Russplaneta Confirm Php Act Manual

Russplaneta confirm php act manual

The Employment Act provides minimum terms and conditions View Video Guide to certain category of workers.

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See First Schedule. Contract of service shall not contain any condition that restricts rights of employees to join, participate in or organize trade unions.

Russplaneta confirm php act manual

A contract of service must contain a provision for its termination. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, period of notice for termination of contracts shall be as follows:.

A contract of service may be terminated for special reasons as such misconduct on the part of the employee.

Russplaneta confirm php act manual

The employer after due inquiry may take the following types of action:. When contract is deemed to be broken by employer if he fails to pay wages on or before the 7th day.

Russplaneta confirm php act manual

An employee shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employer if he has been continuously absent from work for more than two consecutive working days without prior leave from his employer, unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence and has informed or attempted to inform his employer of such excuse prior to or at the earliest opportunity during such absence.

Every employer shall pay to each of his employees not later than the seventh day. Payment on normal termination of contract shall be paid to such employee on the same day on which such contract of service terminates.

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Advances to employees shall not exceed the aggregate the amount of wages which the employee earned in the preceding month, unless such advance is made to the employee to enable him:. Wages to be paid in legal tender.

Russplaneta confirm php act manual

Charging interest on advances is forbidden. However, It shall not be illegal a contract of service with an employee under which the employer agrees to provide the employee with house accommodation, food, fuel, light, water, medical attendance, or any approved amenity, or approved service in addition to wages but no employer shall provide any employee with any intoxicating liquor as part of the terms of a contract of service.

The Director-General may, on application made to him in any particular case, exempt in writing any female employee or class of female employees from any restriction in this subsection, subject to any conditions he may impose.

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A female employee shall be entitled to receive maternity allowance for the eligible period from her employer if:. It shall be an offence for her employer to terminate her services or give her notice of termination of service during her confinement period. However, an employee may be required by his employer to exceed the limit of hours above and to work on a rest day, in the case of:. See Section 60A.

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For any overtime work carried out in excess of the normal hours of work, the employee shall be paid at a rate not less than one and half times his hourly rate of pay. No employer shall require or permit an employee to work overtime exceeding such limit as may be prescribed by the Minister from time to time by regulations made under this Act,. Where an employee is allowed more than one rest day in a week places working on 5-day week the last of the rest days shall be the rest day:.

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For overtime work on a rest day, an employee shall be paid at a rate which is not less than two times his hourly rate of pay. See Section Any fraction of a day of annual leave so calculated which is less than one-half of a day shall be disregarded, and where the fraction of a day is one-half or more it shall be deemed to be one day.

An employee who is on paid annual leave becomes entitled to sick leave or maternity leave while on such annual leave, the employee shall be granted the sick leave or the maternity leave and the annual leave shall be deemed to have not been taken.


If at the request of his employer, the employee agrees in writing not to taken annual leave, he is then entitled to payment in lieu of annual leave. See Section 60E. Every employee shall be entitled to paid holiday at his ordinary rate of pay on the following days in any one calendar year:.

If a public holidays falls on a rest day the working day following immediately the rest day shall be a paid holiday in substitution. Any employee who absents himself from work on the working day immediately preceding or immediately succeeding a public holiday shall not be entitled to any holiday pay for such holiday.

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For any overtime work carried out by an employee on a paid public holiday, the employee shall be paid at a rate which is not less than 3 times his hourly rate of pay. See Section 60D.

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The employer shall pay the employee his ordinary rate of pay for every day of such sick leave, and an employee on a monthly rate of pay shall be deemed to have received his sick leave pay if he receives from his employer his monthly wages for the day or days on which he is on sick leave. See Section 60F.

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The Director-General may inquire into and decide any dispute between an employee and his employer in respect of wages or any other payments in cash due to such employee under any term of the contract of service or provision under the Employment Act. However, the Director-General shall not inquire into, hear, decide or make any order in respect of any claim, dispute that is:.

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The power of the Director-General under section 69 1 a also extends to employees whose wages per month exceed In an employee whose contract of service is terminated or he is laid off by his employer he is entitled to the payment by employers of:. However an employee shall not be entitled to termination benefits payment under the following circumstances -.

Any termination or lay-off benefits payment payable shall be paid by the employer to the employee not later than seven days after the relevant date.

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