Sigma Dl Macro Super 70-300mm Manual Arts

Sigma dl macro super 70-300mm manual arts

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The Latest. Pentax Stores Pentax Retailer Map. Go to Page Photos: Gallery. Posts: 2, Anyone have any experience with the Sigma mm lenses? If anyone has any sample shots from the lens, I'd love to see them Photos: Albums. Posts: I have a version of this lens rebranded as a Quantaray Ritz camera rebrands - but the rear lens cap has the greek letter for sigma printed on the inside. The lens has a macro capability at mm via a switch on the side of the lens.

When you zoom to mm, you can flip the switch into macro mode. This will allow the lens to focus to about 3 feet, which is half-life size at this focal length. This macro capability is ONLY available at mm and engaging the macro mode locks the lens at mm - you must bring the focus of the lens back to normal non-macro range in order to disengage the switch and adjust the zooming of the lens again.

My experience with this lens seems to match the ratings in the third party lens reviews 6. Construction is decent overall but the lens is a little weighty due to the metal used in the build. The focus seems a tad sluggish for a screw driven focus lens.

At mm, the lens is a little soft. I dont use mine as much anymore as I find that my provides superior image quality cropped compared to this lens up to about mm, however, if I absolutely need the reach above that point, this lens works out well enough.

Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 DG OS manual

Originally posted by PentaxScott. Originally posted by epqwerty. The macro mode works from mm to mm not just at mm. But for yes you need to be at mm. Just wanted to add this information. Same design and all but can be identified with the red line around the barrel. Hrm Something new I didn't know. I thought all the versions of it went from in macro mode.

Sigma dl macro super 70-300mm manual arts

My mistake. I know one version of the tamron has for macro mode. As for sample pictures. I'm going to refer you to the post in the Beginner Corner forum as there is another topic similar to this one and I've posted some pictures from my APO version of the lens in that post. Posts: 15, I have the non-APO DL macro bought in Singapore and mine only lets you use the macro switch at and locks the zoom - weird that there are different versions.

Image quality is pretty bad wide open low contrast, soft etc. The zoom ring on mine isn't very smooth, but it helps to minimize zoom creep.

I don't find the screw drive focus slow, but it will hunt in low light.

Lente Sigma 70-300mm F 4-5.6 Dl Super Macro P/ Nikon Tafacio

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Sigma dl macro super 70-300mm manual arts

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Sigma dl macro super 70-300mm manual arts

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Sigma dl macro super 70-300mm manual arts

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Sigma DL Macro Super 70-300mm

Forum RSS Feed. Search this Thread. Yours may, but mine does not Mine may not be the 'super' version and just the regular One revision, which was "claimed" to be the best, had the APO designation, but I havent seen or heard anything that makes one stand out among the rest. Interestingly enough, Tamron also made a lens around the same time frame that was also a with a macro switch at Ive seen some versions of this lens that had a macro switch from , although I dont recall if that was a Sigma or Tamron version.

All that is accurate. Here is one hand-held "macro" shot, about 20 inches away.

Sigma 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 AF APO Macro Super I and II differencies?

I always had trouble with the sticky macro switch. That was before the lens suffered an aperture-blade death, apparently while on the shelf This is what I figured when I grabbed it.

Since I was popping back and forth to the forums here to look at the ratings on the different lenses I was seeing on eBay, when I spotted this I figured "eh, if the lens isn't my bag, I can always resell the thing".