Torchietto Manuale Per Riveting Meaning

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

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BMW Motorrad. Table of Contents. Please read this Rider's Manual carefully before starting to use your new Maxi-Scooter. It con Page 5 Power sockets Page 7: General Instructions General instructions Overview Non-avoidance can more detailed informa- Chapter 2 of this Rider's Manual lead to fatal or severe injury.

Indicates the end of a ard.

Page 9: Equipment Rider's Manual. BMW Motorrad dealer; scribed in separate manuals. Nor can BMW Motorrad entirely optional accessories rule out errors and omissions.

Page General Views General views General view, left side Page General View, Left Side General view, left side Brake-fluid reservoir for the rear-wheel brake Fuel filler neck underneath tank cover Adjuster, spring preload Oil filler neck and oil dip- stick underneath foot- board Page General View, Right Side General view, right side Brake-fluid reservoir for the front-wheel brake Type plate on the steering head tube right Underneath the side panel: Battery Fuses Diagnostic connector Vehicle Identification Num- ber VIN on right frame tube Coolant sight glass through opening in side Page Right Multifunction switch, right with heated handlebar grips Operation of the heated handlebar grips with seat heating Operation of seat heating Emergency off switch kill switch Starter button Page Status Indicators Status indicators Multifunction display Page Multifunction Display Multifunction display Fuel-gauge reading with seat heating Selected heating stage Text box for warnings Warning symbols Tripmeter Service-due indicator Distance covered since fuel dropped to reserve Rear stowage compart- ment Rev.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Page 23 with daytime running light Automatic for daytime rid- ing light Page Warning And Telltale Lights Warning and telltale lights with daytime running light Telltale light for daytime riding lights Telltale light for left turn indicators General warning light Photosensor for registering ambient brightness with alarm system DWA Alarm system LED Telltale light for right turn indicators ABS telltale and warning light Page Service-due Indicator Service-due indicator miles , countdown 10 ASC telltale and warning light distance 2 is shown and counted down in steps of kilometres US version, miles.

This reading appears briefly after the Pre-Ride-Check completes.

If service is overdue, the due date or the odometer reading at which service was due is accompanied by the 'Gener This distance counter is reset The detailed description of and the reading disappears as BMW Motorrad RDC starts on soon as you refuel and top up page Page 28 The possible warnings are listed on the next pages. Page 31 Rear light and bulb for headlight are de- on the display fective lights up yellow appears on the Rear stowage compartment BMW Flex- display case open appears on the Outside temperature warning display flashes red Page 33 Have the defective ignition key workshop, preferably an approx.

Coolant temperature too Fuel down to reserve Possible cause: high The coolant or engine-oil tempe Page 34 Malfunction indicator lamp workshop, preferably an author- shows yellow.

Unusual ride characterist- ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Engine-oil level too low The engine control unit has dia ABS warning light flashes.

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The engine control unit has dia- Possible cause: gnosed a fault which may cause Severe fault in the engine Self-diagnosis did not complete, severe secondary faults e. Page 37 ASC warning light flashes.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Consult a specialist Replacing bulbs for low-beam workshop, preferably an author- headlight and high-beam head- CAL. Page 39 Check the tyre for damage Check the tyre for damage workshop, preferably an and to ascertain whether the and to ascertain whether the authorised BMW Motorrad vehicle can be ridden with the vehicle can be ridden with the dealer.

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Page 40 Check the tyre for damage workshop, preferably an workshop, preferably an and to ascertain whether the authorised BMW Motorrad authorised BMW Motorrad vehicle can be ridden with the dealer. Page 41 Have the fault rectified by a Have the fault rectified by a specialist workshop, preferably unless the 'General' warning specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad light comes on to accompany an authorised BMW Motorrad the symptoms. Under these dealer.

BMW C650 Sport Rider's Manual

Page 42 Seek the advice of a specialist Seek the advice of a specialist workshop, preferably an author- Seek the advice of a specialist workshop, preferably an author- ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Anti-theft alarm battery Page 43 Battery is not being charged. If you continue to ride the vehicle the on-board electronics will drain the battery. Possible cause: Alternator or alternator drive de- fective. Have the fault rectified as quickly as possible by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Page Seat it and then lift it slightly at the rear. To close, press the rear of the seat down until it latches shut. Tank cover Unlocking tank cover Refuelling Turn the ignition key to Push the ignition key into the Emergency off switch position 3, while moving the steering lock and turn it clock The side lights switch on auto- Risk of fall due to rear wheel matically when the ignition is locking.

