Sony Vaio Pcg 381m Manual Muscle

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

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Page of Go. Page 78 - Connecting an external display Page 79 Page 80 Page 81 - Connecting a tv Page 82 Page 83 - Connecting a projector Page 84 - Selecting display modes Page 85 - Using the dual display function Page 86 Page 87 Page 88 - Connecting external speakers Page 89 - Connecting an external microphone Page 90 - Connecting an external mouse or keyboard Page 91 - Connecting a universal serial bus usb Table of Contents.

Sony Notebook User Guide.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Vaio laptop computers: vaio notebook computer pages. Vaio laptop computers: vaio notebook computer 80 pages. Vaio laptop computers: vaio notebook computer 44 pages. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Sony Corporation reserves the right to make any modification to this manual or the information contained herein at any time without notice. The software described herein is governed by the terms of a separate user licence agreement.

Page 4: Safety Information Owner's record The serial number and model number are located on the bottom of your Sony notebook. Read the printed Specifications document for more information.

Connectivity Never install modem or telephone wiring during a severe lightning storm. Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations. Be cautious when installing or modifying telephone lines. Declaration of Conformity The European Union is targeting the free movement of goods for the internal market and to prevent technical barriers to trade. This effort has resulted in several EU Directives asking that manufacturers make their products comply with essential standards.

Page 7 Read this first Before activating the built-in modem, please read the Modem Regulations leaflet. Depending on the country, usage of the Wireless LAN functionality may be restricted.

Sony PCG-GRT715E User Manual

Page 8 Read this first Disposing of lithium ion batteries Do not handle damaged or leaking lithium ion batteries. Dispose of promptly and properly at end-of-life. Danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer.

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

Page 9 Portability - The rechargeable battery pack provides hours of use without AC power. Refer to your Software Guide for information on the software and the Sony applications. About the Software delivered with your computer is a short description of the features of the software delivered with your system.

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Customizing your computer explains how to configure your modem, set a wallpaper or select a screensaver. Installing and updating applications explains how to install, run or uninstall a software application.

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Page Ergonomic Considerations Welcome Ergonomic considerations You will be using your notebook as a portable device in a variety of environments. Whenever possible, you should attempt to take account of the following ergonomic considerations to both stationary and portable environments: Position of your computer — Place the computer directly in front of you 1.

Keep your forearms horizontal 2 , with your wrists in a neutral, comfortable position 3 while using the keyboard, touchpad, or external mouse. You can reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue by adjusting the tilt of the display to the proper position. Adjust the brightness setting of the display as well. Lighting — Locating controls and connectors Connecting a power source Starting your notebook Setting up your notebook with Sony Notebook Setup Shutting down your notebook Using the keyboard Using the touchpad Using the disc drive USB 2.

Connectors which support USB 2. There are 3 transfer modes: - High-speed: Mbps, this is the highest speed. Page 21 Using your notebook Bottom Port replicator connector cover Modem module Multi-purpose bay release lever Reset button Memory module page 73 page 56 page 24 page 41 page 38 page Page Connecting A Power Source Using your notebook Connecting a power source You can use either an AC adapter or a rechargeable battery pack as a power source.

Plug one end of the power cord 3 into the AC adapter. You can insert the second battery into the multi- purpose bay on the left side of the computer.

Drivers SONY PCG-61A11U Windows 7 32 Bits

Additional battery packs are available as a separate option. The battery pack supplied with your computer is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Page 24 Using your notebook Charging the battery pack To charge the battery pack, proceed as follows: Connect the AC adapter to the computer. Insert the battery pack. The computer automatically charges the battery 1 the battery indicator 2 light flashes in a double blink pattern as the battery charges.

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Page 25 Using your notebook The battery pack supplied with your computer is a lithium ion battery and can be recharged any time. Charging a partially discharged battery does not affect battery life. The battery indicator light is on while you use the battery pack as a power source.

