Samsung Ex2f Manual Focus Lens

Samsung ex2f manual focus lens

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Samsung EX2F Review

This user manual includes detailed usage. Please read. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. User manual user manual ver. Please read this manual thoroughly. Page 2: Health And Safety Information Health and safety information Always comply with the following precautions and usage tips to avoid dangerous situations and ensure peak performance of your camera. Page 3 If liquid or foreign objects enter your camera, immediately disconnect all power sources, such as the battery or charger, and then contact a Samsung service center.

Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a camera in a certain area.

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Doing so may damage the screen or external or internal components. Page 5 Doing so may cause the camera to malfunction. Do not use the camera if the screen is damaged. For example, [Shutter] represents the Shutter Priority shutter button. Manual Page number of related information Magic Plus The order of options or menus you must select to perform a step; Page 9: Basic Troubleshooting Basic troubleshooting Learn to solve common problems by setting shooting options.

Page 11 Contents Extended functions Basic functions Page 13 Installing CD-provided programs Page 14 Contents Settings Unpacking Using the Mode screen ………………………………… 15 …………………… 27 Selecting a Mode Screen ………………… 27 Camera layout ……………………………… 16 Icons on the Mode screen ……………… 27 Using the Smart Link button ……………… 19 Selecting options or menus Using the screen ………………………… Page Unpacking The illustrations may differ slightly from the items shipped with your product.

Samsung is not responsible for any problems caused by using unauthorized accessories. Quick Start Guide Access options or menus. Icon Description Capture a single photo. Capture a photo after a 2-second delay.

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Basic functions Insert the battery with the Samsung logo facing down. Rechargeable battery Using the memory card adapter Rechargeable battery To use micro memory cards with this product, a PC, or a memory card reader, insert the card into an adapter. The language is preset for the country or region where the camera is sold.

You can change the language as desired. Page 26 Performing the initial setup Press [c] to select Date Type, and then press [t] or [o]. Press [c] to select Time Type, and then press [t] or [o]. Page Learning Icons Learning icons The icons the camera displays on the screen change according to the mode you select or the options you set after blinking in yellow. Using [MENU] Going back to the previous menu To select options, press [m], and then rotate the navigation Press [m] again to go back to the previous menu.

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Rotate the mode dial to p. Page Setting The Display And Sound Setting the display and sound Learn how to change the basic display information and sound settings.

Samsung EX2F: Performance

Setting the display type About histograms A histogram is a graph that illustrates how light is distributed You can select a display type for the Shooting or Playback mode. Page Setting The Sound Setting the display and sound Setting the option display view Setting the sound You can hide or show the option display appearing in the Magic Turn on or off the sound your camera emits when you perform plus mode.

Samsung ex2f manual focus lens

Press [o] repeatedly. Rotate the mode dial to T.

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Half-press [Shutter] to focus. Align your subject in the frame.

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If you You can capture close-up photos by adjusting the zoom. When is displayed Half-pressing the shutter button Half-press [Shutter] and adjust the focus. Page Extended Functions Extended functions Learn how to capture a photo and record a video by selecting a mode.

The Smart Auto mode is helpful if you are not familiar with the camera settings for various scenes. Press [Shutter] to capture the photo.

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Page Using The Program Mode Using the Program mode In Program mode, you can set most options, except the shutter speed and aperture value, which the camera sets automatically. Set the desired options. Aperture value Shutter speed The aperture is a hole that lets light into the camera.

Samsung EX2F Specs

Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press Rotate the mode dial to M. Rotate the mode dial to g. In Panorama mode, you can capture a wide panoramic scene in a single photo. To In Action Panorama mode, you can capture and combine a series capture the entire scene, move slightly beyond the beginning and end of photos of a moving subject.

Where can I purchase a macro accessory lens for the EX2F?

In Split Shot mode, you can capture several photos and arrange them with preset layouts. Press [Shutter] to capture a photo. In Picture-in-Picture mode, you can capture or select a full-sized background photo, and then insert a smaller photo or video into Rotate the front wheel to change the insertion size. In HDR High Dynamic Range mode, your camera captures two photos with different exposures, and then overlays the bright area Press [Shutter] to capture a photo.

The camera saves recorded videos as MP4 H.

Samsung ex2f manual focus lens

Page 62 Using the Movie mode Pause recording Capturing still images while recording a video The camera allows you to temporarily pause a video while You can capture still images while recording a video without recording. With this function, you can record separate scenes as switching to the photo shooting modes up to 6 photos. Recording high-speed videos You can record a high-speed video only in v mode. High-speed videos will be played in slow motion at 30 FPS, Rotate the drive mode dial.

Rotate the mode dial to v.

Samsung ex2f manual focus lens

Blue skies Forested areas Press [m]. Selecting a resolution and quality Using Smart Face Recognition …………… 79 ………… 65 Registering faces as your favorites Selecting a resolution …………………… 65 My Star ………………………………… 80 Setting the photo quality ………………… 66 Tips for detecting faces …………………… Page Selecting A Resolution And Quality Selecting a resolution and quality Learn how to change the image resolution and quality settings.

Samsung EX2F

Selecting a resolution Icon Description As you increase the resolution, your photo or video will include X Print on an A5 paper in panorama ratio more pixels, so it can be printed on larger paper or displayed on or play back on an HDTV. Select a Quality. See page Icon Description Super Fine: Capture photos in super high quality. Press [Shutter] to start the timer. Blink Detection. In Shooting mode, press [m]. Auto Focus Normal : Focus on a subject farther than 40 cm away.

Farther than cm away when you use Scroll to Manual Focus. Select a Focus Area. Select an option.

Samsung ex2f manual focus lens

When you focus on a human face, the camera adjusts the exposure automatically. Use Blink Detection to detect closed eyes or Smile Shot to capture a smiling face. You can also use Smart Face Recognition to register faces and prioritize the focus on them.

Capturing a smile shot The camera automatically releases the shutter when it detects a smiling face.

EX2F Summary

Select a Face Detection Smile Shot. Press [m] to return to Shooting mode. Compose your shot. Page Detecting Eye Blinking Using Face Detection Detecting eye blinking Using Smart Face Recognition If your camera detects closed eyes, it will automatically capture The camera automatically registers faces that you frequently 2 photos in succession. The Smart Face Recognition feature will automatically prioritize the focus on those faces and on favorite faces. Page Adjusting Brightness And Color Adjusting brightness and color Learn how to adjust the brightness and color for better image quality.


Adjusting the exposure manually EV Select a value to adjust the exposure. Page Locking The Exposure Value Adjusting brightness and color Adjusting the exposure using the front wheel Locking the exposure value p A h V The adjusted exposure value locks when [L] is pressed, and In Shooting mode, press the front wheel.

How to get AUTOFOCUS using your MANUAL FOCUS lenses!

Rotate the front wheel to adjust the exposure. Page Changing The Metering Option Adjusting brightness and color Changing the metering option Selecting a White Balance setting p A h M v g p A h M v The metering mode refers to the way in which a camera The color of your photo depends on the type and quality of the measures the quantity of light.