Renault Megane 1998 Owners Manual

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

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By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Also See for Megane User manual - pages Driver's handbook manual - pages Handbook - pages. Page of Go. Table of Contents. Renault Megane Driver's Handbook Manual pages. Automobile Renault Master Handbook pages. Your comfort Practical advice Technical specifications Alphabetical index Page 7 0.

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Page 11 - if door luggage compartment is open or not properly shut, or if a RENAULT Card is still in the reader, the doors and luggage compartment quickly lock then unlock and the hazard warning lights and side repeaters do not flash.

Then the hands-free mode is active again, and any movement of the handle will unlock the doors. Vehicle fitted with manual window controls on the rear doors Before leaving the vehicle, press the lower Page 17 Never leave your vehicle without inside that the doors are securely integrated indicator light removing the RENAULT Card from locked, to prevent the rear doors inside and never leave a child or a Press switch 3 to lock the rear doors being opened from inside.

In some instances, the RENAULT Card may not work: - vehicle located high electromagnetic radiation zone; - other equipment is operating on the same frequency as the Card mobile phone, etc. Page Driving 5 for more Never leave your vehicle difficult for those assisting you than five seconds to lock the other with the RENAULT Card to gain access to your vehicle in doors and luggage compartment.

If you notice a fault automatic locking not working, indicator light To activate incorporated into button 1 does not With the ignition on, press central Operating principle Indicator lights When engine started, Vehicle protection indicator light Slide it upwards to the required height. To refit the headrest Insert the headrest rods into the To lower the headrest The headrest is important sleeves, with the notches facing the The fully-lowered position of the The headrest does not lower fully.

Release the handle at the Adjust the wheel 4. A message forwards. This legislation of the particular country is essential to ensure your back is you are in.

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Unlocking Press button 5 on buckle 6 and the seat belt will be rewound by the seat Adjusting the height of the seat Fastening belt inertia reel. Rear centre belt Unwind the belt slowly from its housing 1.

Fasten sliding tongue into corresponding red buckle 3. For special applications e. Page 34 The airbags then a fault in the system. Your protection way when leaving the vehicle. The use of any covers other than those designed for your vehicle and including those designed for another vehicle may affect the operation of the airbags and reduce your protection. Page Child Safety RENAULT Network to choose the you will find it impossible to hold type approved and the year in seat most suited to your child and the child, even if you yourself are which the type approval was recommended for your vehicle.

Page 40 U : seat suitable for fitting a belt-fitted child seat classed as universal for this age range, check that it can be fitted. Page 41 To avoid any risk to your safety, we recommend that you use position so you can press the child RENAULT approved accessories because they are suitable for your seat seatback firmly against the vehicle and are the only accessories for which RENAULT will vehicle seatback.

Page 42 CHILD SAFETY continued booster seat with height-adjustable seatback and a belt guide are recommended as this will allow the belt to be worn as close to the base of your neck as possible but not on it. Place the headrest in the raised position to allow you to press the seatback of the child seat firmly against the vehicle seatback.

Refer to deactivating the front passenger airbag. The child may suffer very serious injuries if the airbag inflates. Page 45 We do not recommend fitting any passenger in the event of an impact.

Page 52 2 Demister outlet side 10 Air conditioning controls. Page 54 The equipment fitted, described below, depends on the version, options and country. If the warning light comes on, you must stop as soon as traffic conditions allow.

It is essential to stop as soon as traffic conditions allow if no information appears on the instrument panel. Consult your A2 Reset button A3 Coolant temperature indicator corresponding In normal use, the needle function and press the button to should be below zone a.

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

Page 61 The presence and operation of the warning and indicator lights described below depend on the vehicle equipment and the country. If it lights up or remains lit, fill up with fuel as soon as possible.

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

Page 63 The presence and operation of the warning and indicator lights described below depend on the vehicle equipment and the country. Page 64 It may with an automatic gearbox. Page 65 The presence and operation of the warning and indicator lights described below depend on the vehicle equipment and country.

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

Page 66 It may possible. Average fuel consumption since the last reset.

Renault Megane Owners Manual

This value is displayed after driving metres and takes into account the distance travelled and the fuel used since the last time the reset button was pressed. Estimated range with remaining fuel This range takes into account the average fuel consumption since the last time the reset button was pressed. They appear with the Examples of information messages warning light.

Examples of warning are given on the following pages.

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

Page 75 A of the information display; inflate the tyre to the correct pressure as soon as possible. Diesel filter" Indicates that there is water present in the diesel fuel. Page 76 Dealer as soon as possible. Display message Display message Instrument panel Instrument panel Interpretation of Messages variant 1 variant 2 "Injection fault" Indicates that the vehicle has a serious engine fault.

Display message Display message Instrument panel Instrument panel Interpretation of Messages variant 1 variant 2 "Steering fault" Indicates that the vehicle has a fault in the power assisted steering.

Renault megane 1998 owners manual

Never leave the steering wheel on full lock when the vehicle is stationary. When driving at rear-view mirror darkens night, move small lever 1 located automatically at night when you are behind the rear-view mirror to avoid being followed by a vehicle with being dazzled by the headlights of bright lights In this instance, the hazard warning lights may be switched off by pressing switch 2 once.

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Direction indicator lights Move stalk 1 parallel to the steering wheel and in the direction you are This function can be deactivated or reactivated. Turn tumblewheel A down to lower the headlights and up to raise them.

Windscreen washer, headlight washer In frosty weather, make sure that the wiper blades are not stuck by With the ignition on, pull stalk 1 ice risk of motor overheating. Petrol versions It is essential to use unleaded petrol.

The octane rating RON must conform with the information given on the label inside the fuel filler flap A.

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After highest gear completing this mileage you may rpm. Page Starting The Engine radio, display 1. Do not park the vehicle or run the engine in locations where flammable materials or materials such as grass or leaves could come into contact with a hot exhaust system. To select reverse gear Vehicle with manual gearbox: follow the grille drawn on knob 1 and, depending on the vehicle, pull ring 2 up against the gear lever knob to select reverse. Pull upwards, make sure that the vehicle cannot move Variable power assisted steering The variable power assisted steering system equipped with electronic control system which alters the level of assistance to suit the vehicle speed.

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Each wheel has a sensor integrated inflation valve which Tyre pressures should be adjusted periodically measures the tyre when the tyres are cold. If tyre pressures cannot be checked The driver is constantly informed of when the tyres are cold, the the tyre pressure status on the Non-interchangeability of wheels To mark the correct position of the wheel, note the colour of ring 2 after cleaning, if necessary on each Page "Stop!

Tyre puncture" The tyre pressure is not suitable for Replace the wheel affected B or the driving speed. Page A. If the warning light comes on accompanied deselected message when engine is started, slowly turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to reinitialise the system.

Page 1 - Orange warning lights on the instrument panel light up. Braking is still available, but without system.

Renault Megane Manual

Operating principle The system detects an emergency braking situation. In this case, the braking assistance immediately develops maximum power and may trigger ABS regulation. This function ABS braking is maintained as long additional aid in case of as the brake pedal is not released.

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This orange indicator light on the driving speed. From this point, no amount of effort on the accelerator pedal will allow you to exceed the programmed speed except in an emergency see information on exceeding the limit With the brake pedal depressed and accelerator pedal released.

You must apply the brake before pressing the unlocking button to move out of the P position. Driving in automatic mode Select position D.

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Press the move the lever to the left. In certain driving conditions e. Up: maximum flow. Down: closed.