Tmaps Technical Manual Application System

Tmaps technical manual application system

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Offerors must disclose any proposed use of foreign nationals FNs , their country ies of origin, the type of visa or work permit possessed, and the statement of work SOW tasks intended for accomplishment by the FN s in accordance with section 3. Offerors are advised foreign nationals proposed to perform on this topic may be restricted due to the technical data under US Export Control Laws.

OBJECTIVE: Develop a web-enabled object and application that encapsulates three major areas of Technical Data TD into an all-in-one TD Virtual Reality VR structure able to quickly exhibit different views within a viewer, based on role and responsibility; incorporated with Artificial Intelligence AI to capture and make predictive maintenance analysis, detect and address anomalies, and provide a complete traceability of maintenance and part history.

Tmaps technical manual application system

Develop and demonstrate a knowledge hub for capturing and distributing the maintenance predictions and TD updates. Communication must be both visual and verbal.

Currently the Navy pays multiple times for the same data in multiple formats. This proposed system would eliminate that and empower our logisticians to be able to view the needed data in real time, lowering cost and increasing efficiency.

The Knowledge Hub, to be developed as a part of this effort, should then provide new knowledge updates as needed.

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A downloadable application for portable clients e. NET Framework 4. All software and software libraries must be vendor supported and FAM approved or able to be certified for FAM approval.

Tmaps technical manual application system

If an automated conversion capability utilizing AI and other technologies, it is estimated that CELLS could be created within five days or less. If done manually with current, ordinary technologies, it is estimated the conversion process could take years.

A First Look at iETMs: Intelligent Electronic Technical Manuals

User training should be designed and built into the online system. Institutional Review Board IRB determination as well as processing, submission, and review of all paperwork required for human subject use can be a lengthy process.

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As such, no human research will be allowed until Phase II and work will not be authorized until approval has been obtained, typically as an option to be exercised during Phase II.

Determine the feasibility of the proposed system using the V aircraft as the basis for the Phase II prototype.

Tmaps technical manual application system

Include high-level prototype plans to be developed under Phase II. Note: Please refer to the statement included in the Description above regarding human research protocol for Phase II.

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Any design changes should automatically update the incorporated areas of affected Technical Data, as well as any other areas of technical and sharing of predictive maintenance. Continue executing and updating Master Plan.

TMAPS means Technical Manual Application System

Once a prototype system has been developed, perform user testing with fleet maintenance and supply personnel and update prototype with any improvements and recommendations captured. Develop and build in training for both the functional clients and the technologists. Continue to develop the draft specification. Support the transition of the system and continued development of enhanced CELLS capabilities arising from the new requirements. AI and other technology tools for automated conversion process would be game changing to interested owners of legacy TD that want to quickly convert their data into CELLS.

Tmaps technical manual application system

An all-in-one solution would be available to industry capable of saving both time and money. This has the potential for becoming an international specification.

Tmaps technical manual application system

Industries that could potentially benefit from this developed technology would be in manufacturing and aerospace. It would provide advantages for fast-moving design updates in the automobile industry. DoDI Donna Attick - donna.

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The DoD issued its During these dates, their contact information is listed above. For reasons of competitive fairness, direct communication between proposers and topic authors is not allowed starting May 31, when DoD begins accepting proposals for this BAA.