Skoda Octavia Combi 2002 Manual

Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

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Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

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Skoda octavia 2002 manual

Also See for Octavia Owner's manual - pages Operating instructions manual - pages Workshop manual - pages. Page of Go.

Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 - Notes on brake and performance test and Page - Replacing seals for flange shafts gearb Page Page - Determining thickness of shim S setting Table of Contents. Service Department.

Skoda OCTAVIA Manuals

Technical Information. Skoda Octavia Owner's Manual pages. Automobile Skoda Octavia Owner's Manual pages. Technical Information S Page 3 Rear final drive S The Service Manual is intended only for use within the Skoda Organisation; it is not permitted to pass it on to Printed in CR third persons.


Keep area in front of the vehicle clear. Proceed with appropriate care when conducting the test in or- der to avoid any damage. Connecting vehicle system tester V. Depress the clutch pedal and engage 1st gear.

Drive off slowly; only the front wheels should rotate when this is done. If a variation exists These measured values supply information regarding the operating state of the system or of the sensors connected.

Skoda octavia Owners Manual

In many cases, the measured values transmitted can be used as an aid in fault finding and in rectifying faults. Raise vehicle. Set a measuring range of 20 V. Switch ignition on.

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Measure between contact 1 and contact 2 earth at the unplugged connector. Arrow -A- Shift movement Separate exhaust system at the double clamp and remove together with catalytic converter 2nd person required.

Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

Page 65! Adjust supporting arm at slide with detent pin arrows. Page 88!

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Knocking on 5th speed gear. Inspecting 5th speed synchronizer ring Before re-installing selector gear and synchronizer ring of 5th speed, press Page 92! Pack space between sealing lip and dust lip half-full with grease G A1. Disconnect oil return-flow line for turbo- charger from engine -arrow-. G or commercially available 6 mm wrench socket to remove screw for joint flange of right output shaft.

Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual

Page ! Page 7 "! G and V. The shoulders arrows must be positioned below the bearing.

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Now, bolt together the two halves as far as the stop. The purpose of the setting is to cre- ate the preload of the taper roller bearings for the shaft bevel gear.


Insert inner race of small taper roller bear- ing and output flange and fit on hexagon nut. A - Screw in M 10 hexagon bolt as a counter- support.

B - Wrench socket Tighten hexagon nut to 20 Nm, turn back hexagon bolt -A- or turn out fully.

Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

Insert an 1. Head bevel gear of input shaft installed on the side with S example: 1.

Skoda Octavia Owners Manual

Friction tot. Secure the pendulum support to the sub- frame with bolt M8x80 mm and nut It is not possible 0 1 '! Knock in the new seal until flush. Installation is carried out in the reverse order.

G with cable V.

Skoda octavia combi 2002 manual

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Skoda Octavia Workshop Manual

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