshooting PIONEER will not be held responsible for quality, this Pioneer Plasma Display System incorporates accident or damage caused by the use of parts and state-of-the-art design and construction, as well as very precise accessories manufactured by other companies.

This may occur in the following two cases.

Pioneer user manual

After-image lagging due to remaining electrical load When image patterns with very high peak luminance are displayed for more than 1 minute, after-image lagging may occur due to the remaining electric load. Page Safety Precautions Safety Precautions Safety Precautions Electricity is used to perform many useful functions, but it can objects from resting on them. Check the cords at the plugs also cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly and product.

This product has been engineered and manufactured Page Supplied Accessories Use the following table to check that you have received the correct Media Receiver and Plasma Display models. Stabilizing on a table or floor Using a wall for stabilization 1. Attach falling prevention bolts hooks to Stabilize the Plasma Display as shown in the diagram using screws that are available on the market. Page Connecting The Power Cord Preparation Connecting the power cord Plasma Display rear view Attaching the ferrite core To help prevent noise, attach the supplied ferrite core to the connector end of the power cord as shown.

Use the supplied cable tie to prevent the ferrite core from slipping on the cable. Page Routing Cables Preparation Routing cables Speed clamps and bead bands are supplied for bunching cables. Once properly bunched, follow the steps below to route the cables. The following is a brief explanation of the types of connections that are used for a coaxial cable.

Pioneer 435/436/505/506-SXE/RXE/FDE/XDE - FAQ Part 1

The distance from the Open the battery cover. Splitting the screen Use the following procedure to select 2-screen or picture-in- picture mode. Page Freezing Images Watching TV Freezing images Use the following procedure to capture and freeze one frame from a moving image that you are watching. Press d.

Press d again to cancel the function. Perform the up TV channels.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

Provides images with clearer colour contours. Page Using The 3dyc And I-p Mode Basic Adjustment Settings Sound adjustments Performs such compensation that results in the optimum contrast You can adjust the sound quality to your preference with the characteristics for images.

Pioneer PDP-506XDE Operating Instructions Manual

Selections Deactivates the ACL. Adjust the sound to your preference for the chosen AV Selection option. Page Customizing Channel Related Settings Enjoying DTV broadcasts Activating the Favourites function Customizing channel related settings Make sure to activate this function after favourite channels are This section describes how to customize various channel registered.

These settings include favourite channel registration, Channel Skip, and Channel Lock.

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This function Dolby digital audio format. Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group application After inserting a card, leave it in the slot permanently. Do not encoded, letting you experience DTV interactively.

Viewing programme information Press EPG. Programme Information Fri.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

It also allows you to easily select and tune to a desired programme. Programme Timer Wed. Detailed information and Search Result is displayed.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

Choose the drive frequency that Manual Setup better suits your broadcasting signals. The Plasma Display automatically selects an appropriate factory default screen size when the received video signals contain WSS wide screen signaling information or when video signals are Keeps the aspect ratio and presents side masks. When the selected time elapses, the Sleep Timer automatically places the system into the standby mode. Page Resetting The Password Function is restored.

A functions for smooth connections between Media Receiver and other audiovisual equipment. DVR is in connection. You can however change the setting so that DTV Connecting a game console or camcorder signals are always output regardless of the current image display. You can then operate On this system, you can watch JPEG images that have been the connected equipment by sending commands from its Page Starting A Thumbnail Screen Enjoying through External Equipment Starting a thumbnail screen Starting a standard single-image screen When a folder is selected on the initial Home Gallery screen, When the thumbnail screen is in display, press images in the folder are displayed in thumbnail format.

The the screen for setting up for Slide Show that sequentially same picture adjustment screen as the PC source is displayed. Operating the Teletext basics Teletext broadcasts pages of information and entertainment to specially equipped television sets. Page Displaying Subpages Using the Teletext Functions Displaying subtitle pages Displaying subpages You can display several subtitles as they are transmitted. You can display several subpages as they are transmitted.

Press [ to display the subtitle. See page Signal name Pin No.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

Published by Pioneer Corporation. All rights reserved.

Discharge stability

Appuyez sur d. Appuyez une nouvelle fois sur d pour annuler.

Pioneer PDP-4270HD 720P Plasma TV

Publication de Pioneer Corporation. Zur Vermeidung der Keine Quellen offener Flammen z. Lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung bitte aufmerksam durch, sodass Sie mit der richtigen Bedienungsweise Ihres Modells vertraut werden. Nachdem Sie die Bedienungsanleitung gelesen haben, sollten Sie sie an einer sicheren Stelle griffbereit aufbewahren. Plasma-Schirme zeigen Informationen mithilfe von Pixeln an. Verwenden Sie den mitgelieferten Kabelbinder, um den Ferritkern gegen Verrutschen am Kabel zu sichern.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

Gehen Sie hierzu wie nachfolgend beschrieben vor. Suche Einstellungen Deaktiviert ACL. Siehe Seite Aktiviert ACL. Lautsprecher ausgegeben.

Pioneer raises the bar for plasmas

Programminformation Fr. Programmstart erfolgt. System automatisch auf den Bereitschaftsmodus. Die angezeigt. Dieselbe Einstellanzeige abzurufen.

Pioneer pdp 436xde manual tire

Bildeinstellungsanzeige wie bei der PC-Programmquelle erscheint. Siehe Seite 23 und Signalbezeichnung Pin-Nr. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

PIONEER PDP-436XDE Service Manual

Manuel Avila Camacho 10 piso Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico,D. This manual is also suitable for: Pdpxde. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:.

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