Thomson Tg585 V8 Manual Telmex

Thomson tg585 v8 manual telmex

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Thomson tg585 v8 manual telmex

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Pasos para cambiar la contraseña WiFi en modem Thomson TG580 o TG585

Thomson TG v7 Reference Manual pages. Other brands and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Document Information Status: v3. Page 6 Contents 6 Internet Security Typographical Conventions Following typographical convention is used throughout this manual: Sample text indicates a hyperlink to a Web site. This Setup and User Guide will show you how to set up your Thomson Gateway and how to connect your computer s to the Internet.

If both conventional telephone and DSL service are simultaneously available from the same copper pair, you will need a central splitter or distributed filters for decoupling DSL and telephone signals.

THOMSON TG585 v7 Setup And User Manual

Public telephone lines carry voltages that can cause electric shock. Page Guided Installation Installation 1.

Do not plug in any cables or connect any devices until you are prompted to do so by the wizard. In case of problems If you encounter problems during this installation please refer to page Starting the wizard To start the wizard Reconfigure my Thomson Gateway to reconfigure your Thomson Gateway. Setup my computer to connect your computer to the Thomson Gateway network.

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View Documentation to view the documentation that is available for your Thomson Gateway. Page Connect The Cables Installation 1.

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Connect the power supply. Page Status Leds 2. Page Wps Button Led 2. Requirements Javascript must be enabled on your browser. For more information, consult the help of your Internet browser. Thomson Gateway: Provides basic information on the Thomson Gateway. Page 23 Language bar The language bar allows you to change the language of the Thomson Gateway Web interface.

Cambiar contraseña WiFi en los módem Thomson TG580 y TG585

The language bar will only be shown if more than one language is available. Location bar The location bar allows you to view the current position in the Thomson Gateway Web interface.

Login section In this section you can see the current user name. This way you can always return to your working configuration in case of problems. At a specific point in the installation, the Setup wizard will inform you that the Thomson Gateway has already been configured: Select No and click Next to continue.

Your computer must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically. This is the default setting. Ethernet cable In your package, you will find a cable with yellow connectors. Page Wireless Wireless Introduction With the built-in wireless access point you are no longer bound by cables to connect to the Internet. What you need to set up a wireless network To set up a wireless network, you need following components Wireless Access Point Wireless client Wireless Access Point You can consider the wireless access point as the heart of your wireless network.

Requirements Your wireless client must supports WPS. If you still have trouble connecting to the Thomson Gateway, try connecting your wireless client without WPS.

Only clients which use the correct network name SSID and passphrase can connect to your network. Encryption methods During the years a number of encryption types have been developed. Page 32 Wireless Under Wireless, click your access point.

The Wireless Access Point page appears. In the Location bar, click Configure. Under Security, you can change the Encryption.


Page Configuring Wpa-psk Encryption 4. The pass phrase must consist of 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters or 64 hexadecimal characters characters from 0 to 9 and from A to F.

How to Port Forward your Thomson TG585 V8

Page Configuring Wep Encryption Wireless 4. In the Encryption key box, type a Network key of your choice. If you are using: A bit key: Type 10 hexadecimal characters characters from 0 to 9 and from A to F or 5 alphanumeric characters.

Abrir puertos en Modem Thomson TG585 v8

This means that UPnP-capable devices can join and leave a network without any effort of a network administrator. If you are currently: Connected to the Internet, click Disable to disconnect from the Internet. The Control Panel window appears. This means that all your computers share one public IP address, as if only one computer is connected to the outside world.

Thomson tg585 v8 manual telmex

Problem When the Thomson Gateway receives an incoming message, the Thomson Gateway has to decide to which computer he will have to send this message. Your computer will use UPnP to communicate to the Thomson Gateway which services are running on the computer. The Firewall page appears. In the upper-right corner, click Configure. A list with security settings with a brief description is displayed. Select the security level of your choice and click Apply. Access Denied page When a user tries to access a page that is being blocked, the following page is displayed: Address-based filtering With address-based filtering you can www.

Make sure the Use Address Based Filter check box is selected. Click Redirect in the Action list. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Introduction This chapter suggests solutions for problems you may encounter while installing or configuring your Thomson Gateway. If the suggestions do not resolve the problem, look at the support pages on broadband. Click Run. You are using the correct power supply for your Thomson Gateway device. The power requirements for your Thomson Gateway are clearly indicated on the identification label on the bottom of the Thomson Gateway.

Thomson tg585 v8 manual telmex

Page Wired Connection Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 7. Page Wireless Connection Troubleshooting 7. The wireless client is configured for the correct wireless settings SSID, security settings.

Check the signal strength, indicated by the wireless client manager.

Thomson tg585 v8 manual telmex

Page Reset To Factory Defaults Troubleshooting Reset to Factory Defaults Resetting your Thomson Gateway If at some point you can no longer connect to the Thomson Gateway or you want to make a fresh install, it may be useful to perform a reset to factory defaults. Warning A reset to factory default settings deletes all configuration changes you made. Use a pen or an unfolded paperclip to push the recessed Reset button.

Push it until the Power LED lights red - this will take about 7 seconds. Release the Reset button. All rights reserved.

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