Samsung Gt B7330 Manual Lawn

Samsung gt b7330 manual lawn

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Samsung gt b7330 manual lawn

Page 10 - Safety precautions Page 11 Page 12 - Important usage information Page 13 Page 14 - Correct disposal of this product Page 15 - Correct disposal of batteries in this pr Table of Contents. Samsung Omnia Pro User Manual pages. Page 2: Instructional Icons using this manual This user manual has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your device.

To get started quickly, refer to the Instructional icons Before you start, familiarise yourself with the icons you will see in this manual: Warning—situations that could cause injury to yourself or others Caution—situations that could cause Page 4: Table Of Contents contents safety and usage information Page 5 communication Page 6 World Clock Page 7: Safety And Usage Information safety and usage information Comply with the following precautions to avoid dangerous or illegal situations and ensure peak performance of your device.

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Safety warnings Keep your device away from small children and pets Keep your device and all accessories out of the reach of small children or animals. Incompatible batteries and chargers can cause serious injuries or damage to your device.

Bring the phone to a Samsung service centre to replace the screen. Page Safety Precautions Follow all safety warnings and regulations Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a mobile device in a certain area.

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Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible accessories may damage your device or cause injury. Turn off the device near medical Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity and life of your batteries. Do not use carrying cases or accessories with magnetic closures or allow your device to come in contact with magnetic fields for extended periods of time. Avoid interference with other electronic devices Your device emits radio frequency RF signals that may interfere with unshielded or improperly Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contract.

Page 17 Third party services may be terminated or interrupted at any time, and Samsung makes no representation or warranty that any content or service will remain available for any period of time.

Samsung B7330 OmniaPRO

Content and services are transmitted by third parties by means of networks and transmission facilities over which Samsung has no control. Page Keys Keys Function Open the dialling screen; Make or answer a call Perform actions indicated at the bottom of the display Scroll through lists or menus; Move the cursor up, down, left, or right Confirm your selection or execute the selected application Turn the device on and off press and hold ; Page Icons Function Insert a space in the text input screen; Activate or deactivate the silent profile from the Home screen press and hold Open Messaging Open the Quick list screen; Lock the keys press and hold Turn on the camera press and hold ; Page Assemble And Prepare Your Device Icon Definition Battery power level Ringer set to vibrate Phone line 1 or 2 network service Roaming outside of normal service area Bluetooth activated Bluetooth headset connected Sync error New text message New multimedia message New instant message New voice mail message Missed call Calls are forwarded Assemble and prepare your Remove the battery cover.

If the device is on, press and hold [ turn it off. Page Charge The Battery Charge the battery Before using the device for the first time, you must charge the battery.

Unlock Samsung B7330 & B7320 OmniaPRO

Open the cover to the multifunction jack on the side of the device. Plug the small end of the travel adapter into the multifunction jack. Formatting the memory card on a PC may cause incompatibility with your phone. Page Work With Applications Disable wireless functions By disabling your device's wireless functions, you can use non-network services in areas where wireless devices are prohibited, such as aeroplanes and hospitals.

OMNIA Pro B7330

To disable wireless functions, 1. On the Home screen, press [ Wireless Manager. Select Phone. Your device will show on the Home screen. Page Use Basic Call Functions Close applications To close the current application window, press To close an application that is running in the background, 1.

Press and hold [ ] to open Task Manager. To dial the number of a missed call, 1. Press [ 2.

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Scroll to the missed call you want to dial. Press [ ] to dial.

Samsung gt b7330 manual lawn

Page Use Basic Camera Functions Use basic camera functions Learn the basics to capture and view photos and videos. Capture photos 1.

Samsung gt b7330 manual lawn

Press and hold the Camera key to turn on the camera. Aim the lens at the subject and make any adjustments. Page Listen To Music 3. Page Create A Playlist 5. Select My Music. Page Customise Your Device Customise your device Get more from your device by customising it to match your preferences.

Adjust the volume of the key tones On the Home screen, press the Volume key up or down to adjust the key tone volume. Change your ringtone 1. Scroll left or right to change the theme in Home screen layout. Scroll down to Background image. Page Communication communication Your device allows you to send and receive many types of calls and messages over cellular networks Calls Learn to use advanced call functions.

Call an international number 1. Page Messaging Make a call from Call History 1. Scroll up or down to a number or name and press [ ] to dial. Forward calls 1. Page Create An Email Account Create an email account Before you can send or receive email messages, you must create an email account. Page View Messages 6.

Scroll down and enter your message text. Retrieve email from an email server Before you retrieve email from an internet service provider or VPN connection, you must create an email account. Page 39 To view an attachment, 1. From an open email, scroll to the attachment and press the Confirm key. The attachment opens with the corresponding application.

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To save an attachment, 1. Camera Learn how to capture photos in various modes and customise camera settings.

Navigation menu

Capture a series of photos 1. Page Capture Divided Photos Capture photos with decorative frames 1. Select a frame and press the Confirm key.

Page 42 Your device recognises people in an image and detects their smiles. When the subject smiles, the device automatically takes a photo.

Samsung B7330 Omnia Pro

Capture photos by using options preset for various scenes 1. Page Contents Manager Setting Function Audio Turn the audio on or off recording Encoding Select an encoding format of format your video clips Set the camera to switch to the Review review screen after capturing screen videos Zoom sound Turn the zoom sound on or off Brightness Turn the brightness sound on sound Play a video 1.

Page Photo Slides Photo Slides Photo Slides allows you to create photo albums, edit photos, and view slideshows with background music. Create a photo album 1.

Samsung gt b7330 manual lawn

Page Fm Radio 4. During a slideshow, press the Confirm key to display the following controls: Icon Function Pause the slideshow Stop the slideshow Play the slideshow Skip to the previous photo Skip to the next photo Rotate the photo Change the background music Quit the slideshow FM Radio You can listen to your favourite stations with the Page 48 6.

You can select a URL address on the Recent history list. Record a voice clip 1. Contacts Learn to use contact cards to store personal information, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. Copy contact cards You can copy your contact cards from your device to your SIM card and vice versa. Page Calendar Assign a speed dial number to a contact card 1. Scroll to a contact card and press the Confirm key. Page Anniversary Change the calendar view 1.


Press the left softkey to change the calender view. Anniversary With Anniversary, you can manage your anniversaries and special days. Page 54 3. To edit an Excel workbook, 1. Page 55 To edit a Word document, 1. Locate a Word file and select the file name to open it.

Locate a PDF file and select the file name to open it. Page Smart Reader Smart Reader Smart reader allows you to capture information from a business card or document and save it as a new contact or convert it to an editable note file.