Samyung Str 6000a Instruction Manual

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

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Page of 71 Go. Introduction Page 8 Page 9 - Chapter 2. Configuration Page 10 - Chapter 3.

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Position Information Interfac Page 63 - Chapter 8. O O O O utline Chapter Table of Contents. Page 2 When Distress Call is received, it is necessary to inform a person on duty about this. How to make the initial set-up in installation For the below items, the initial set-up should be made in installation before its actual operation. Page 4: Table Of Contents STRA Standards Transmitting Unit Receiving Unit Dedicated Receiving Unit How to Operation Chapter 4.

How to Operation Chapter 4.

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Page 5 4. Page 6 5. Installation for main unit of STRA Power Connection Connects to External Speaker How to setup Antenna Page 7: Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 1. Introduction 1. Besides the existing voice communications, it is available to work on communications for distress, urgency, safety and other routines as well by using DSC function. In case that the coast station is working on automatic connection service of public communications network, it is available to auto-connect the general telephone through the designation of the telephone number on the equipment.


Page 9: Chapter 2. Configuration Chapter 2. Configuration The equipment consists of as follows; 2. Page Chapter 3. Specifications Chapter 3.

Samyung STR-6000A Operating Manual

Specifications 3. Page Receiving Unit 3.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

Page Chapter 4. How To Operation Chapter 4. How to Operation 4. Unit Description 4. It receives the message by switching over between the existing CH and CH16 each other continuously.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

Page Microphone 4. Page 17 Handmic Handmic Box Page Lcd Screen Description 4.

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It represents the kinds of SCAN. It plays multi-scan between the existing CH and CH It will be converted when scanning. Page Vhf Operation 4. VHF Operation 4. Channel Selection 4. Channel 16 CH. Page Weather Channel 4. STRA can detect the alert sound of selected weather channel from the regular channel or the one during the channel scanning When selected it converts between weather channel and general channel.

STR 6000B삼영 상세설정법

Menu Setup and Construction 4. Menu Construction 1. Page 23 Menu Select 1. Menu Screen Construction and Initialization Press button over one 1 second to get into the various Menu. Page Menu Setup 4. Menu Setup Press button at greater length. Item Selection : From above screen, shift the cursor by using button and press button to select the current item. Page Telephone List 4.

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This display mode will be cancelled as soon as GPS receiver is connected and come to display normal mode. Page Print Setup print Setup 3 seconds in order to check button condition. Page 30 navigational equipment, the data on time and position will be automatically input. It is available to manually input the time when the position data and position are decided. If the transmission is made when it is not connected with any navigational equipment or under the conditions where any single manual input has not been made, it will transmit zero information.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

Page Configuration Of Call Screen 4. It makes following screens. Here on the item where the cursor is flickering, by using button and press button. From this screen, select the appropriate item by using button and press button.

Page Distress Relay Acknowledgement 4.

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Page Recveiving Distress Read 4. Then following message related to receiving distress is seen.. PRE : 1 : Display a message from 7 to 1 if press button. Page Dsc Message Receiving 4. Stop a alarm if press button and go back to main screen.

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Press button over twice if received succession message are over two. Installation 5. Select the place where there is space enough to operate, repair and maintain with efficient ventilation.

Page Cabling 5. Cabling Rear part of the unit has connectors, which can be efficiently interfaced with power, antenna and other cables. Page Power Connection 5.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

Page Integrated Wiring 5. Integrated Wiring Please refer to installation drawing for interconnecting machines each other.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

Page Chapter 6. Channel List Chapter 6. Channel List 6. Page Usa Channel 6. Government, Canadian Commercial 64A Page Canada Channel 6.

Samyung STR-6000A Manuals

Page Weather Channel 6. Page Chapter 7. Position Information Interface Chapter 7. It is available to input the time when determined with position information and position by manual.

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Page Chapter 8. Page External Connection Chapter 9.

Samyung str 6000a instruction manual

External Connection