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When the battery life is nearly depleted, both the battery and power indicators start flashing. Page 26 Using your notebook Inserting the second battery pack To insert a second battery pack, proceed as follows: If the weight saver or the optical disc drive is in the multi-purpose bay 1 , remove it.

Insert the battery 2 into the multi- purpose bay. Page 27 Using your notebook Charging the second battery pack To charge the second battery pack, proceed as follows: Keep the battery pack in the computer while it is connected to AC power. The battery indicator 2 flashes while the battery is charging.

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

Page 28 Using your notebook Removing the second battery pack To remove the second battery pack, proceed as follows: Slide the multi-purpose bay release lever on the bottom of the computer in the direction of the arrow.

Remove the weight saver.

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

Pull out the battery pack. Reinsert the weight saver. Page Starting Your Notebook Using your notebook Starting your notebook To start your computer, proceed as follows: Slide the LCD lock lever 1 in the direction of the arrow, and lift the cover. Press the power button 2 of the computer until the green power indicator 3 light turns on.

Page 31 For more information about each option, click Help on the Sony Notebook Setup screen to display the help file.

User Guide

Description Selects the drive and device order you wish to use for loading the operating system. Page Shutting Down Your Notebook Using your notebook Shutting down your notebook It is important that you shut down your computer properly so you do not lose unsaved data. To shut down your computer, proceed as follows: Click the Start button.

Click Turn Off Computer. The Turn off computer screen appears. The twelve function keys along the top of the keyboard are used to perform designated tasks. Switches the selected button on the taskbar. Standby mode: flashes umber. Indicates the status of the battery inserted in the battery bay on the left side of the computer.

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Page Using The Touchpad Using your notebook Using the touchpad The keyboard contains a cursor-pointing device, your touchpad 1. You can point to, select, drag, and scroll objects on the screen using the built-in touchpad.

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

Action Description Point Slide one finger on the touchpad to place the pointer 2 on an item or object. See the glossary for more information on CD To insert a disc, proceed as follows: Turn on the computer.

Sony vaio pcg 381m manual muscle

Press the eject button 1 to open the drive. The -R -Recordable disc is a data memory medium that can be used to write a program or other data, but once only. Page Using The Weight Saver Using your notebook Using the weight saver The weight saver protects the multi-purpose bay when it is empty, and secures the second battery or the optical drive when they are installed in the multi-purpose bay.

To attach the weight saver, proceed as follows: If another device is in the multi-purpose bay, remove the device. You can use Sony Notebook Setup to disable devices. Make sure you use the most recent software driver provided by the PC Card manufacturer.

You do not need to shut down the computer before inserting or removing a PC Card. Do not force a PC Card into the slot. If it is not removed properly, your system may not work properly. If you want to remove a PC Card when your computer is off, skip steps 1 to 7. Sony's vision is to expand the world of communication, promoting the portability of digital data.

With it, you can download data from any compatible device, then transfer it to another in a single and instant transfer. With it, you can record, play back and transfer various kinds of data at any given time. Page 50 In the music world, however, illegal acts of distributing music without the permission of the artist, logo indicates the copyright protection system devised by Sony. It is not meant to guarantee compatibility with other media.

Page 51 SDMI to study technology for protecting copyrights during the electronic distribution of music. To do this, you need an optional PC Card adapter. You need to connect to a phone line to take advantage of online services and the Internet, as well as to register your computer and software online, and to contact VAIO-Link. To connect a phone line, proceed as follows: Plug one end of the phone cable 1 into the phone line jack on the computer.

Page Using The Correct Phone Plug Using your notebook Using the correct phone plug If there are two phone plugs in the box, make sure you use the correct one for the country you are in, as follows: UK: The connector can be identified by its cuboid shape and flat pins. Page 60 Using your notebook Communicating without Access Point ad-hoc An ad-hoc network is a network in which a local network is created only by the wireless devices themselves, with no other central controller or Access Point.

Each device communicates directly with other devices in the network.