Toshiba Sa 304 Manual Arts

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

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Toshiba 3000-S304 User Manual

Page of Go. Double-click the desktop icon or visit the Web site:. Calling from outside the United States Table of Contents. Toshiba satellite series portable personal computer pages.

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Toshiba satellite l series reference guide 56 pages. Toshiba satellite as specifications 9 pages. Page 2 If you fail to do so, this product may not function properly and you may lose data or suffer other damage.

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Operation with non-compliant peripherals or peripherals not recommended by Toshiba is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. Shielded cables must be used between the external devices and the computer's parallel port, RGB port, USB port, and microphone jack. In the event repairs are ever needed on your modem, they should be performed by Toshiba Corporation, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

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This device complies with the following radio frequency and safety standards. Page 9 Approved Countries for use This equipment is approved to the radio standard by the countries in Fig.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

Under the copyright laws, this guide cannot be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Toshiba. No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein.

Page 12 TouchPad is a trademark of Synaptics, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Computer Disposal Information This product contains mercury. Disposal of this material may be regulated due to environmental considerations. For disposal, reuse or recycling information, please contact your local government or the Electronic Industries Alliance at www.

Page 14 Contents Keeping yourself comfortable Page 15 Using Stand by Page 16 Contents Using a second battery Page 17 Lesson 9: Creating shortcuts Page 20 Using VirtualTech This guide contains information for both operating systems and how they function with your Toshiba computer.

For specific information on the software, see the Microsoft booklet that shipped with your computer. Page Safety Icons Introduction Safety icons familiarize yourself with the components of the computer and how to turn it on. After that, seek out whatever interests you most.

Safety icons This manual contains safety instructions that must be observed in order to avoid potential hazards that could result in personal injuries, damage to your equipment, or loss of data.

Page Other Documentation Guides for other programs that may come preinstalled on your computer and for additional programs on your Recovery Toshiba Accessories Information lists accessories available from Toshiba and explains how to order them. For more information, visit toshiba.

It serves as a reference when you need to locate specific parts of the computer. Making sure you have everything Before doing anything else, consult the Quick Start card provided with your system to make sure you received everything.

Toshiba SA-304

To open the display panel, press the display latch and raise the panel. Connecting other devices automatically disables the internal speakers. Page 31 The key keyboard provides all the functionality of a full- size keyboard. Page System Indicator Panel white number printed on the key instead of typing the letter printed on the top of the key. Doing so may damage the media and result in loss of data. You can also add a diskette drive, secondary battery, or an additional hard drive.

Page Chapter 2: Getting Started Chapter 2 Getting Started This chapter provides tips for working comfortably, describes how to connect components, and explains what to do the first time you use your notebook computer. Selecting a place to work Your computer is portable and designed to be used in a variety of circumstances and locations.

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Page Keeping Yourself Comfortable AC power source, and let it dry out completely before turning it on again. If the computer does not operate correctly after you turn it back on, contact a Toshiba authorized service provider. Keeping yourself comfortable Strain and stress injuries are becoming more common as people spend more time using their computers.

Seating and posture When using your computer, maintain good posture with your body relaxed and your weight distributed evenly. If necessary, use a cushion to provide extra back support.

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Lower-back-support cushions are available at many office supply stores. Page Precautions Work habits The key to avoiding discomfort or injury from strain is to vary your activities. If possible, schedule a variety of tasks into your working day. Finding ways to break up the routine can reduce stress and improve your efficiency. Overheating of a PC Card can result in errors or instability in its operation. Be careful when you remove a PC Card that has been used for a long period.

Page Installing Additional Memory optional line.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

Page 46 Getting Started Setting up your computer The operating system turns off the computer. Unplug and remove any cables connected to the computer. Close the display panel and turn the computer upside down to locate the expansion memory slot cover. Page 47 Holding the memory module by its edges so that the gold connector bar faces the slot, fit the module into the socket. Gently press down on the memory module connector until the clips snap into place.

Do not force the module into position. The memory module should be level when secured in place. Gently pull the memory module diagonally to pull it out of the slot.


Never modify, forcibly bend, place heavy objects on top of, or apply heat to the power cable. If the power cable becomes damaged or the plug overheats, dis- continue use. Toshiba assumes no liability for any damage in such cases.

Never pull directly on the power cable to unplug it. Hold the power plug when removing the cable from the outlet. If the computer is not consuming full power, the time required to charge the battery is reduced.

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Turn on the computer by pressing and releasing the power button located on the top of the keyboard. Page Using The Touchpad Getting Started Using the computer for the first time Using the TouchPad The TouchPad, the small, smooth square cutout located in front of the keyboard, is sensitive to touch and enables you to move the cursor with the stroke of a finger.

If not, make sure you register later by double-clicking the Registration icon on your desktop. Registering your computer lets Toshiba keep you up-to NOTE: If you skip the registration the first time you start your computer, a weekly reminder screen will appear a few times to prompt you to do so.

Page 57 Using the computer for the first time Select Printers and Faxes.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

The Printers and Faxes window appears. The Add Printer Wizard starts. Getting Started The Add Printer Wizard asks you to select your printer.

You can ignore the remainder of this section. From the list of manufacturers and printers, select your printer, then click Next.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

Page Caring For Your Computer Getting Started Caring for your computer If you are using the computer for the first time, leave the computer plugged into a power source even though the computer is off to fully charge the main battery. With the computer off, it may take up to several hours to recharge the main battery. Page Moving The Computer Although your notebook computer is built to withstand reasonable shock and vibration, transport it in a carrying case for long trips.

Page 62 Getting Started Caring for your computer To secure the computer: Loop the cable through or around some part of a heavy object.

Make sure there is no way for a potential thief to slip the cable off the object. Pass the locking end through the loop.

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Page Chapter 3: Learning The Basics Chapter 3 Learning the Basics This chapter lists some computing tips and provides important information about basic features. You will lose all unsaved work, if, for example, a system error occurs and you must restart your computer, or your battery runs out of charge while you are working.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

Label the backup copies clearly and store them in a safe place. If your hard disk suddenly fails, you may lose all the data on it unless you have a separate backup copy. Page 67 Using the numeric keypad overlay To turn on the numeric keypad overlay, press simultaneously.

The numeric mode light on the keyboard indicator panel glows when the numeric overlay is on.

Toshiba sa 304 manual arts

You can still use the overlay keys to type alphabetic characters while the numeric overlay is on. Page 68 Learning the Basics Using the keyboard To turn off the cursor control overlay, hold down the and press keyboard indicator panel goes out.

Toshiba 4 Channel Stereo SA-304 Checkout

They are the Internet button and the Application button. Selecting the Application Launch will display a list of applications to choose from.