Suzuki Vs 150 Repair Manual

Suzuki vs 150 repair manual

Suzuki Gs150r User Manual

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Suzuki vs 150 repair manual

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Suzuki DF Owner's Manual 59 pages. Outboard Motor Suzuki DF2. General knowledge information is not included. The text of this manual is divided into sections. Select the section needed for reference.

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Measure in resistance range. Measure in continuity test range. Pay special attention to the mes- sages highlighted by these signal words. Indicates a potential hazard that could result in death or injury. However, blends of unleaded gasoline and alcohol with equivalent octane content may be used.

How the motor is operated during this time will have direct bearing on its life span and long-term durability.

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Page 15 Engine oil amounts 8. Motor output Brush length mm in. Maintenance intervals should be judged by number of hours or months, whichever comes first. NOTE: More frequent servicing should be performed on outboard motors that are used under severe conditions. Place outboard motor upright on a level surface. Remove motor cover. Page Gear Oil Gear oil amount: 1 ml Install air vent plug before removing oil filler tube from drain hole. Using a non-resistor spark plug will cause ignition and fuel injection system malfunctions.

The tappet clearance specification is different for intake and exhaust valves. Too small a tappet clearance may reduce engine power, too large a tappet clearance increases valve noise and hastens valve and seat wear.

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Rotate crankshaft counterclockwise to bring cam nose verti- cal to shim surface. Measure tappet clearances by inserting thickness gauge between cam and shim surface. Tappet clearance cold engine condition : IN.

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Rotate top of cam 90 degree counterclockwise and remove shim from cut-away at tappet. Two tappets can be adjusted at the same time. Install shim. Identification number should face down towards tappet.

Rotate crankshaft to be open lift up valve. Remove tappet holder 1 and tighten camshaft housing bolts to specified torque. Do not reuse OCV gasket.

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Turning air screw counterclockwise: Engine speed will increase. Turning air screw clockwise: Engine speed will decrease. Page Low Pressure Fuel Filter 9. Restart the engine and check that there are no leaks around the fuel filter.

Suzuki VS150

Install the cover. High pressure fuel filter Inspect water pump impeller.

Suzuki Intruder VS1400 Service Manual

Replace if vanes are cut, torn or worn. Page Anodes 10 mm bolt to function as a screw jack.

Suzuki vs 150 repair manual

Screw jack 2. Anode cover Anode Never paint the anode. Avoid con- tact with eyes, skin, clothing, and painted surfaces. If battery acid comes in contact with any of these, flush immediately with large amounts of water.

Page Balancer Chain!

Suzuki DF150 Service Manual

NOTE: The figure shown above is a guideline only, not an absolute ser- vice limit. Install oil pressure gauge adaptor into oil pressure switch hole in place of oil pressure switch.

Install the ring gear cover and air intake silencer case. Compression gauge 2. Compression gauge hose Figures shown are guidelines only, not absolute service limits.

Engine vacuum is also an indicator of general engine condition. Warm up engine to normal operating temperature.

Suzuki Factory Service Repair Manual PDF

When the reluctor bars on the flywheel pass the sensor, a signal voltage pulse is generated and sent to the ECM. This is the fundamental signal used to judge engine speed and crankshaft angle. This is a thermistor type sensor resistance of which changes depending on temperature and inputs a signal to the ECM as a voltage value.

The throttle shaft is interlocked with the TPS shaft. This sensor is a variable resistor changing resistance Ohms in accordance with the throttle opening. The electri- cal circuits which provide this supply are: 1.

The sub battery cable to the white lead wire in the remote control extension harness to the ignition switch. This sensor is a zirconia element platinum plated which Housing changes output voltage depending on the oxygen concentration difference between its internal and external surfaces. This system is totally battery powered, with the ECM controlling all ignition timing functions.

The ignition system is composed of the ignition coil, spark plug and components for system control ECM, sensor, switch etc.

Suzuki vs 150 repair manual

The fuel injection system is composed of the fuel line components, air intake components, and components for system control ECM, sensors, switches, etc. As the fuel level decreases, fuel flows into the vapor separator from the low pressure fuel pump. The function of this unit is to separate vapors from fuel delivered by the low pressure fuel pump or fuel returned from the fuel pressure regulator.

The regulator diaphragm chamber is open to the fuel vapor separator chamber to keep the pressure bal- anced.

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Intake manifold pressure, monitored by the MAP sensor, is an indirect measure of the intake air amount. When the throttle is fully closed, the main supply of intake manifold air necessary to sustain engine idle passes through the by-pass air passage.

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Duty change depends on cylinder temperature. This system improves low and mid range torque and increases power output at the higher rpm ranges. Page System Operation In this operating mode, intake air speed is boosted and, com- bined with the inertia effect to the long intake tract, increases low and mid speed range engine torque.

Without vacuum the shut off valve return spring returns and holds the valve in its normal open position.


Once engaged it will initiate an intermittent fuel injection signal to reduce engine speed. The indication repeats three times. When an abnormality occurs in a sensor signal, the ECM ignores the out-of-range signal and assumes a pre-programmed value for the failed sensors. This allows the engine to continue running under the fail-safe condition. Once the system has operated, however, SUZUKI strongly recommends that the engine oil be replaced before canceling the system activation.

On starting the engine, the ECM detects the shift position using the neutral switch. It is strictly prohibited to connect any tester voltmeter or ohmmeter to an ECM which has been disconnected from the engine wiring harness. Turn ignition switch OFF. Disconnect battery cables from battery.

Install the emergency stop switch lock plate in position. Shift into Neutral. Turn ignition switch ON and check for fuel pump operating sound.

Suzuki vs 150 repair manual

Fuel pump operating sound: Sounds for approx. Using resistance mea- surements to check for a defect on either the primary or second- ary coil is not possible. Remove flywheel. See page Remove the three bolts and fuel hose guard. If out of specification, check wire harnesses for open and short. If wire harnesses are in good condition, replace MAP sensor and recheck.