Stacyjka Opel Vectra B Manual

Stacyjka opel vectra b manual

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If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of Go. Page Page - Xenon headlight system, dipped and main Table of Contents. Owner's Manual. Vauxhall Vectra Quick Reference Manual 2 pages. Automobile Vauxhall Vivaro Owner's Manual pages.

Vauxhall Vectra Service Repair Manuals on Motor Era

This information is available under the section "Technical da ta " as well as on the identification plate and in the Serv ice Booklet. Fuel De signation Engine oil Page 4 Ex perienced mechanics, trained by Thank y ou for choosing a Vaux hall. We Vauxhall, work a ccord ing to specific wish you many hours of plea surable Vauxhall instructions.

All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers offer first-class serv ice a t competitiv e Lighting Page 7: In Brief — see page 30, mechanical a nti-theft locking system 3 — Vauxhall alarm system 3 — see page 38, see p age 30, electrically op erated tailgate 3 — Vauxhall a la rm system 3 — see pag e Page 8 In brief To adjust front seats: To adjust front seat backrests: To adjust fron t seat height Pull han dle, slide seat, Turn handwheel Operate lever on outboard side of release handle seat Move seat backrest to suit seating position.

Stacyjka opel vectra b manual

Page 9 In brief Adjusting fron t seat inc lination Electric seat adjustment To adjust head restraint height Operate fro nt lever on outboard Operate switch o n outboard side of front and o utboard rear seats: side of seat of seat Press button to release, adjust height, engage in position Pump action of lever Page 10 In brief To adjust head restraint angle To apply seat belt: Adjusting interior mirror: of front and outboard rear seats: Pull o ut seat belt smoothly from Swivel mirror hou sing Swivel bottom edge of head inertia reel, guide it over the S wivel lever on underside of m irror housing restraint forwards or backwards shou lder and engage in the Move lever down , Mo ve steering wheel slightly to adjust height and distance, If the outer m irror switch 1 is pressed, the release steering column loc k move lever up, Page 13 In brief Page 14 Turn signal l ights, see pages 7, 98, Open lugg age comp artment, Electro-hyd raulic p ower see p ages 34, Page 19 In brief Manual transmission: Easytronic Automatic transmissio n Reverse gear: with vehicle sta tionary, pull Idling Park position the ring up three seconds after depressing D rive positio n Reverse gear clutch ped al and engage gear.

Higher gear Neutral position idling If the gear does not engag e, set the lever in Lower gear Au tomatic gear selection Page 20 In brief In order to leav e P, switch on ignition, Before starting-o ff, check: depress footbrake and press b utton on z Tyre pressure and condition — selector lever.

To engag e P or R, press button on selector z Engine oil level and fluid levels in engine lev er. Page 21 — see pag e 30, kerb.

Stacyjka opel vectra b manual

Vauxhall alarm system 3 — see page 38, vehicle d ecommissioning — see page If the vehicle is on a downhill incline, Page 22 In brief That was a brief overview of the most important in formation for your first drive in your vehicle. The other pages o f this chapter con tain a summary of the interesting fun ction s in your vehicle.

Page 23 In brief Airbag system Side airb ag system 3 C ur tain ai rbag syst em 3 The side a irb ag system triggers when a The curtain a irba g system triggers in the The a irb ag system c onsists of several side-on collision occurs a nd provides a event of a side-on collision and provides a separate systems. Page Information Display In brief Active head restraints at front Operating menus in th e S elec tion using multi-function knob: Rotate and press multi-function knob.

Page Trip Computer 3 Tyre pressures 3 , Functions: z Remote control battery, z Range, z Instanta neous consum ption, z Vauxhall alarm system 3, z Distanc e travelled, z Important ex terior lights, inc luding z Average speed, cables and fuses.

Page 26 In brief Remote control on steering Twin Audio FlexOrganizer wheel Tw in Audio p rov id es rear seat occupants The side walls contain retaining strips, with the opportunity to listen to a different where va rious components can be The functions of the Infotainm ent system 3 audio source tha n the one selected by the attached to divide the lugg age Page 27 In brief C ur ve lighti ng The Xenon light b eam pivots based on steering wheel position and vehicle speed, from app rox.

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The LED in the The tyre p ressure monitoring system button illuminates. Page 29 In brief z To close: — Hold down the r button on the rem ote control until the tailgate is closed. Page Diesel Particle Filter In brief Diesel particle filter The d iesel pa rticle filter system removes polluting soot particles out of the engine exhaust ga ses.

The system includes a self-cleaning function that op erates automatically whilst driving. The filter is cleaned by burning the trapped soot particles at a high temperature. Page Electronic Immobiliser Keys, doors, windows, sunroof If c ontrol indicator A illuminates a fter the engine is started, there is a fault in the engine elec tronics or transmission electronics 3 see pages , , , or there is water in the diesel fuel filter 3 see page Electric w indows 3 , In a ddition, electric windows 3 and electric see page Page 34 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Fault Mak e sure that you dispose of old batteries If the central locking system cannot be in accordance with env ironmental opera ted with the remote control, it m ay b e protec tion regulations.

Opel Vectra Service and Repair Manuals

Page Central Locking System Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Cen tral locking system To lock Mechanic al anti -theft locki ng system 3 Press button p on remote control. Warnin g To unlock Press button q on rem ote control. Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle.

Page 36 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Program ming unloc king m ode 3 Autom atic locking 3 When the vehicle is delivered from the The central locking ca n be set to lock factory, the remote c ontrol is preset so that automatically at a certain sp eed.

