Swr 350x Bass Head Manuals

Swr 350x bass head manuals

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Swr sound corp. Swr sound professional bass preamplifier owner's manual 52 pages.

Swr 350x bass head manuals

Read Instructions: All safety and operation instructions should be read before the product is operated. If your cabinet is a 4 ohm enclosure, the x will deliver watts into it.

If your cabinet is an 8 ohm enclosure, it will deliv- er watts into it. Page 6 Control about one large hash mark on the dial. Now turn up the Master Volume control to an equal level. You should now hear the sound of your instrument amplified through the x into your speaker cabinet s.

Page 7 10 dB or more, you may find the Active input more compatible.

The best judge is your own ears. The Limiter circuit is located after post the Master Volume and before pre the power amplifier.

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Therefore, the Limiter is driven by the Master Volume control. Page 10 If you are using an external effects device in the effects loop, that signal will also be pre- sent when in the LINE position dictated by the setting of the Effects Blend control on your x. When in this position, the output level will be affected by the Gain control on the front panel as well as the XLR Pad control.

Page 11 Note: Turn off transients appear at the Balanced Output when the amplifier is shut down.

All user reviews for the SWR Bass 350

Page 12 To use this feature, connect a shielded patch cord from the Tuner Out jack on your x to the input jack on your tuner. If you do not wish to monitor your sound during the tuning process, you may turn down the Master Volume.

Swr 350x bass head manuals

This will allow for the heat generated by internal components to escape. This way you get a good amount of power from the amp watts without operating too closely to the minimum impedance—or, in simple terms, with- out running the amplifier too hot.

Page 15 Yes, but one speaker cabinet will get more power—and be louder—than the other. Since your x is a mono amplifier, it is best to use cabinets of similar imped- ances when using more than one. The best two-cabinet setup is to use two 8-ohm enclosures. If the rack in which you mount your x requires that the rubber feet on the bottom of the chassis be removed, please remember to keep the screws handy in case you wish to reattach the rubber feet at a later date.

SWR 350x Owner's Manual

Page 18 The chassis of your amplifier can get quite warm during normal usage. This is especially true if you are operating your x at a 2 or 2.

Swr 350x bass head manuals

This is because these low impedances are intro- ducing the least efficient condition of the unit in terms of power drawn from the outlet in relation to power produced in the speakers. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

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