Siemens Micro Master 430 Manual

Siemens micro master 430 manual

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Siemens MICROMASTER 430 Operating Instructions Manual

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page 27 - Figure Installation dimensions for M Page 28 - Figure Installation dimensions for M Page 30 - Figure Installation of options for t Page 82 - Table Dimensions, required cooling a Page 83 - Table Current reduction depending on Table of Contents.

Siemens micromaster Getting Started Manual 44 pages. Microprocessor-based converters from 15a to a for variable speed dc drives pages.

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Parameter List All Rights Reserved. No solvents have been used in the printing or binding process. Page 7: Issue Earth voltage.

This connection is normally used to ground the motor. Use for intended purpose only The equipment may be used only for the application stated in the manual and only in conjunction with devices and components recommended and authorized by Siemens.

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Page 9 The connection of power, motor and control cables to the inverter must be carried out as shown in Figure on page 40, to prevent inductive and capacitive interference from affecting the correct functioning of the inverter. Page 10 , 9. Page 14 Ambient operating temperature Page The Micromaster AC motors.

Siemens micro master 430 manual

The various models available range from the 7,5 kW input to the kW input. Page 21 The connection of power, motor and control cables to the inverter must be carried out as shown in Figure on page 40, to prevent inductive and capacitive interference from affecting the correct functioning of the inverter.

Page Ambient Operating Conditions Do not drop the inverter or expose to sudden shock. Do not install the inverter in an area where it is likely to be exposed to constant vibration.

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Mechanical strength to EN Deflection: 0. Page Electro-magnetic No equipment that could have a negative effect on the flow of cooling air should be installed in this area. Make sure that the cooling vents in the inverter are positioned correctly to allow free movement of air. Page Mechanical Installation 3.

Unscrew the bolts in the iron brackets on the transport pallet and lift the inverter off the pallet.

Once installation has been completed and the inverter connected, fasten the two retaining bolts for the front cover at the bottom side of the door. Reinstall front cover. There is danger of injury when the fan is running.

Page 32 It is recommended to protect the frequency inverter by fuse separately. The regulations of the individual country e. VDE regulations in Germany and the regional power suppliers must be observed!

Page 33 Access to the power supply and motor terminals is possible by removing the front covers See Figure to Figure See also Appendix B. After removing the front covers and exposing the terminals, complete power and motor connections as shown Figure No brake resistors etc.

Page 40 Use screened or armored cables for the motor connections and ground the screen at both ends using the cable clamps. Page 42 Twist the shields of the motor cables and screw them to the PE connection for the motor cable.

Siemens micro master 430 manual

When using an EMI filter, a power commutating choke is required. The wire shields should be fastened to the metallic mounting surface as close as possible to the components. Particular attention must be paid to safety precautions and warnings at all times.

Siemens micro master 430 manual

Terminals 2 and 28 0 V must be linked together. If these factory settings are not suitable, you can adapt them to suit your equipment conditions using the Basic Operator Panel-2 BOP-2 see Figure Maximum speed rpm at 50 Hz rpm at 60 Hz ; can be controlled by a potentiometer via the analog inputs of the inverter.

Page Figure Recommended Wiring For The Factory Setting If settings have to be made which go beyond the factory setting, then depending on the complexity of the application, when commissioning the drive system, the particular function description as well as the parameter list including function charts must be carefully taken into consideration.

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See Parameter List for further setting options. NOTE The reset process can take up to 3 minutes to complete.

Siemens micro master 430 manual

The inverter is programmed at the factory for standard applications on Siemens four-pole standard motors that have the same power rating as the inverters. Page Micromaster Functions Frequency set point P The individual modes have been listed below, additional settings are listed in the parameter list and the function plans contained therein. This circuit makes it possible to operate the motor via the inverter or directly via the mains.

The inverter is responsible for switching. P Torque[Nm] Max.


Page Troubleshooting With The Bop-2 Now use a switch between terminals 5 and 9 on the control board. The drive should now run to the defined setpoint by analogue input. Page Fault Messages Alarm messages are stored in parameter r under their code number e. A detailed description of the alarm messages is provided in the parameter list.

For further information about options, please refer to the catalog or the documentation CD. Electro-magnetic compatibility Page Electro-magnetic Compatibility 9. Therefore, they do not fall within the scope of the harmonics emissions specification EN Maximum mains supply voltage when filters are fitted is V.

Siemens micro master 430 manual

For use in first environment. Installation and commissioning by EMC expert only.

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Siemens MICROMASTER 430 Control Unit: Frequently-viewed manuals

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