Sharp Aquos 55 Smart Tv Manual

Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

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Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

Most useful pages: More Digital broadcasting audio mode. Page of Go. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Sharp liquid crystal television operation manual 46 pages. Sharp lcd43u, lcd42u-w liquid crystal television operation manual 60 pages.


Part Names 5. Appendix Preparation Removing the Stand Selecting the Folders to Play Back Setting the TV on the Wall See page And see page for external equipment connection. See page for details on the Audio Select function. See pages Insert the batteries into the remote control unit. Connect the antenna cable to the Monitor.


Plug in the AC cord to the AC outlet. Select "Yes" or "No" to configure default Display settings. When "Cable" Completed 5 The settings confirmation screen is displayed.

ENG If no channel is found, confirm the type of connection made with your TV and try "Easy Setup" again.

Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

When "Set-top box" To decrease the volume, press VOL -. Audio status Output Select Output device Fixed Press MUTE. Press APPS again to switch back to the currently select input. The remaining time displays when the sleep timer has been set. The guide display varies depending on Item displayed in gray the menu setting screen.

Bigger. Better. Brighter.

Press to select the desired menu. If Favorite CH Favorite Channel Setting necessary, adjust the direction of the antenna to obtain the maximum signal strength. Example V: Violence. S: Sexual situation. Individual Setup L: Adult language. Parental Control D: Sexually suggestive dialog. Individual Setup G: General: All ages and children, contains minimal direct violence, but may be integrated into the plot in a Parental Control humorous or unrealistic manner.

Color System If you have already set the Secret No. Software Update The TV connects to the network and checks for updates.

HSN - How To Setup The Sharp Aquos 60" Smart TV

Quality Example Adjusts the picture to your preference with the following The audio and picture settings can be changed to suit the picture settings. Off: The brightness is fixed at the value set in "Backlight". On: Automatically adjusts. On:Display: Displays the Light Sensor effect on the screen while adjusting the brightness of the screen. Color Management System Example Advanced Color tone is managed using the six-color adjustment setting.

Use Motion Enhancement to view fast-action video more C. To following settings.

Sharp AQUOS Operation Manual

NOTE For operating the on-screen display menu, see page Example 2 Select the desired connection method and follow the Dashboard instructions shown on the display.

You can display a list of the main Network settings. Use the software keyboard when you need to input text at Device Name Setting.

Software Keyboard Switches character to uppercase. Power Control Power control setting allows you to save energy. No Signal Off When this function is enabled, the TV automatically shuts down if no signal is received for more than 15 minutes. Select "View Option" on the menu to display the View Mode menu screen. The View Mode menu varies depending on the input source.

Page 48 It will be interrupted by remote control operation. After a few minutes, it will automatically start again. How to start Public Mode setup screen.

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NOTE There are two ways to enter the public mode. On Setting Items 1.

Sharp AQUOS User Manual

Explaination The power can be turned off by stopping the power supply from AC. Continue USB 1. Operation using USB hubs is not guaranteed. Video file format Some video file formats may not be played depending on the file.

Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

When selecting a music file: Play music. Server Continue When more than one video is played back continuously, the screen goes black while the data of the next video is Fine Sync.

Ordinarily you can easily adjust the picture as necessary to change image position using "Auto Sync. The adjustment items vary depending on the input source. Select the input source corresponding to the terminal connected to the PC and then adjust the desired item.

To perform the operation, refer to "Initial Setup" Stretch [AV] toggle operation Using a separate wireless USB LAN adapter may result in radio communications that do not comply with regulations on radio communications. NOTE You can enter up to characters for text. Some special characters or diacritics may not be available depending on where you enter the text. When moved at the far edge, the focus moves to the Enter opposite edge. Applies the entered information and closes the software keyboard.

You can move the application icons. Displays the bookmarks list.

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Allows you to go to the next page. Displays your browsing history. Refreshes the page.


CAUTION "Links" can take various forms, including words or images, If the power is cut due to a power failure or the TV being but they always work in the same way letting you jump to unplugged while you are using the Internet, information NOTE The keyboard and mouse can only be used on a browser screen. Page Setting The Tv On The Wall For detailed information on installing the wall mount, see the instructions provided with the product. We recommend you to contact a technician for assistance when installing it.

SHARP is not responsible for any damage to the product or injury to yourself or others if you elect to install the wall mount on your own. The illustration is based on the PN-Qmodel as an example.

Sharp aquos 55 smart tv manual

Page 90 Do not use screws that are longer than the standard length. Screws that are too long may cause damage to the inside of the TV. Do not fasten the screws too firmly or loosely.


This may damage the product or cause the product to fall, leading to personal injury. SHARP is not liable for these kinds of accidents. Problem Possible Solution Is the correct input selected?