Reset Pin Pad Verifone Vx810 Manual

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

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Also See for Vx Installation manual - 36 pages Installation manual - 32 pages Reference manual - pages. Most useful pages: More Passwords. Page of Go. Page 29 - Ethernet Connection with External Power EXE to Automatically Redirect Page - Timing Considerations Due to the Authent Show quick links.

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Table of Contents. Page 2 VeriFone, Inc. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Although VeriFone has attempted to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this document, this document may include errors or omissions. The examples and sample programs are for illustration only and may not be suited for your purpose. Page 4 Introduction to File Authentication Page 5 File Group Permissions Page 6 VeriFone Cleaning Kit Page 7: Preface Business owners or store managers generally perform this function.

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

Organization This guide is organized as follows: Chapter Vx Overview. Provides an overview of the V Chapter Using the V Keys. Explains the operational features of the V Provides information on contacting your local VeriFone representative or service provider, and information on how to order accessories or documentation from VeriFone.

Chapter Troubleshooting Guidelines. Provides troubleshooting guidelines, should you encounter a problem in installation and configuration.

Page Hapter This chapter provides a brief description of the V Apart from its sleek, compact, and functional design, the V The keys produce a beeping sound when pressed. This feature is handled entirely by an application. Page Electrical Considerations Do not use a device that has been tampered with or damaged. If a label or component appears damaged, please notify the shipping company and your VeriFone representative or service provider immediately.

Electrostatic discharges can damage this equipment. VeriFone recommends using a grounded anti-static wrist strap. To change or install Place the device facedown on a soft, clean surface to protect the lens from MSAMs scratches. Install an MSAM card by sliding it into the numbered slots.

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

Your device may have a different configuration. Additionally, these variants can be ordered with different options.

VeriFone Vx810 Reference Manual

Privacy Shield Example of an installed privacy shield. Figure 7 Installed Privacy Shield Power 5V mA for the Vx is provided via this connector. When the V has power and an application is loaded, the application starts after the initial VeriFone copyright screen and displays a unique copyright screen. Primary Smart Verify the proper procedure with your application provider before performing a Card Reader smart card transaction. To conduct a smart card transaction: Position a smart card with the gold contacts facing upward.

See Entering System Mode. See File Groups. Files are assigned to one of 15 groups for access control. SYS file, and each group is protected by a separate password. Page System Mode Password Normal mode.

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

If you forget or lose the System Mode password of your device, please contact your local VeriFone representative for assistance. The user must choose a password at least five characters long and no more than ten characters long.

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

If the user attempts to enter a new password less than five characters long, the OS will sound a beep and the screen will display an error message see Figure Page 36 YSTEM Passwords For operations which do not require a password, the OS will continue to operate normally and any applications loaded on the device will be unaffected.

The device will automatically download the file Note: VeriFone. This agency is responsible for managing keys and certificates. The VeriFone CA uses an integrated set of software tools to generate and distribute digital certificates and private cryptographic keys to customers who purchase the V Page 65 To establish the logical security of applications to download to a V , the designated signer uses the signer private key issued by the VeriFone CA as this is a required input to the VeriShield File Signing Tool.

A signature file is generated using a signer private key. Pre-deployment: An optimal certificate structure is determined, and the necessary certificates and keys are created. The sponsor uses the smart card and smart card PIN as inputs for the deployment process.

VeriFone VX 805 Reference Manual

Figure 18 The Pre-Deployment Process Deployment Process In this process: The sponsor provides the application file from the development process , the smart card, and smart card PIN from the pre-deployment process as inputs to VeriShield. For example, you can download the corresponding signature file in a separate operation. Page 73 is called a development device. Typically, a sponsor requests an additional set of digital certificates from the VeriFone CA to establish sponsor and signer privileges.

This additional set of certificates are downloaded onto the V when the device is being prepared for deployment and replaces the default certificate.

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Page 74 While the application development process is being completed and while the new application is being tested on a development device, a sponsor can order specific sponsor and signer certificates from the VeriFone CA to use to logically secure sponsor and signer privileges when the V is prepared for deployment.

Additional certificates can be obtained from the VeriFone CA anytime to implement new sponsor and signer relationships in deployment devices. VeriShield allows for multiple sponsors and signing certificates in a device. The Clear Smart Card is specific to the requesting sponsor.

VeriFone Vx810 Duet Installation Manual

There are a total of 16 file groups. Group 0 is the name of the operating system partition. For example, an application authorized by the sponsor to be authenticated in Group 4 can only access files and libraries stored in Group 4 and Group EXE direct download utility.

KEY default signer private key for development devices.

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Use the signer private key provided by the VeriFone CA for deployment devices. If necessary, the filename can also be modified.

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To store the file in flash ROM memory upon download to the device, check the Stored in Flash check box. The device searches for the VeriFone. The device will automatically download the file VeriFone. A complete OS is downloaded onto each V during the manufacture. Depending on the type of files you are downloading and the download method you are using, there are some restrictions on whether a full or partial download is permitted.


This procedure, which can be automated by an application running on a remote Application is Any function call that invokes a related program or a secondary application stored Always Stored in in GIDs 2—14 must be initiated by the GID1 application. Specific files included in the download package must be redirected, as necessary, to the flash ROM file system of the target group or to the SRAM or flash ROM file system of another file group.

F file into the batch of application files to download. F file in the download list automatically load into the flash ROM memory F: of the target group.

Reset pin pad verifone vx810 manual

Using the Other File Groups system mode menu options, you can select another file group GID 2—15 as the target group for the application download. Page Using Ddl. The function library stored in GID15 can be shared by both applications, as both Group 1 and Group 2 applications can access Group Now Authentication we become more task-oriented and see how the file authentication process Requirements affects how to perform the various download procedures.

Required The following are some important points to remember about how certificates and Certificates and signature files relate to application download procedures When a certificate file is authenticated, the data it contains is added to the certificate tree and the certificate file is deleted from the SRAM.

Page File Group Permissions For example, if the device owner specifies storing a loyalty application in GID2, the information is encoded in the sponsor and signer certificates and issued by the VeriFone CA for that device.

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Chapter 5 discussed how signer certificates are required inputs to the VeriShield File Signing Tool when preparing a deployment device. The file authentication logic on the receiving device uses this signature file to confirm the origin and authenticity of the encrypted list of files, VFI.

In that case, return the device to VeriFone for service. File Authentication When performing a back-to-back application download between two V The application designer must account for the extra memory required to Successful download and store these special files.