Do not operate the kill switch After switching off the ignition when riding. Page Daytime Riding Light Automatic or manual place your personal assess- ment of lighting conditions, daytime riding light particularly in foggy or misty The daytime riding light is weather.

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Manually switch on the low- You can switch the automatic beam headlight in poor lighting function for the daytime riding Page 50 Manual operation of the Proceed as follows in order to switch the daytime riding light light when the automatic to automatic: system is switched on Automatic for daytime riding light is switched on. Page 51 The low-beam headlight Poorer vision and oncoming and the front side lights are traffic dazzled.

Do not use the daytime run- Press button 1 again. Automatic for daytime riding Start engine Page Turn Indicators Turn indicators In the dark or in tunnels: Press button 1 again to switch off the Operating the turn daytime riding light and switch indicators on the low-beam headlight and Switch on the ignition.

The turn indicators are cancelled If you press a turn-indicator automatically after the defined button with the hazard warning Reading time and distance.

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When the minutes reading is correct, long-press INFO 2. Minutes reading 6 stops flash- ing. Check time reading 8. This completes the process.

BMW F 700 GS Rider's Manual

Long-press TRIP 1. The on-board computer ap- appears on the pears on the display. Short-press TRIP 1 to incre- ment the year. Page 61 Switching on ignition Page Heated Handlebar Grips Heated handlebar grips The on-board computer read- ings appear on the display.

Operating the heated handlebar grips Start the engine. Page Seat Heating The grips can be heated with as the seat is warm. The second Heating power is controlled Seat heating can be activated manual stage is for heating the automatically as a function only when the engine is grips quickly: it is advisable to Page Stowage Compartments Stowage compartments Using front stowage compartments Press the side of rocker The stage you select is indicated switch 1 with two dots to by the symbol in the multifunc- HIGH switch the heating to tion display 2.

Stage two is for heating the rear seat quickly: it is Press the side of rocker To open a stowage compart Page 65 Operating rear stowage age compartment, for example to accommodate helmets.

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Flexcase It is not possible to start the Open the seat. The stowage-compart- ment symbol appears on Page Tyres Tyres Check tyre pressures against the data below. Impaired control response of the ASC and more rapid tyre wear. Page Adjustment Adjustment Windscreen Page Windscreen Consult a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer, if you are Slacken clamping screws 1 on Pivot the mirror to the correct unsure whether the headlight left and right until the wind- position by pressing gently at beam-throw setting is correct.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Page Spring Preload brake lever to the desired posi- Adjusting spring preload Do not turn the handlebars or the handlebar fitting on the tion. Page 70 Basic setting of spring preload, rear Increase 3 clicks from the low- est preload setting One-up riding without luggage Increase 4 clicks from the low- est preload setting One-up with luggage Increase 6 clicks from the low- est preload setting Two-up riding and luggage Page Riding Riding Safety instructions Page Safety Instructions Setting of suspension system of the year.

Your authorised max 9 kg Imbalanced load BMW Motorrad dealer will be Loose clothing glad to advise you on the correct with topcase Insufficient tyre pressure clothing for every purpose.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Engine running for prolonged and damage. Risk of asphyxiation period with vehicle at stand- For this reason, observe the fol- Do not inhale exhaust fumes.

Page Comply With Checklist the engine is running kills the Do not tamper with the vehicle Checking front brake pad thick- in any way that could result in ness Check rear brake pad thickness Comply with checklist Check the brake-fluid level, front brakes The ABS warning light goes self-diagnosis to ensure its op- The warning and indicator lights out.

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Self-diagnosis is per- are switched on. Risk of accident.

Torchietto manuale per riveting meaning

Engine How can stopping Apply the brakes in good distance be minimised? Until the running-in check, time. Tyres ically between the front and rear Try to do most of your rid Clean plastic parts immediately Additional weight placing Centre stand retracts due to after contact with fuel.