Samsung Galaxy S5 Pdf Manual

Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual

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Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual

Please read this manual before operating your device. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Manual pages. Page 2: Legal Notices State of California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.

Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual

Page 3: Open Source Software Property is transferred to you. The testing includes field testing with local Page 7 For complete statement of limited warranty, please refer to www. Page 8 Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Phone? The actual available capacity of the internal memory is less than the specified capacity because the operating system and default applications occupy part of the memory.

Page 11 Calendar Page 13 Storage Page Getting Started Getting Started Learn about your mobile device hardware, assembly procedures, and how to get started using your new device. Remove the Back Cover Remove the back cover using the slot on the side of your device. Lift the cover up and to the bottom of the device. Getting Started Assemble Your Device Doing so may damage the cover.

Note: A memory card can be installed at any time; it is not necessary to install it prior to using the device.

Samsung galaxy s5 User Manual

Page Install The Battery Install the Battery Insert the battery into the opening on the back of the device, making sure the connectors align. Gently press down to secure the battery. Press along the edge of the back cover until you have a secure seal. Page Charge The Battery You can use the device while charging.

Caution: Use only Samsung-approved charging devices and batteries. Samsung accessories are designed to maximize battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Manual PDF Download For Windows 7, 8, 10

Using other accessories may invalidate your warranty and may cause damage. Connect the USB cable to the charging head, and then plug the charging head into a standard outlet. When charging is complete, unplug the charging head from the outlet and remove the USB cable from the device.

Page When To Charge The Battery When to Charge the Battery When the battery is weak and only a few minutes of operation remain, the battery icon blinks and the device sounds a warning tone at regular intervals.

Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual

In this condition, your device conserves its remaining battery power by dimming the screen. Lock the Device By default, the device locks automatically when the screen times out. Unlock the Device The default Screen lock on your device is Swipe.

Page Samsung Account Samsung account, or create a new Samsung account. Page Know Your Device Know Your Device Learn some of the key features of your mobile device, including the screens and icons, as well as how to navigate the device and enter text using the keyboard.

Warning: Please note that a touch screen responds best to a light touch from the pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus. Page 33 The Home screen is the starting point for using your device.

Primary Sidebar

Customize your Home screen by adding application shortcuts, widgets, folders, and using wallpapers. Manage Home Screens Your device comes with multiple Home screens to hold apps and widgets.

You can rearrange the Home screens in a different order. Touch and hold an app shortcut, drag it to a Home screen, and then release it. Drag the shortcut onto Create folder and release.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Enter a folder name. Add to place additional apps in the folder. Tap Done. You can display a favorite picture or choose from preloaded wallpapers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Manual User Guide and Instructions

From a Home screen, pinch the screen. Tap Wallpapers, and then choose Home screen, Lock screen, or Home and lock screens. Page Status Bar Status Bar The Status Bar at the top of the Home screen provides device information such as network status, battery charge, and time on the right side and notification alerts on the left. Know Your Device Status Bar Page 40 Status Icons Battery is fully charged. Battery is low. The yellow area turns red as the charge level becomes critical. Battery is charging.

Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual

Vibrate mode is enabled. Mute mode is enabled. The device is connected to a 4G LTE wireless network. Signal strength. Page 41 Notification Icons Missed call.

Call in progress. Call is on hold. Call is using speakerphone. New email has arrived.

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New Gmail has arrived. New voicemail message has been received. New text or multimedia message has arrived.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Feature

Download of a file or app is in progress. File is being uploaded or sent. App updates are available from the Google Play Store. App updates are complete. Keyboard is in use. Touch and Hold Activate onscreen items by a touch and hold gesture.

Reader Interactions

Page Swipe Or Slide Swipe or Slide To swipe, lightly drag your finger vertically or horizontally across the screen.

Drag To drag, touch and hold on an item, and then move it to a new location. Page 46 Notification icons display on the Status Bar displaying calendar events, device status, and more. For details about these notifications, open the Notification Panel.

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Scroll down the list to see notification details. Page Quick Settings Quick Settings In addition to notifications, the Notification Panel also provides quick access to device functions such as Wi-Fi, allowing you to quickly turn them on or off. Page 49 Multitask by using multiple applications at the same time. Note: Only apps located on the Multi Window tray can be used together.

The apps display together on a split screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 user manual

Page 51 Window Controls Border button Select an application window and tap in the middle of the window border. Control Buttons Switch locations between Multi window applications. Share items between the application windows. Drag an item to share from one window to another. Some applications may not support this feature. Create a Window Group If you use certain apps together in Multi window often, you can create a window group to quickly display the two apps in Multi window.

The window group will be stored in the Multi window tray, so you can choose it any time to display the two apps. Tap the Multi window tab to display the tray. Predictive Text Options key Predictive Text Predictive text suggest words matching your text entries, and, optionally, completes common words automatically. Predictive text can learn your personal writing style from your contacts, messages, email, and social networking sites — Page 55 Use your handwriting to enter text.

Access the clipboard.

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 - Beginners Guide Tutorial

Access keyboard settings. Insert emoticons. Change the layout of the keyboard. Know Your Device Entering Text

Samsung galaxy s5 pdf manual