Opel Vectra Workshop Manual

Page 40 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Electri cally operated t ailgat e, Estat e 3 In Estate vehicles w ith a n elec trica lly op erated tailgate, the tailga te can b e electrica lly opened and c losed after unlocking. Warning Mak e sure there is more tha n 2 m etres clearance b efore operating the electric Page 41 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Press button F in the tailgate; the tailgate With the key in the starter sw itc h and the To close: handbrake applied, hold button x in Hold d ow n button r on the remote control closes electrically.

Page Vauxhall Alarm System 3 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Vauxhall alarm system Monitors: z Doors, luggage compa rtm ent, bonnet, z Passenger compartment, z Vehicle tilt, e.

To activ ate Act ivat ion without monitoring of All doors, w indows, the sunroof 3 and the pa ssenger comp artment a nd vehicle ti lt bonnet must b e closed. Page 44 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof After the first 10 seconds of anti-theft alarm system activation: z LED flashes System switched on. Page 45 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof 3. After the luggage compartment is Ala rm siren wit h integrated b attery 3 closed, monitoring of the passeng er The alarm siren monitors the on-board compa rtm ent, luggage comp artm ent voltage network and triggers an ala rm if and v ehicle tilt is reactivated after a this network is manipulated e.

Warnin g Ensure that no persons, animals or objects are in the movement zone of the sy stem to be opera ted e.

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Page 47 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof 4. Press the button on the manual remote Prog ramm ing the universal remot e Reprog ramm ing indiv idual button control unit while pressing and holding control system for vari able code systems settings the desired button of the univ ersal 1.

Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Note Keep replac ed m anual tra nsmitters for possible reprogram ming. The manua l transm itters can also continue to be used.

If, after repeated a ttempts at execution of the a bove steps, a system cannot b e actuated with the universal remote control, seek the assistance of a workshop. The mirror does not reduc e da zzle when: z the ig nition is sw itc hed off, z rev erse gear is eng aged or selector lever set to R, Page Electric Windows 3 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Electric win dows Warning Take care when operating the electric windows.

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Risk of injury , especially for children. Vehic le occupants should be inform ed according ly.

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If there are children on the rear seat, switch on the child safety sy stem 3 for the elec tric wind ow s. Warnin g O verload If the wind ow s are rep eatedly operated at Caution when opera ting the sunroof. Risk short interv als, the power supp ly is briefly of injury, particula rly to children. Page 53 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof To raise Turn the rotary switc h to any position between d and e.

The sunroof w ill autom atic ally m ov e to the d esired position. When the rotary switch is in position e, the sunroof is fully raised. Page Electrically Operated Rear Window Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Sunshade To red uce the sunlight in the interior with the sliding roof closed or raised. O pen or close sunshade as req uired.

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When the sunroof is opened, the sunshade is also op ened. O verload If the sy stem is overloaded, the power sup ply is automatically c ut off for a short time.

Electrically a djustable front sea ts 3. Head restraints Armrest 3 between the front sea ts..

Opel Vectra Workshop Repair Manuals

Rear seat armrest.. Page 56 Seats, interior Adj usti ng the seat hei ght 3 To adjust seat incl ine 3 Ad just ing the lumb ar support 3 To adjust height of sea t, op erate rear lever Pump action of lever To adjust, activa te the lever on the on outb oa rd sid e of seat.

Page Electrically Adju Stable Front Seats Seats, interior Electrically adju stable front seats Warnin g Care must be ta ken when operating the electric ally adjustable seats.

Stacyjka opel vectra b manual

There is a risk of injury , partic ularly for children, and a danger that articles could become tra pped. Keep a close watch on the seats when adjusting them. Page Head Restraints Seats, interior Head restraints To adjust the inc line, swivel the bottom Ad just ing the rear head restraint s edge of the head restraint forwards or integra ted in the rear seat ba ckrest 3 Adj usti ng the front sea t head restraint s backwards.

Vauxhall VECTRA Owner's Manual

Page 61 Seats, interior Head restrai nt position Activ e head restra ints 3 Remov ing the head restraint s The midd le of the head restraint should be In the event of a rear-impa ct, the a ctive Press and release the two catches.

Pull and at eye lev el. Page Armrest 3 Between The Front Seats Seats, interior Armrest between the front seats Rear seat armrest The armrest c ontains a stowage compartment: to open, slide a rm rest b ack, The armrest can be pushed forwards.

If the The armrest can be folded down. Page Travel Assistant 3 Seats, interior Travel Assistant Installing the Travel Assistant S wivel open and hold cover of front Swivel out retaining device on seat with attachment points in floor in front of The Trav el Assistant contains strap.

Page 64 Seats, interior Swiv el connecting console downwards and Swivel the locking lever downwards.

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To lock, insert Travel Assistant into rec esses enga ge in a ttac hm ent points. Page 65 Seats, interior If it is correctly locked , the red m ark must Dr ink holder a nd accessory sock ets St owage com partm ent s no long er be visible in the window, Open the drink holder by pressing the The lower stowage comp artment is opened otherwise the p rocedure must be rep eated. Page 66 Seats, interior Connecting consol e for DVD pl ayer 3 Swivel up the display holder, slide DVD Electric c ool box When not in use, pull connecting console player display into brack et from below a nd To open, fold open the armrest together upwards, press button and slide fix in position with brack et.

Stacyjka opel vectra b manual

Page 67 Seats, interior Fold away tab les S et required clearance b y adjusting Switch on the cool box as needed. Fold arm rest upwards 1. Use recessed grip to p ull foldawa y table S wivel a rm rest down. Page 68 Seats, interior To fold away the tab le, swivel the armrest Fold the table upwards p ast the resistance Disma nt ling the Trav el Assista nt point 2 , swiv el it downwards and insert in O pen catch using key , red mark appears in the Travel Assista nt 3.