Roland Digital Piano F-1100 Master Service Manual

Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual

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Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual

Roland owner's manual digital piano fp-2 76 pages. Page 2 For the U. Page 4 Play back songs Play back the internal songs page The F contains 65 piano songs. Page 5: Introduction The F is a stylish, lightweight, and compact digital piano. It may fall over if substantial force is applied, so please take care not to place it in an unstable location, or allow people to run around near it.

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Page 6: Main Features Compact design The cabinet depth of only 34 cm leaves you free to place the F anywhere in your room, and the choice of cabinet variations satin black and white will cater to all tastes.

The folding lid allows the keyboard to be safely covered when closed and also serves as a music rest when raised up. Page 7: General Midi Designed with the future in mind, the GS Format can readily include new sounds and support new hardware features when they arrive. Page Using The Unit Safely Also, make sure the line voltage at the specific instructions directing you to do so. Page 12 Before using the unit in a foreign country, water, soft drinks, etc.

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Page Caution The F has a folding lid. Open and close the lid slowly and carefully, taking care that your hand or finger is not pinched in the gaps on the top or the left and right sides of the lid p. Page Important Notes Should you experience such problems, you restore the data, and Roland assumes no liability concerning should relocate such wireless devices so they are at a greater such loss of data.

Page 15 GS is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.

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Roland has licensed this technology from the TPL Group. This lets you record your own performance into the F This also lets you sound a count before the song begins, so p. Page Rear Panel p.

The F lets you use two sets of headphones simultaneously p. Headphone hook Whenever you are not using the headphones, you can hang Page Before You Play If you are unsure of the connection information faces downwards. You must grasp the edge of the lid when opening or closing it.

Page About The Pedals The pedals perform the following operations.

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Please enjoy music at an the F into the hole in the bottom left of the appropriate volume. F refer to the figure below.

Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual

Page Performing By using the Panel Lock function you can disable all of the buttons. This allows you to prevent unintended The F features over different internal sounds, changes in the settings during a performance. Play a few notes on the keyboard.

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The reverb effect is applied to the entire tone. When the F is shipped from the factory, it is set so that fig. You can play two different sounds from a single key at the You can change the pitch of Tone 2 an octave at a time. You can adjust the volume or beat of the metronome. If a song is playing, the metronome will sound at the tempo and beat of that song. When playing back internal preset songs or songs from fig.

You can change the tempo at which the song plays. Mute settings will be cleared when you switch songs. Page Recording Press the [ ] button. The [ ] button lights, the [ ] button begins flashing, and the F is put into recording standby mode. If you decide not to record, press the [ ] button once again.

After two measures of count sound, recording begins. You can record the Recording starts when you start playing the keyboard performance of each hand separately to different track without pressing the [ ] button. Page Settings For Recording The [ ] button will light, the [ ] button will flash, will flash, and the F will enter recording standby mode. If you decide not to record, press the [ ] button again. Recording Your Playing Along You can erase recorded performances.

Recording will stop.

Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual

You can also press the [ ] button to fig. Page Saving Your Performance ] button and The songs you record will be lost if you simply turn off the ] button will flash. Deleting All Songs fig. The procedure described here erases all songs that have been saved in memory.

Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual

Page Various Settings Various Settings In Function mode you can make various settings for performance and recording. Button Function Page Dual Balance p. Page Sound-related Settings [Strings] p.

This p. Memory Backup p. In such cases, you can adjust the master gain setting as follows. For some sounds, this may cause distortion. You can change the pitch of Tone 2 in Dual Play p.

Hold down the [Reverb] button and press the Press the [Reverb] or [Transpose] button to leave [Transpose] button. Instruments Master Tuning Most modern songs are composed and played with the assumption that equal temperament the most common tuning in use today will be used, but when classical music When playing ensemble with other instruments and in other was composed, there were a wide variety of other tuning Page Stretched Tuning Kirnberger provides a high degree of freedom of modulation.

This scale makes some compromises in just intonation, The damper pedal mode. Selecting the Part that Will Begin the Setting Explanation Count-down Countdown Part The volume of the Key Off sound decreases as the value is lowered, while raising the Specifies the part that will determine the beginning of the value increases the volume of the Key Off OFF, 1—10 performance when adding a count-down. Local Off: The keyboard and recorder are not connected to the internal Press the [Reverb] or [Transpose] button to leave sound generator.

You can control images using the twelve keys at the left end of the keyboard.

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If you activate the Panel Lock function, all buttons will be locked and non-functional. You can use this to prevent a When the Factory Reset has been completed, the following child from accidentally changing the settings by display will appear. Page Troubleshooting 19 Plug the cable firmly into the pedal connector. Page 67 F faithfully simulate this characteristic of acoustic pianos.

If you hear this in headphones: Piano sounds that have a brilliant and crisp character contain substantial high-frequency components that may sound as though a metallic ringing has been added.

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Page Error Messages Delete unneeded files p. Key Click Page 81 Index Save a Song Page 83 Information When you need repair service, call your nearest Roland Service Center or authorized Roland distributor in your country as shown below. Zeelandia Music Center Inc. Todo Musica S. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Roland F-110 Owner's Manual

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Roland digital piano f-1100 master service manual