Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 User Manual

Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 user manual

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Also See for Galaxy tab Page of Go. Please read this manual before operating your. Table of Contents. Also See for Samsung Galaxy tab Samsung Galaxy Tab Related Manuals for Samsung Galaxy tab Summary of Contents for Samsung Galaxy tab Page 6 Social Hub Page 7 Videos In this manual, some text is set apart from the rest.

This special Understanding This User Manual text is intended to point out important information, share quick methods for activating features, define terms, and more.

Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 user manual

This warranty is not transferable. Should a defect appear during the Warranty Period, U. Cellular will send a replacement SIM card to Your address within the United States without charge provided that you request the replacement SIM card during or within thirty 30 days following the Warranty Period by calling U. The Sign in with your Google Account screen allows you to Use Task Manager to see which applications are running on your create a new Google account or sign in, if you already have Tab and to end running applications to extend battery life.

Page Tab Accessories Touch and drag the Unlock icon to any edge of the Tab Accessories circle that appears, as shown. Tab accessories display. Use your model number to find compatible accessories. Securing Your Tab By default, the Tab locks automatically when the screen times out or you can lock it manually.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) User Manual Download

The following items can be found on your Tab. Press to lock the Tab or to wake the screen for unlocking. Page Home Screen Light Sensor: Used to automatically control screen Google and Voice Search: Search your tablet and the web by brightness and picture brightness when using the typing or speaking. Front-facing Camera.

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Home screen panel indicator: shows which Home screen Home Screen panel is presently displayed. Back — or — Touch Back to return to the previous screen, option, or step. For example: Touch Google to search the web or your Tab. Page Notifications Notifications Quick Settings pop-up displays. Notification icons appear in the System Bar, to the left of the Time when you receive a notification. Notifications indicate the arrival of Gmail, Email, alarms, calendar events, and so on.

Touch a Notification icon for more detail.

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)

For example, touch a Gmail Notification icon to see who sent the message. To close a current notification summary such as new The Status Bar displays icons to show network status, battery message, Gmail, or Email , touch X on the right hand side power, and other details. Page 25 Bluetooth Active: Bluetooth is turned on. Page Widgets Removing Widgets Power Saving Mode: Displays when the battery level is Touch and hold the Widget until Remove appears at below the value defined in the Custom power saving the top right corner of the screen, then drag the Widget to settings.

You can choose a picture to display in the background of the Home screen. Choose from preloaded wallpaper images or select Touch and hold on an application icon until the Home a photo you have downloaded or taken with the Camera.

Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 User Manual

Touch a wallpaper to see an example. If available, Contact: View or email a contact you specify. Touch to link to the Calendar app. The Apps screen holds all applications on your wireless device. Touch to add a new event to your calendar.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) Price & Buy Online

Applications that you download and install from the Android Touch to close the app. Page 30 Application Information To view information about an App, such as the amount of storage it is using, force the App to stop, uninstall updates, and clear data: From a Home screen, touch Applications. Touch and hold an App icon, then drag it to icon located at the top right corner of the screen to open a screen with details about the App. Input characters by touching the characters into text entry fields or applications.

Touch Settings at the bottom of the keypad. The Samsung keypad settings screen displays. Touch the XT9 field so a green check mark appears next to the field. Touch the XT9 advanced settings field to modify XT9 associated settings. Page 34 Editing Existing Text Depending on the action you want to take for the selected text, in the Application bar touch Cut to remove the To edit text that you have entered: selected text, Copy to save the selected text to the Touch the text at the point you want to edit.

Page Using Speech Recognition Swype also includes a tapping predictive text system. Touch and hold The Samsung keypad is the default text input method, so to use the delete key to erase an entire word. Swype, you must first change the default keyboard setting. Enter upper and lower case alphabet letters by touching the Shift key to toggle the case, before touching the letter key s. Accounts Set up and manage your synchronized accounts with the Accounts and sync setting.

Your device can synchronize with a variety of accounts.

Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 user manual

With synchronization, information on your device is updated with any From a Home screen, touch Applications Contacts New. Page 40 Updating Contacts Contacts Display Options To make changes to update an existing contact: There are various ways to display your Contacts and general Contacts settings.

From a Home screen, touch Applications Contacts. Bluetooth devices or in an Email or Gmail as an attachment. Touch a contact in the Contacts list to view its information. Note: Not all Bluetooth devices accept contacts and not all devices support Touch Menu To back up and restore your contacts information, you can export Touch Done to save the new group name. Page Favorites Favorites Removing Favorites Mark contact records with an orange star to identify them as To remove a contact from your favorites list: favorites.

You can set your contacts display options to display only your favorites Starred in Android for fast viewing or messaging. Page Section 5: Messaging Section 5: Messaging This section describes how to compose, send, and receive From a Home screen, touch Applications messages and other features associated with messaging.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) Manual User Guide

Touch Compose. From a Home screen, touch Applications Gmail. Touch the To field to enter recipients.

Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 user manual

As you enter names or email addresses, matching contacts display. Page Email Email Enter an account name for the email account just added, which is displayed on the email screen. Use Email to view and manage all your email accounts in one Enter your name as you want it to appear on outgoing application.

Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Touch an account, if you have more than one account set up, then touch Compose. Account settings lets you configure handling of email on your device. Note: Available settings may vary depending on the type of email account. Server settings Also, the order that these settings are displayed may vary.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) User Manual PDF Download

You can use it to communicate, in real time, with other Invite a Friend to Chat people who also use Google Talk on another Tab or phone or on a computer. However, the friend is not blocked.

Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 user manual

Decline, if you do not want to chat with and share your Google Talk status with the sender right now, or Block, if Note: If you touch the Remove friend option, touch Add friend If you Talk.

From the Home screen, touch Applications Social Hub. The Add account screen displays. Touch the account you want to add and then enter the required information, such as email address and password.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 SM-T510 user manual

Command Keys to access the internet. Touch Home Browser. Touch Back or to return to the previous page. Page 57 Selecting items on a page To delete an open window, touch the tab at the top of the screen, and then touch While browsing, use gestures and menus to navigate: Entering a URL Touch an item to select it. While browsing, bookmark a site to quickly access it later.

Creating a bookmark Browse to a web page. On the web page, touch and hold on the text until you see Touch Home Browser.

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Page Browser Menu Downloads: View and manage recent downloads. JavaScript scripts on pages you visit. This can take from a few seconds to several minutes, The Music Player plays music and other audio files that you purchase depending on the amount of new music added since you last launched or copy from your computer.

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You can also adjust playback volume by pressing the Volume Key on the In the Songs screen, touch the center of the Music Player side of the device.