Sharp Carousel Microwave Manual R-410lk

Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

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High Voltage Capacitor, High. The contents are subject to change without notice. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Sharp rhs microwabve oven operation manual 24 pages.

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Sharp rck microwave oven supplemental service manual 20 pages. Sharp rhw microwave oven operation manual 24 pages. Sharp microwave oven rjk, rjs operation manual 24 pages.


Page 3: Precautions To Be Observed Before Before servicing an operative unit, perform a microwave emission check as per the Microwave Measurement Procedure outlined in this service manual. Read the Service Manual carefully and follow all instructions. Page 5: Chapter 2. Page 6: Chapter 3. It is recommended that service personnel carefully study the entire text of this manual so that they will be qualified to render satisfactory customer service. Page 7: Chapter 4.

Page 8: Chapter 5.

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It must be plugged into a wall receptacle that is properly installed and grounded in accor- dance with the National Electrical Code and local codes and ordinances. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current.

Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

Page 9 RLW 2. Page Chapter 6. When the open button is pushed, the open but- oven cavity, so that the foods on the turntable cook evenly during ton pushes up the switch lever, and then the switch lever pushes up cooking.

Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

Page Chapter 7. When troubleshooting the microwave oven, it is helpful to follow the Sequence of Operation in performing the checks. Many of the possible causes of trouble will require that a specific test be performed.

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Page Chapter 8. Disconnect the power supply cord, and then remove outer case. Open the door and block it open. Discharge high voltage capacitor.

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To test for an open filament, isolate the magnetron from the high voltage circuit. A continuity check across the magnetron filament leads should indicate less than 1 ohm. Reconnect all leads removed from components during testing.

Reinstall the outer case cabinet. Reconnect the power supply cord after the outer case is installed.

Sharp R-410LK Service Manual

Run the oven and check all functions. NOTE: Be sure to use an ohmmeter that will supply a forward bias voltage of more than 6.

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Isolate the switch and connect the ohmmeter to the common COM. The meter should indicate an open circuit with the door open and a closed circuit with the door closed. Disconnect the leads to the primary of the power transformer.

Ensure that these leads remain isolated from other components and oven chassis by using insulation tape.


After that procedure, re-connect the power supply cord. Page 20 RLW 5 Make a visual inspection of the varistor. If any abnormal condition is detected, replace the control unit. Page Chapter 9. AC line voltage. Page 22 RLW 2. Servicing the touch control panel with power supply from an exter- nal power source: Disconnect the touch control panel completely from the oven proper, and short both ends of the door sensing switch on PWB of the touch control panel, which brings about an operational state that is equivalent to the oven door being closed.

Page Chapter The suffix letter indicates the alloy type of the solder. Component Replacement 1. Door does not close firmly. If the outer case cabinet is not fitted. Bottom plate, Oven cavity, Waveguide flange, 1. Before wiring, Chassis support and other metallic plate.

Disconnect the power supply cord. Open the oven door and block it open.

Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

Page Oven Lamp Removal 4. Where the corners have been snipped off bend corner areas flat. After replacement use the one 1 screw XOTSP to fit the No sharp edges must be evident after removal of the turntable turntable motor cover.

Install the fan motor assembly to the oven cavity back plate with 6. Connect the wire leads to the magnetron and fan motor, referring to two 2 screws.


Reconnect wire leads to each switch. Refer to pictorial diagram.

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Secure latch hook with two 2 mounting screws to oven flange. Reinstall each switch in its place. Page 29 RLW Now, door panel is free. Remove door screen from door frame.

Now, door screen is free. Upper oven hinge Remove the door decoration from the door frame by straightening the tabs of the door decoration. Now, the door frame is free. Door assembly Door Pictorial Diagram 12 — Control Panel Circuit 12 — Printed Wiring Board 12 — No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted in anyform or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, re- cording, or other wise, without prior written permission This manual is also suitable for: Rlw Rls.

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Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

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Sharp carousel microwave manual r-410lk

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