Program Toshiba Ct 90251 Manual

Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

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Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

Page of Go. Telecommunication Systems Division.

TOSHIBA CT90275OM Operating Manual

Table of Contents. Strata dk series. Strata dk digital business telephone solutions pages. Includes lcd, add-on module, and direct station selection console pages. Electronic telephone includes lcd and direct station selection console pages. Toshiba integrated wireless handset user guide pages. Page 2 Strata is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Trademarks, registered trademarks, and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

Page 5 Door Phone s Page 9 Introduction This guide describes how to use the series digital telephones for Strata DK systems. Chapter 2—Features describes the available digital telephone features in alphabetical order. Detailed instructions on using each feature are covered. Page Conventions Conventions The left column gives you single or numbered steps that you need to perform a procedure.

Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

Note Elaborates specific items or references other information. Within some tables, General Notes apply to the entire table and numbered Notes apply to specific items. Calls attention to important instructions or information. Page 13 Toshiba digital telephones incorporate state-of-the-art telecommunications technology and provide a vast array of calling features.

They are easy to operate, and all features are accessed with a feature button or a brief access code. Page Fixed Buttons Buttons There are two sets of buttons, fixed and flexible.

The fixed buttons e. The number of preprogrammed flexible buttons varies by telephone. Fixed Buttons The fixed buttons are located on your dial pad and enable you to perform standard functions quickly and easily. Note If your telephone is programmed for Automatic Hold, existing calls are automatically placed on hold when you answer a call or make another call. If a button does not appear on your display or telephone keystrip label, see your System Administrator for button assignments.

Page Lcd The Grand Tour In its idle state, the character LCD feature on your digital telephone gives you an accurate desk clock and calendar combination.

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When you have an outside call in progress, an elapsed time display gives a constant reminder of the call duration. Alphanumeric messaging capability is also provided see display functions occur automatically as call processing proceeds.

Page Chapter 2 - Features Features This chapter lists all the digital telephone features in alphabetical order beginning on See These features can be performed on series digital telephones equipped with or without LCDs. Features which require a telephone equipped with a speakerphone are noted. Lift the handset or press Press if you have Automatic line selection. Access an outside line and dial a telephone number.

Toshiba ct 90251 remote manual

Lift the handset when the called party answers. If another call comes in during the first call, release, transfer, or place the call on hold, then answer the second call. After accessing a CO line, press Enter the Account Code.

Dial another account code by repeating Steps 1 and 2.

Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

Page Alert Signaling Alert Signaling Alert Signaling enables you to send an alert sound to a predesignated partner station by pressing a single button. You can have as many as four other telephones.

If the system redials an outside number that is still busy, ABR resets and tries again.

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This feature may not be allowed on some or all lines in your system—depending on the telephone line type connected. You can also set ACB to place you in a queue for an available CO line, if you reach a line group in which all lines are busy. Answer within three rings to prevent the callback from being cancelled. If you were attempting to make an outside call and did not use LCR, you must now redial the telephone number.

Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

Internal calls and transferred calls to your [PDN] also do not forward to external destinations. Enter the destination [DN]. Press Note Skip this step, if you pressed Step 1. Enter the time delay seconds. Skip this step if Note you do not want Press Note Skip this step, if you pressed in Step 1.

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Note Skip this step, if you do not want to change the time. Only perform Step 1 the first time Call Forward-External is set or when you Page 42 Features Call Forward Remote Destination Change If Call Forward-External mode is set at your station, you can change the forwarding destination from a telephone outside of the system. To change the destination number 1.

Toshiba CT-90251 - remote control Specs & Prices

Anyone can retrieve the call from the orbit using the same or a different station. Enter the Orbit Number where the call is parked. This operation can be programmed on a on Page Page Call Pickup 3. Make your announcement include the Orbit Number.

Hang up to free the paging device. To use directed call pickup 1. Dial directed [PDN]. To pick up a ringing CO line in a tenant system Press Enter , then the access code group to which the station belongs.

Program toshiba ct 90251 manual

If these types of calls occur at the same time, the pickup priority is station-to-station and then Page calls in the order of occurrence. When another call is camped onto your station, you hear two camp-on tone beeps and the [DN] or Line LED flashes red on-hold. Page Conference Calls Repeat the procedure to add other CO lines or [DNs], remembering not to try and exceed the allowed number. Notes If you receive a busy tone or no answer, press connection.

The new station is not conferenced unless its user lifts the handset or presses a [DN] to answer. Page Disa Calls - External 2. When you hear dial tone, dial a [DN]. If you receive busy tone or want to dial another number while the station is still ringing, press. Repeat Step 2. Page Door Lock s If you press continues to flash.

Door Lock s Your telephone may have up to five door. When a door phone calls, you hear a distinctive ringing tone, one or five times set in system programming. You can also call a door phone and monitor the surrounding area.

The number of possible door phones vary by Strata DK system, with up to 12 as the maximum for larger systems. Page With the handset off- hook, press a [DN]. Dial the [DN] for the desired door location.

To call from a door phone 1. DTMF tones are automatically enabled on stations with. If you do not have This feature disables the Speed Dial feature during the call. Speed Dial is restored when you complete the call or place it on hold. Digital telephones cannot perform this feature, but they can receive Emergency Ringdown or Hotline Service from standard telephones.

Emergency Ringdown is used in healthcare facilities, where it is used to assist callers who may not be able to complete a call by dialing. Do not lift the handset; speak toward the telephone in a normal voice level. Notes A [DN] must be pressed or the handset must be taken off-hook to actually answer the call.

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This is necessary before transferring or placing an internal call on hold. ISDN trunks offer faster call connection setup, and they also provide more connection circuits. Page Message Waiting Features Message Waiting Message Waiting If you call a busy station [DN] or its user does not answer, you can leave a message waiting indication at the station.