Schippmann Ebbe Und Flut Manual Dexterity

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

Die Idee zu diesem Bogen ist von Wolfgang. Die Ausarbeitung ist bei vielen Kursen verfeinert worden. These all come from the interplay of sun, earth, and moon.

Der Ausschneidebogen zur Erklärung von EBBE und FLUT

Us humans but especially the sea creatures and plants have witnessed the rhythms of the tide for thousands of years, and have adapted ourselves to suit. For example: - Many birds can feed in the Watt mud only at low tide. Just stay 4 - 6 hours on the salt meadows near a Priele; the water comes and goes amazingly fast.

People of the coast live with the rhythm of the tide. Here in Butjadingen we have a proverb, Die Flut bringts, die Ebbe nimmts' ,High tide brings, low tide takes'. Children are born with the high tide, and people die with the low.

Tide, Ebb and Flood

There are many old stories of the sea and the coast, of storm floods and the reclamation of land told from generation to generation during many changes of tide. Some of them are actually true. And unfortunately the newer stories about damage to the north sea - through the pollution and filth we have dumped there have also come true. For the seals it is a fatal reality.

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

So that we can better understand what happens on the coast and in the north sea between the high and low tides, we develop here at the Umweltstation, Iffens, games, models, methods and arguments for living in and with nature and the environment. One result is this cut out model. The water on the earth's surface can move and follows the lines of these forces. On one side of the earth water is attracted by the moon and generates a little "mountain" with theoretically 90 cm of hight.

But the system of the two bodys in the sky is a dynamic one. The two rotates round the turning point, wich is the centre of gravity and is locatet naer the surface of the earth.

Due to the rotation there is a force at that side of the earth, which is far awaw from the rotatin point and in opposite to the moon.

Here is a second mountain of water formed. Move the moon around the earth.

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Really the moon takes 28 days for one cycle. Now put one penny pfennig on the side of the earth away from the moon and as it turns the penny will fly away. This is just how the water forms it's shape along the lines of the force. The results in a mountain of water on each side of the earth. Daily Changes of the Tides Iffens is located where the green dot is on the cut out earth.

In one day the earth rotates once, and Iffens arrives back where it started.

Ebbe und Flut Filterbank VS Sawtooth

In one day Iffens comes twice under a "water mountain" - high tide. In between these times is low tide. As only the side of the earth near the sun is light the sun comes in parallel lines from the far left Iffens is once dark and once light in one turn - one day and one night have passed.

If you want to know the time of high tide or sunrise or sunset, you have to take the "sunray" as a clock. Turn the earth while holdung the sunray. You can see the time, passing, 24 hours in one turn. Reasons for the Spring Tides The sun comes in parallel rays from the left.

Bring the moon behind the earth. The side of the moon that is facing the earth is also lit by the sun. We can see all of it - this is fullmoon.

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In our model sun, moon and earth are all in the same plane - the earth would cover up the moon in a lunar eclipse. This happens in the sky only very rarely.

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The water "mountains" are increased by the large attraction force of the sun, so the high waters get higher and become a spring tide. The same happens at new moon. Variations of Tide Times Put the moon to, for example, 4 days after fullmoon. Turn the earth so that the sun is directly over Iffens.


Here it is now midday. Take a sun ray as a time keeper and hold it firmly indicating this position.

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

The earth turns a little further hold the moon still for now. At it is high tide at Iffens, at it is low tide. At it is once again high tide and at it wood be once again low. But the moon has also moved in this time - it is one day later, 5 days after new moon.

After moving the moon on, reset the sun ray time keeper. Now the high tide is at These tide times are schematic and explain the principle. In the real North sea, however, there are additional factors which regularly change the tide times of the different places. The daily changes of the tide times can vary between 45 and 55 minutes. The page with the sun remains uncut and is the underlay on which we mount the model. From the other page cut out the hour indicator, the moon, the earth and the earth - moon rotating disc.

Use the nail scissors to make small holes in the earth - moon disc, the earth, the moon and the underlay, as marked by the crosses. Next attach the earth and the moon to the disc with paper fasteners. Now you can bring the whole thing onto the underlay and fix it in position with the other fastener. The sun ray must remain mobile.

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

So that you dont lose it, tie it to the top left corner of the underlay with the thread. The source of the idea: Our director in Butjadingen, Mr. Reese, told us in the Autunm of that many Smmer visitors would like to have the origins of the tides dearly explained. This stimulated the development of this model by the eco-workers in Since then we have had much fun and a lot of success with it, not only with holiday guests and residents of the half-island but also with school classes and at exhibitions.

Es ist eindrucksvoll, das Steigen und Fallen des Wassers im Watt zu beobachten.

Schippmann ebbe und flut manual dexterity

Viele davon sind auch wahr. Ein Ergebnis ist dieser Ausschneidebogen. Entstehung der Flutberge Erde und Mond ziehen sich gegenseitig an. Auf der Seite, auf der der Mond steht, bildet sich so ein Flutberg aus. Genau entgegengesetzt bildet sich ein Fliehkraftflutberg aus. Der Drehpunkt ist der gemeinsame Massenschwerpunkt. In einem Tag dreht sich die Erde einmal herum, und Iffens ist wieder am selben Punkt angekommen.

Bei der Drehung ist Iffens zweimal unter einem Flutberg hindurchgewandert, dazwischen war Ebbe. Entstehung der Springtiden Die Sonne kommt mit parallelen Strahlen von links. Bringe den Mond hinter die Erde.

Schippmann Ebbe Und Flut

Die der Erde zugewandte Seite des Mondes ist auch gleichzeitig von der Sonne beleuchtet, wir sehen ihn ganz, das ist Vollmond. Dieser seltene Fall kann im Weltraum auch geschehen: eine Mondfinsternis. Nimm nun einen Sonnenstrahl als Uhrzeiger und halte ihn in dieser Mittagsposition fest. Die Erde dreht sich weiter den Mond halten wir kurz an.

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Sechs Tage nach Vollmond den Sonnenzeiger neu einstellen!! Bauanleitung: Bemale zuerst den Bogen: die Sonne und den UhrzeigerStrahl gelb, die Flutberge und die Springflutberge blau und die Erde auch ein wenig farbig. Stecke nun eine Spreizklammer durch den Mittelpunkt dieser Scheibe.


Noch nicht befestigen!! Jetzt kannst Du das ganze auf dem Grundbogen befestigen da, wo dieser das Kreuz hat. Damit Du ihn nicht ver1ierst, binde ihn mit einem Faden an der linken oberen Ecke des Grundbogens fest.

Fertig zum Ausprobieren. Algunas son realmente ciertas.

Esto es para las focas y animales del mar del norte una cruda realidad. El resultado de este trabajo es este modelo recortable. La luna y la tierra se atraen. Cambios diarios en la marea.

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Si quieres saber la hora aproximada de la marea alta, amanecer o atardecer, debes usar el "rayo de sol" como aguja del reloj. Motivos de las mareas vivas. Como podemos ver en nuestro modelo, el sol llega a la tierra en rayos paralelos.

Podemos ver toda la superficie de la luna, esto significa que es luna llena. Esto pasa en la realidad muy raramente. Variaciones en el horario de las mareas.