Prove It 5200 Manual High School

Prove it 5200 manual high school

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Why re-invent the wheel? Implementing restorative practices is more than just attending a training. It takes thoughtful preparation time, sufficient resources, and dedicated staff to pull it off with fidelity and sustainability.

Our aim is to promote best practices that last over time and inspire others with their success. Our own Implementation Manual is listed at the end!

Prove it 5200 manual high school

The Restorative Practice Resource Project is packed with colorful charts, articles, and presentation materials for helping schools navigate their way into a holistic approach to implementing RP in schools. Thank you Canada!

Click here to access a downloadable copy of the Restorative Practice Resource Project. One of the best guides around that has inspired others.

Prove it 5200 manual high school

Their nested circle graphic of the three tiers of support different from the triangle graphic often used is worth checking out just for itself p. Simple, easy to use, and filled with activities, worksheets, and checklists.

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We hope the information provided is useful to district officials, principals, teachers, school staff, students and parents who wish to lift up restorative practices within their schools, drawing upon practices and procedures that are field tested.

Components of Whole-School Change Model: Incorporated into the step by step process, this whole-school implementation model includes the following critical stages of implementation:.

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This is perhaps the most thorough and detailed guide among them. This guide does not replace comprehensive training.

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Readers are encouraged to use this document to locate relevant resources and to seek out training that provides opportunities for practical application.

This is a shorter implementation guide that covers the basics: Introduction to RJ, Benefits, Outcomes and Impacts, and a 6 Step Process for implementing restorative justice in schools or districts. Taking Restorative Practices School-wide 10 pages. This is an excellent summary of four essential strategies needed for implementing restorative practices in schools.

RP implementation can falter under stretched resources and lack of implementation supports. Overall, a very nice summary of using restorative classroom circles.

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This kete supports schools to implement a restorative practice model that builds inclusive networks of positive, respectful relationships across the school community. In particular, it provides information and support for Restorative Practice coaches, principals, and other leaders in schools.

Book One consists of four sections. The first section introduces the concept of restorative practice, gives an overview of the PB4L RP model, describes the positive outcomes for schools of implementing the model, and outlines the support provided to schools in the course of the three-year implementation.


The second describes the roles and responsibilities of the various sections of the school community in implementing the programme. The third provides an overview of how schools grow their capability in restorative practice, from mapping their current position, through using the conceptual model and tools from the kete, to using data on student engagement and achievement to inform and sustain changes.

The final section introduces and explains the PB4L Restorative Practice process and its three phases. Book Two focuses on the PB4L Restorative Essentials and how RP coaches can support staff to use them to build positive and respectful relationships across the school community. Book Three provides information and support for Restorative Circles.

Prove it 5200 manual high school

Book Four provides information and support for Restorative Conferencing. Book Five consists of resources to support the programme, including a range of templates and recommended readings.

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This is the Implementation Manual we now use with schools. In this manual, we include a variety of materials, checklists, action plans, and articles that are designed to help you implement restorative justice practices for schools that will last over time and be implemented with fidelity. An excellent tool to use when assessing your implementation efforts.