Samlex Sec 1215a Manual Transmission

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

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Just wanted to add another review of this great watch. I researched different watches for a bit, wanting a sporty, chronograph watch with a stainless band. Most important on my list: sapphire crystal. This watch fits the bill. The blue is ultra sweet and really looks nice.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

For me, the size of the dial is perfect. Not this one.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

It is big, but not too big. For anyone looking at this watch or other nice watches at Amazon: word of caution. In their defense, Amazon does state this clearly on the page for this watch under the picture and price information. Again, you do not get Tissot's 2 year warranty. In its place, you get a 2 year warranty provided by some 3rd party company that Amazon contracts with.

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As long as you get a great watch and a 2 year warranty, it shouldn't matter who provides the warranty. However, although Amazon is a reputable company, there are shady companies out there, especially in the watch market selling fakes.

Amazon could easily be duped into buying and then reselling fakes, thinking they are the real thing. Several customers have reviewed Tissots purchased from Amazon and have stated they are fakes. They had issues, sent them to Tissot for service, only to find out the watch was a fake and not servicable by Tissot. After reading the reviews for this watch, I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my husband, who has small wrists and thus finds many men's watches to be uncomfortable.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

When the watch arrived, I was immediately delighted with its appearance; the blue face is striking, even been than as pictured here. Overall, the look of this watch is quite uniquely attractive. My husband thought so to, and he loves that he can wear this watch under some of his closer-fitting shirts; the watch is both thin and lightweight, making it completely comfortable.

Other reviewers have mentioned some issues with adjusting the band, but my husband was able to do this quickly and easily. The only thing that is slightly tricky is getting the date to switch at the right time of day midnight instead of noon , but we were able to work this out easily as well.

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I definitely highly recommend this watch, which looks great appears MUCH more expensive than it actually is! Muffler - 3.

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Shopping for a new watch has been very frustrating. Every watch out there seems to be way too thick, exactly the thing I detest, especially when wearing a long sleeve shirt.

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No luck. Then I stumbled upon Skagen while shopping for watches. It was the jeweler who was wearing one, and the wonderful deep blue face with the titanium shell is what grabbed my eye at first.

Then it was the band, unlike any other metal band I've seen before. A trip to Amazon, with a great price and free shipping, and my search was over.

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They never felt secure to me, and besides, I've always heard about getting your hairs caught. Leather bands have their drawbacks as well, but this band by Skagen appears to be the best of all worlds.

The beautifully sublime titanium toned band is secure and attractive, and for those who think the clasp is too "complex" I'm sorry but obviously you have never encountered European engineering at it's best. The only thing I wish that was different on this watch was that it would have Roman numerals on the face. Well I've only had this watch a couple of days but so far it's awesome.

It is replacing another Atomic G-Shock that served me well. This is solar powered, so no worries about a battery ever dying. One new feature compared to my old G-Shock is the multi-band time sync. Not only does it pick up a signal from Colorado, but if you find yourself in the UK, most of Europe, or Japan it will sync in those locations as well.

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A count down timer is featured on this watch, which was missing from my old one. One useless to me feature of my old watch was the time logger.

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As far as I can tell, Casio has dropped this pointless option with this new Mudman. Like all G-Shocks, it's built like a tank. G-Shocks are just too tough for me to see myself ever wearing anything else. One word on the price I was able to find it noticeably cheaper on another site M Honda Accord 2.

I ordered this watch for my 20th birthday, and it's been 11 days that I've worn it so far. I love it. I bought this watch for its high water resistance, sleek-rugged design, its 10yr.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

Also, it just looks sexy in person. I can never stop staring at it.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

The Watch band is made of a sturdy, pliable, resin in Black color, fits snugly around the wrist and is comfortable to wear. Usually, I wear my watch bands all the way to the bottom of the wrist, but the face of the watch is almost two inches and there is some restriction with the dial when I move my hand up and down. So I had to wear this a little above where I like to have my watches.

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However, because the watch doesn't move around, it can stay there all the time without re-adjusting at all. It looks a lot better there anyway. The Dial or Watch face is slim, but pretty wide across. The case is 1.

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It might sound big, but it's really slim to wear. It doesn't look bulky like the G-shocks, but it's got the same rugged accents to go with it. Six top dial screws add durability, protection, and an asthetic element to the face. The watch is extremely easy to read while wet or dry, thanks to its clear display and face size. The numbers and letterings are crisp and clear in any light. The dial also has a teal colored backlight that illuminates the digits and characters only, instead of the whole face, which makes identification easy on the eyes at night.

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Don't expect to use the light in place of a flashlight though, because it lights for approximately one second timed using the watch and is not bright enough for anything else. Also, the light is electro-luminescent and its power and duration will diminish when the battery becomes too low signaling that it's time to replace. CASIO watches are the best thing that has ever invented.

I bought this watch a little less than a month ago and was shocked and awed by the amount of attention I received over it. All of the people I knew were stupid gaming retards, all they cared about was Modern Warfare 2 coming out soon. They were like "Sean come play Modern Warfare with us, it totally is the best game ever. Play Modern Warfare to tune your skills for Modern Warfare 2.

Samlex sec 1215a manual transmission

The epiphany is: there will always be new video games coming out, most of them aren't worth your time. Anyways so I sold my xbox, and then I got a haircut. Well I got many hairs cut and ended up getting a fashionable haircut like that of Edward Cullen on Twilight.

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I figure all the girls love him right? They all want to take him into the bathroom without lotion or Maxim, if I look like him, I will get all the babes. She told me that she liked my watch, that maybe we should hang out sometime. Janet had always been my dream girl, smart, funny, engineering major, mildly overweight but in a good way , and she loved CASIO watches. I mean who doesn't right? Well I decided that the first girl that talked to me about my watch was going to be the one.

I left circuit analysis class walking next to Janet, my ex-friend Jake from Modern Warfare came up to me and asked if I wanted to play in 20 minutes.

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I asked him what times 8 was, he couldn't tell me. I cannot more highly recommend this watch to anyone, it is comfortable, has a watch, calculator, alarm clock, and most importantly for Janet and I it has a stopwatch. Muffler S - 2. Top of page.