Ti4200 Vs Ti 500 Manual

Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

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Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

Table of Contents. High efficiency condensing gas boiler trinirt tx series; 80 pages. This feature is equipped with an override which is provided primarily to permit the use of an external energy management system that serves the same function.

Both the Vent and Air-Intake piping must be piped to the outdoors, using the vent material and rules outlined in this section. Under no conditions may this unit vent gases into a masonry chimney, unless it is vacant, and utilizes the approved venting material and rules described in this section.

Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

Page 7 In Canada, the first 3 ft mm of vent piping must be readily accessible for inspection. Page 9 See Figs b and b.

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To prevent water leakage, install adequate roof weather seal An alternative is to use an existing chimney as a chase way. Page 13 Combustion air containing chemicals such as chloride, fluoride, bromine or iodine or dust and debris will cause corrosion damage of the heat exchanger voiding your NTI warranty.

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Refer to Table for a list of corrosive products and contaminants sources to avoid. Figure The instructions detailed in this section are a combination of Trinity Ti specific and National Gas Code restrictions.

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Failure to follow these instructions may result in venting or boiler component failure resulting in flue gas spillage leading to property damage, serious injury or death.

Under no circumstances may an existing chimney or chase-way be used to vent or provide combustion intake air to a Trinity Ti. Much of this water condenses on the heat exchanger and in the venting system.

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Steps must be taken to ensure that condensate does not collect in the venting system. NTI recommends using approved flexible gas piping if acceptable by local codes to connect the appliance to the gas supply See Figure for details. Failure to follow these instructions can result in explosions, injury or death. Page 22 Once you have successfully activated the flame safety system, replace the wire on the flame sensor, and reconfirm proper lighting. If the unit fails to light consistently and smoothly, contact NTI for assistance at Never allow the appliance to continue to operate if the ignition or operation of the burner is rough or erratic.

Failure to perform the set-up correctly may result in incorrect operation, component failure, property damage, serious injury or death. Fully open to close is approximately 17 turns. Typical adjustment for Natural Gas is full turns in or out from its factory position.

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If not, do not adjust further, contact NTI for assistance. Maximum Modulation Rate — The Trinity Ti boiler is equipped with an electronic burner control that will modulate the firing rate to match the demand placed on the unit. Page Boiler And Heating System Piping For retrofits, all system piping including radiators, must be cleand of all build-up including sludge and scale.

All systems, old and new, must be cleaned to remove flux, grease and carbon residue. The LO setting is accessed via the menu in the Sentry controller, and should be set at a value sufficient to heat the potable water, i.

Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

This high turbulence keeps small particles in suspension minimizing fouling and scaling. However, in some applications the fouling tendency can be very high, e.

Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

Page 34 Combi and enters the inlet fitting of the storage tank. In lieu of the DHW flow switch, NTI recommends using an isolation relay activated with the potable re- circulating pump. Ensure that the wiring complies with this manual. Note; most installation codes require Black VAC the installation of a service switch to break line voltage to the appliance.

Thermostat, or manifold end switch Loop 2 Lo Temp.

NTI Ti100-200 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Page Sentry Controller Ti Series The T4. This modulation system increases or decreases the speed of the blower to meet the demand for heating. The gas valve senses this change in blower pressure, and introduces the required amount of gas to ensure correct combustion. Install the sensor preferably on the north, or coldest side of the building, not within 10 feet of the discharge of the gas vent outlet, or other sources of heat. If operation is unsuccessful and the error reoccurs continue to step 2.

Page 48 weight of line , or horizontally misaligned connection Reset power, if display comes back on contact NTI for assistance. Ensure VAC is being supplied to the boiler. Check the internal fuse in the Sentry — to access the internal fuse, If operating on Propane Gas, convert appliance using kit number Ensure all joints are secured and cemented properly.

Listen for water flow noises indicating a drop in appliance water flow rate. Combustion Chamber Cleaning Procedure Units operating with LP Gas or in an industrial environment will have to be cleaned a minimum of once per year.

The insulating material on the inside of the burner door and at the back of the combustion chamber contain Refractory Ceramic Fibers and should not be handled without personal protective equipment. Page 56 NY Thermal Inc.

Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

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Transcell Technology TI-500E SS Operation Manual

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Ti4200 vs ti 500 manual

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