Robe Spot 575 Xt Service Manual

Robe spot 575 xt service manual

Robe Spot 575 XT Manuals

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Robe spot 575 xt service manual

Table of Contents. Safety instructions Operating determinations Description of the device Keep this device away from rain and moisture! Operating determinations www.

Robe wash 575 xt service manual

If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation e. Description of the device www.

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Installation www. Install the lamps with the device switched off only. Unplug from mains before!

Robe Spot 575 XT Service Manual

Carefully pull out the cover with the lamp socket assembly. If changing the lamp, remove the old lamp from the socket. Due to differences between lamps, fine adjustment may improve light performance.

Robe spot 575 xt service manual

Center a hot-spot the brightest part of the image by using the 3 adjustment screws "A,B,C". Page 8: Rigging The Fixture Make sure that the device is fixed properly! Ensure that the structure truss to which you are attaching the fixtures is secure. The SPOT XT can be placed directly on the stage floor or rigged in any orientation on a truss without altering its operation characteristics see the drawing.

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If you wish to change the power supply settings,see the chapter Appendix. Connect the fixture to the mains with the enclosed power cable and plug. The earth has to be connected!

Robe spot 575 xt service manual

A relay inside of the SPOT XT allows you to switch on and off the lamp via the control panel or via your DMX- controller without affecting the rest of the lighting. The speed of the fan and of course the noise can be continuously reduced if very quiet performance is required. Functions of the control panel www.

Robe spot 575 xt service manual

Page Slave Control Press [Up] and [Down] buttons to select the desired option and press [Enter] to see the value or next submenu. Power On time -By this option you can read the total number of the operation hours since the www. Press [Enter] or [Mode] to return to the menu. In order to reset this counter to 0, you have to hold the [Up] and [Down]-button and press the [Enter]- button.

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Page Personality Options [Mode] to return to the menu. Press [Up] and [Down] buttons to select the desired option and press [Enter] to set the value or to see next submenu. Page 19 vent production and Audio-Visual Services courtesy of Phone: List of the channel settings: www.

Page 21 The fans keep the adjusted low speed until the temperature exceeds max. On the display will appear "rSt" meaning that the fixture makes the reset.

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See the table of personality setting and their default positions. Page Test Sequences This function allows you to run a special demo-test sequences without an external controller, which will show you some possibilities of using SPOT XT.

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Press [Up] and [Down] keys to select the "Mod1" or "Mod2" sequences. The "Mod1" is suitable for projections on the wall, ceiling or ground without any head-movement, the "Mod2" Page 24 playing is forced by the master.

Robe Spot 575 XT Manuals & User Guides

Editing program This menu item allows you to select a program to edit or create. Page Reset Function 8.

Robe spot 575 xt service manual

Page 26 vent production and Audio-Visual Services courtesy of Phone: www. Page Error And Information Messages This message appears if you try to switch on the lamp within 5 minutes after having switched it off the lamp is too hot.

The message will appear on the display if the lamp doesn't ignite within 28 seconds.

Robe Spot 575 XT User Manual

Page 28 vent production and Audio-Visual Services courtesy of Phone: The message informs you that the fixture was overheating and switched off. This message will appear on the www. Technical specifications www. T 10A V Power consumption Maintenance and cleaning www.

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Regular cleaning will not only ensure the maximum light-output, but will also allow the fixture to function reliably throughout its life. Appendix www. The wrong settings can cause poor performance or demage of the moving head. The factory settings are printed next to the power switch.

Robe Spot 575 XT DJ Equipment: Frequently-viewed manuals

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Robe spot 575 xt service manual

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