Td 10 Roland Manual Engraving

Td 10 roland manual engraving

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Studio settings Page 88 - Adjusting the volume and output assignme Page 89 - Settings for each group Page 90 - Chapter 5.


Page - Erasing a pattern Page - Copying selected measures of a pattern Page - Connecting two patterns Page - Mixer settings for each part Page - Chapter 7. Settings for the entire TD Page - Basic settings for the trigger parameter Page Page - Detailed settings for the trigger parame Page - The order in which trigger parameters sh Page - Adjusting the brightness of the display Page - Saving data to a memory card Page - Loading data from a memory card Page - Chapter 8.

Operations using pads and foo Page - Using foot switches to perform button op Page - Chapter Page - Messages for positional sensing snare d We'd like to take a moment to thank you for purchasing the Roland Percussion.

NOTES" p. These sections provide important information concerning the. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have.

Td 10 roland manual engraving

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Roland V-DRUMS TD-10 User Manual

Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting connections and settings 45 Troubleshooting Roland td sound module: owners manual 15 pages.

Also, all cords and cables should be placed so they are out of the reach of children. Quick Start This section is intended for those using the TD for the first time, and explains how to use various functions in a simple way. Please read Quick Start and follow along by actually operating the TD- Page 7 Contents Modifying a drum kit Page 8 Contents Chapter 3.

Instrument settings Page 9 Contents Chapter 6. Page 10 Selecting the note number transmitted by each pad Page Features In addition, when PD or PD optional pads are used, you can enjoy excellent response when playing rolls.

Page 13 Features Functions and operations perfect for live performances The group faders on the front panel let you make quick changes as needed during performance.

You can play drum kits in any desired order Drum Kit Chain. It allows you to check higher in the hierarchy. To select the rim of a the click sound p.

Each memory card can store all settings of the TD, Even if headphones are connected, sound will still be output such as drum kits and sequencer performance data, etc p. If using the unit thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

Buttons, sliders and knobs Buttons, sliders and knobs on the front panel will be printed in square brackets [ ]; Page 19 About button operations and the screen displays How to modify settings fig.

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The two methods have the following advantages. You can use these buttons to select a trigger number and edit the settings.

Roland V-DRUMS TD-10 Owner's Manual

Page Quick Start Quick Start Page Before You Begin Playing Before you begin playing This section explains the connections and settings that you must make before playing. The explana- tions here are given, assuming that the TD has its factory settings.

The TD provides a function for restoring the factory settings. Page Connecting Pads And Pedals Using the cables provided, connect your pads, hi-hat control pedals and kick trigger units as shown in the above diagram.

Td 10 roland manual engraving

When using a KD-7, either position will do. The following screen will appear: fig. Page Adjusting The Head Tension Before you begin playing Adjusting the head tension For these pads, adjustments are required in order to regularize the tension of the head. Also, the ten- sion of the head may change when the pad has been used for a long period. If this occurs, use the following procedure to make adjustments as necessary.

Percussion Sound Module

Page 32 Before you begin playing On the head of the PD or PD, accurately strike a location approximately 1 inch 3 cm from the tuning bolt.

Use a tuning key optional to turn the all tuning bolt so that the indicator reaches the position shown in the diagram. Page Positional Sensing For a better performance Positional sensing This function simulates movement across the snare drum head or ride cymbal surface.

Please try out each of these procedures. Tom and cymbal, etc. Page Adjusting The Sensitivity Of A Pad For a better performance Adjusting the sensitivity of a pad You may wish to adjust the sensitivity of the pads to accommodate your personal taste. It adjusts the balance of the low, mid, and high frequency ranges.

Page Help Function For a better performance Help function You can select a keyword for a specific operation and instantly view an explanation or the relative setting page. Page About Expansion Boards Expansion boards optional are cards that allow you to upgrade the system and add new instru- ments and drum kits. The bottom panel of the TD has a slot that allows expan- 5.

No sound Page No. However, since the TD uses a model of an acoustic drum that can be adjusted using the Variable Drum Modeling technology, you can create a sound of your own and one that responds to your natural dynamics. The snare settings display page will appear.

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In this page you can select the materials and depth of the drum shell. Compared with stick playing, brush playing uses an extremely delicate trigger signal, so we have provided a kit with special trigger settings.

Roland V-DRUMS TD-10 Manuals

Press [F1] and [F4]. Ambiance and Effect will be turned off. You will notice that the sound has suddenly lost its sense of depth. Previous drum sound modules did not provide for the creation and editing of the unique parameters of an electronic drum.

Td 10 roland manual engraving

The tom setting screen will appear. Page Modifying A Drum Kit Modifying a drum kit In this section we will start with drum kit number 36, and take you through the process of creating an entirely different kit. Kit number 36 is a distinctive kit intended for rock, but we will turn this into a sharper and more natural-sounding drum kit that might be suitable for fusion, etc.

Td 10 roland manual engraving

Page [inst]: Creating Drum Sounds Modifying a drum kit [INST]: Creating drum sounds The settings in this section are for the drums themselves, and they are concerned with the funda- mental elements that determine the character of the sound. Via easy operations you can proceed through the process of selecting an instrument, deciding its material and shape, and adjust the tun- ing, etc. Page Modify The Material And Depth Of The Body Modifying a drum kit Modify the material and depth of the body By changing the material of the instrument body and listening to the difference, you can find the sound that you want.

This is an editing method that is only possible on the TD Strike the pad being used for the snare. The snare setting page appears.

Page 59 Modifying a drum kit This completes the head material choice. Page Adjust The Muffling muting And Snare Strainer Tension Modifying a drum kit Adjust the muffling muting and snare strainer tension You can add muffling to the snare drum or adjust the tension of the snare strainer to reduce unwant- ed overtones or resonances, creating a tighter sound. You can even turn the snares off!

Next we will adjust the tension of the strainer. The same drums are capable of producing a very different sound, depending on whether they are played in a conventional studio, or in a glass-walled room. The TD has a 2-band high and low equalizer for each instrument, and this can be used to fine tune each sound for the total blend of the kit.