Ti 15 Calculator Instruction Manual

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

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Texas Instruments TI-15 Teachers Manual

Page of Go. Table of Contents. Page 2 TI. She developed the Activities section and assisted in evaluating the appropriateness of the examples in the How to Use the TI section of this guide.

Important Notice Regarding Book Materials The Activities section is a collection of activities for integrating the TI into mathematics instruction. How To Use the TI is designed to help you teach students how to use the calculator.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

Page 7 Clears pending operations, entries in history, and constants stored operations. The display, pending operations, settings, and memory are retained.

TI A Guide for Teachers How do the taxes on the 2 items compare? Page 11 Patterns in Percent Collecting and Organizing Data Use your calculator to collect data about percent, organize it in the table below, and then look for patterns.

Page 12 4. Repeat the activity, changing the percents in the left column while keeping the total quantity constant. Now what patterns do you see?

Texas Instruments TI-15 Explorer Elementary Calculator, Blue

What conjectures can you make? The displays in the different modes will look like the Each person should choose a different setting.

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Page 17 2. What generalizations can you make? Try the activity again with a different denominator and compare your results with the two denominators. Page 19 How are your three solutions different? The remainder form just tells how many dollars are left over. Page 21 2.

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Use division with a quotient in fraction form: 3. Use division with a quotient in decimal form: Analyzing Data and Drawing Conclusions Write a short paragraph comparing the three solutions. Page Scientific Notation 10 has been used as a factor.

Page 26 2. What does it mean when the right-hand display changes? Try the activity again with another multiple of 10 and compare your results.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

Page Related Procedures Related Procedures student activity page. Page 30 5. How do the two procedures compare?

TI-15 Calculator Training (UPDATED)

What patterns do you see? Are the two procedures related? Page In The Range 14 decimeters. Page Rounding For example, 2 yards would lie between 1 yard and 18 inches and 2 yards and 18 inches.

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Page 34 Collecting and Organizing Data Have your partner secretly enter a measurement with three decimals places into the calculator, and then fix the number to be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Now look at the display and answer the following questions: 1. Page 35 9. Page Place Value TI A Guide for Teachers —. Use your base-ten materials and your calculator to explore how many tens, hundreds, and thousands are in a number.

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Record your observations in the table. Use your base-ten materials and your calculator to explore how many tenths, hundredths, and thousandths are in a number. Page What's The Problem 5 for the equation? Page 42 How would using a greater than or less than symbol instead of an equal sign in the number sentence change your story?

How would using a different operation in your number sentence change your story? Page 43 Have students try to find an equation or inequality with exactly 0 whole number solutions, exactly 1 whole number solution, exactly 2 whole number solutions, more than 5 whole number solutions, etc.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

Results are displayed right- justified. If a whole problem will not fit on the first line, the result will display on the second line. Resetting the calculator: Returns settings to their defaults.

Texas Instruments TI-15 User Manual

Clears memory and constants. Page 53 Displays the number of ones, tens, hundreds, or thousands If you attempt to divide by 0, an error message is displayed. Page Entering Negative Numbers a. Page 58 How many pieces will be left over? Page Whole Numbers And Decimals The examples on the transparency masters assume all default settings.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

The calculator automatically rounds the result to the number of decimal places selected. Only the displayed value is rounded. The internally stored value is not rounded.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

You can apply the FIX setting to an individual value or to the result of an operation. Page Memory The display remains the same. You can store integers, fractions, and decimals in memory.

Texas Instruments TI-30Xa manual

M is displayed anytime a value other than 0 is in memory. To clear the memory, press twice. Page Fractions 8. You must be in Manual mode to use this function. Notes The examples on the transparency masters assume all default settings. Page 79 You will need to clear and begin the entry again. If the decimal place is set to 0, the decimal equivalent for a fraction will not be displayed. Page Percent Percent Keys 1.

Texas Instruments TI-15 Calculator User Manual

Page 91 The examples on the transparency masters assume all default settings. Internally, pi is stored to 13 digits 3. Only 9 decimal places are displayed.

Ti 15 calculator instruction manual

Nine decimal places are displayed. Page Powers And Square Roots 2. Page 98 How many sections are there after ten folds? After you enter three incorrect answers, the TI provides the correct answer. Page Problem Solving: Manual Mode? They must be in the form of?

In Problem Solving, you can view the history, but you cannot edit. Page Problems with no solution The TI calculator is not designed to handle certain types of problems. These will result in a 0 SOL no solution response from the calculator. Page Place Value 4 ". Page Clears display and error condition.

This will completely clear the calculator, including all mode menu settings, all previous entries in history, all values in memory, and the display. Page Quick Reference To Keys 1 through If you perform a calculation with a fraction having a denominator greater than , or if the results of a calculation yield a denominator greater than , the TI will convert and display the results in decimal format.

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Page Rounds off results to the nearest tenth. TI A Guide for Teachers Page Display Indicators An operator and operand is stored. Op1, Op2 Auto In calculator mode, Auto simplification of fractions to lowest terms is selected. Integer division function has been selected appears only when cursor is over division sign.

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