Thermo King V 280 Manual Woodworkers

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

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Thermo king v 280 manual treadmill

Table of Contents. Printed in U. Page 2 If further information is required, Thermo King Corporation should be consulted. Such terms and conditions are available upon request.

Thermo King V250 Manuals

Page 3 Keep Polyol Ester compressor oil in tightly sealed containers. Page 6 V Installation Checklist Refrigerant liquid, refrigeration oil, and refrigerants, certain precautions must be observed when battery acid can permanently damage the eyes see First handling them or servicing a unit in which they are used. Aid under Refrigeration Oil.

Obtain immediate medical assistance if available.

Thermo King V250 Manual

When servicing or repairing a refrigeration unit, the possi- bility of serious or even fatal injury from electrical shock The source of shock must be immediately removed by exists. Page 9: Specifications Specifications General Compressor Belt driven, multi cylinder, wobble plate type driven by the truck engine Model 10 and by the truck engine or electric motor. Page Unit Description Unit Description The Thermo King V is a truck refrigeration system that The electric standby compressor is connected in parallel is designed for low and medium temperature applications with the engine-driven compressor.

The engine compressor on medium-sized trucks. There are two basic models: is driven by a belt from the engine.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

It separates compres- the operation of the unit by energizing and de-energizing the sor oil from refrigerant vapor and returns the oil to the com- power relay, the electric relays, and the heat contactor. The thermo- stat keeps the unit running in heat until the temperature rises to 2. During engine operation, the water pump and the evaporator fans operate while the unit is in heat.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

Manual Defrost Key Celsius Indicator On-Off Key Fahrenheit Indicator On the M13 cab box the defrost indicator light is positioned on the defrost key. On the M10 cab box the defrost indicator light is positioned left of the digital display.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

When this light is on, it indicates that the overload relay has opened. This Cab Control Box indicator must be reset by pressing the On-Off Key after allowing time for the overload relay to cool. The heater con- F2 This 15 amp fuse protects the circuit to the evapo- tactor is used to control the operation of the optional rator fan motor. F3 This 10 amp fuse protects the circuit to the power relay and the heat relay.

Hg of vacuum to kPa , the inspection is not a substitute for regularly scheduled mainte- switch opens the circuit to the power relay, which stops nance inspections, it is an important part of the preventive the unit. With the thermostat set at the correct temperature, allow the unit to run for one-half to one NOTE: The power cord indicator will come on if the hour longer if possible before loading the truck.

Pre- unit is connected to an electric standby power supply. If the coil temperature has dropped below 42 F 5. The defrost cycle should stop automati- cally.

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ON for Celsius Periodically inspect the unit wiring and the wire harnesses OFF for Fahrenheit for loose, chafed or broken wires to protect against unit mal- functions due to open or short circuits. Replace the cover. Replace the cover and place the cab control box back in Setpoint Differential Adjustment its bracket. Note what appears on the digital dis- The cab control box contains the thermometer and the ther- play. This is the temperature display.

When the thermostat setpoint is approxi- problem, such as a loose wire connection or a bad ground, is mately 3. Board Identification And Testing Connect a test light between the screw terminal on the switch and the positive battery terminal. The V defrost system energizes a hot gas defrost sole- noid valve HGV to route hot gas through the evaporator NOTE: Attempting to test the electronic defrost ter- coil. Page P. Board Identification 12A circuit is connected to the 12 circuit through the timer Currently, three different P.

If the 12 circuit is V Unit will not defrost when the manual defrost Check for voltage on the 11 circuit at the 85 switch is pressed. If electric standby power supply.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

Check the P. Use the following procedure to check the defrost initiation timer. This procedure assumes the rest of the defrost system Replace any fuses that are missing or blown. LEDs PL3 and 6 should light.

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With the power supply turned on and the cab box Close switch S2 to pin 4 and switch S4 to pin 7. Press the defrost key on the cab box.


Electrically it is age potentials can exist on connections in the high voltage located between F1 and the condenser fan motor. This will save time and eliminate guesswork.

Check the power cable receptacle for power.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

If power is present, check for power at the unit terminal board. Check for control circuit power at the circuit breaker.

Some of these service procedures are regu- lated by Federal, and in some cases, by State and Local laws. All regulated refrigeration service procedures must be performed by an EPA certified technician, using approved equip- ment and complying with all Federal, State and Local laws. With these conditions established, open the low side the high side valve on the gauge manifold open, and valve on the gauge manifold and open the valve on the open the valve on the refrigerant drum to deliver liquid.

Stop the unit, shut OFF the truck engine and remove the gauge manifold set. The above conditions MUST be established each time the refrigerant level is checked or if refrigerant needs to be added for any reason. NOTE: To prevent oil migration from one compressor to another, and for proper oil return when a compressor is operating, operate a compressor for a minimum of 15 min Drain the col- Run the unit in cool on engine operation. Add compressor oil as required.

Nameplate Thermo KingV090/V250/V280

Refrigerant oil in the flushing com- pressor will absorb acids from the system. Test compressor oil for acid contamination. Continue flushing until compressor oil is clean. Page Refrigeration Service Operations Refrigeration Service Operations NOTE: It is generally good practice to replace the filter drier whenever the high side is opened or when the low side is opened for an extended period of time.

Place the coil in the unit and install the mounting hard- Remove the compressor mounting screws. Removal Remove the coil and disassemble the valve. Remove the refrigerant charge. Unsolder the hot gas lines from the valve, and remove Disconnect the refrigerant lines from the receiver tank.

Page Oil Separator Hold the oil separator with a backup wrench on the hex in unit. If the high side pressure compressor. Stop the unit.

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Observe the gauge manifold readings of the electric standby compressor. Unsolder the suction line from the evaporator coil. Removal Remove the mounting bolts and slide the coil from the Remove the refrigerant charge. Disconnect the refrigeration line connections.

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Installation Remove the mounting hardware and remove the check valve. Open the refrigeration valves and place the unit in oper- Disconnect the equalizer line from the expansion valve.

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Check the refrigerant charge and the compressor Disconnect the liquid line and the distributor from the oil and add as required. If no leaks Open the refrigeration valves, and place the unit in are found, evacuate the low side. Check refrigerant charge and add refrigerant as required. Install new expansion valve.

Install new high pressure cutout switch. Apply RA decals over the Ra decals. Refer to the tool list- ing at the end of this chapter for tools required.

Contact your local Thermo King dealer for further information.

Thermo king v 280 manual woodworkers

Remove Drive Plate Remove the cover. Coil Inspect the coil for a loose connector or cracked insula- tion.