Tomografo Toshiba Activion 16 Manual

Tomografo toshiba activion 16 manual

Any advice what this error code mean? Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Robert, The error code you have listed is of little use, if the problem reoccurs look in the XC Details and at the bottom of that page you will see an xc error status code code such as 3f3f3f3f3f - send this to me and would then be able to help you.

If the xc error has only happened once then i wouldn't worry about it. What Aquilion system are you getting the errors on?.

Tomografo toshiba activion 16 manual

Hi Jonathan, The error code in one case is '3ff The description of erroe codes in service manual are a little bit complicated. Any idea? Actually it started happen about a week ago and it happens 2 or 3 times per day.

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We use Aquilion 4 on Windows platform. Thanks for response. Hi Robert, How many slices or how old is the tube?. If as i suspect the tube is old then i am fairly sure the tube needs replacing from these error messages especially the f3f message.

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I have only seen this error on one occasion when the cause is not the tube. It is very likely the error will become permanent soon. If the tube is new or hasn't been used for a lond period of time it may be worth while trying to stabilize the tube by performing seasoning this may be needed to be done twice.

Tomografo toshiba activion 16 manual

I would not do this if the tube is not new as with the errors you have stated it may cause the tube to fail completely. Hi Jonathan, The tube is almost 3 years old and total slices are about k. I believe we still have resources on this tube about for additional k or even more. So probably it makes sense to do IF adjustment procedure and also do check of HV cable's both end. Dear Jonathan, I have been having a similar problem.

Toshiba's Aquilion CT scanner problem

On installation, the grease on the HT cable ends was found to be dried out. The engineer managing the installation regreased the cable and off we went. Not long after installation, a periodic XCNack error began appearing, necessitating rescanning whichever sample was in situ.

This progressed until finally, the HT cable was replaced after only 3 months usage. Shortly afterwards, the error began to reoccur, this time progressing to the point whethe scanner would not function at all. The attendant engineer discovered a crack in the end of the HT cable though only cleaned and regreased it. The scanner functioned for a couple of weeks afterwards but is now unusable again.

My local service manager in Cairo informs me that I am overstressing the system as typically, I would scan 5 or 6 samples per hour using the acquisition parameters already mentioned. If excessive heat build-up is so damaging to the HT cable, why is there no interlock to prevent this situation. Tube-cooling is time limited so why not for the HT cable?

Tomografo toshiba activion 16 manual

If this is a known problem, why have steps not been taken to address the issue. We have sunk a lot of money into this scanner and whilst I currently have the luxury of being able to slow down my throughput, this will not always be the case.

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Do yo have any suggestions as to how I can prolong the life of the new HT cable which is to be installed, short of drastically reducing my acquisition settings? You can also check the tube HV cable, Inspect it for carbon and if any clean, re grease. I have also found that you should mix a little transformer oil with the grease as the heat at that point drys up the grease really fast and will cause the same error. Joseph thanks for advice. I agree with you to check HV cable.

Also I am thinking about IF adjustment. I have a laptop for service but without XC maintenance program. I will be very appreciated if you could help me to get it. Nuruddeen M. Abdulbaqi re: Re: Toshiba. Hello Joseph.

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Please can you help me also with the XC Maintenance Program? My email is: nuryn gmail. I would require technical help is sorting out problems. We have the same error problem with the scanner. Under the Xc detail Status detail error is 3b3b3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3f2f2f00 We also do not have the XC program. My whats app no is My email is malcom at frankshield. Hi Joseph, I have checked HV cables both ends. The tube end was clear, no carbon and with pretty good grease.

Anyway cleaned with alcohol and regreased. As for SRU-H end it was dry, again cleaned and regeared old welded rubber's both sides I do not have new ones , gasket and connectors joint surfaces.

The warm up passes normally, but when tryed to conduct air calibration again received both XC error codes "3ff I remember the tube was out of use about one year from May until April When restart use of tube the slice count was about , Now it is about , The other issue of problem could be SRU-H.

During air calibration I noticed when I am delaying pushing start scan button after it starts the flashing for about 10 seconds it scans normally.

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But when I am pushing button immediatelly it fails to scan with XC error. Thanks in advance. Something needs time to stabilize after boost You need to do that to establish without a doubt that they are correct.

Otherwise your chasing your tail.

Better care. Safer imaging.

Hello all, I have additional info on this error During the past three months I am regreasing the both ends of HV cable every week. It helps only a few days, then XC Errors rising up again. Among this I noticed it mostly happens during the scan with gantry rotation. At the beginning it was happen during the 0.

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It looks like the XC Error somehow linked with rotation speed and system degrades gradually. Hello, Replace the tube. Thermal switch may turn off during system is scaning because filament is too hot.

The system is working normal after you reset the XC but you may get few abnormal slice. Thank you for advice but it is imposiible to get new tube now.

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Do you have any other idea to troublrshoot problem? If warm up pass successfully is due the generator use 80 and KV, but normal scan use or There are some test block to identify defective block on SRU.

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If you need help please email martin. First the machine gace over ma error 3e3f3f3f3f3f3f3f2f. After changing sru-h, it started to give under ma when we did expojure tests. What can be the reason? What is the main problem?

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First the machine gace over ma error 3fe3f3f3f3f3f3f3f2f. Hello guys! I have a problem with Toshiba Activion 16 CT. Its dont work 2 mounth. Thank you in advance Mike.

Tomografo toshiba activion 16 manual

Abdulbaqi re: Toshiba. Am using Toshiba Aquilion also faced with similar issues, but after replacing the XC board and greasing of the HV cables, it now gives "error in XC" and whenever we click the "error info" using XC program it says "Input Voltage Abnormal" Please how can address this "input voltage abnormal" issue?

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