Trimble Geoexplorer 6000 Series Manual

Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series manual

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Page 69 - Connecting to a real-time differential c Page 83 Page 84 - Connecting to a cellular network from th Page - Connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled serial Page Page Page - Connecting to an office computer using B Page - Enabling other devices to transfer files Page - Beaming files to or from another device Page - Accessing a corporate network through yo Page - Connecting to other devices using the US User GUide.

Table of Contents. Handhelds Trimble Nomad Orientation Manual 2 pages. With windows embedded handheld operating system 87 pages. Page 6 2.

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Page 9: Safety Information Phone buttons change to Off. To use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio, you need to turn it on see Turning on and turning off the integrated radios, page Page Exposure To Radio Frequency Radiation From Bluetooth And Wi-fi Transmitters Exposure to radio frequency radiation from cellular wireless transmitters GeoExplorer series handhelds equipped with wireless cellular modem radios have been designed and manufactured to meet safety requirements for limiting exposure to radio waves.

When used in accordance with the instructions set forth in this manual, Using any other AC adaptor can damage the handheld and may void your warranty. Do not use the AC adaptor with any other product. Page Storage Card Use — Use the battery only for its intended use and according to the instructions in the product documentation.

Trimble® GeoExplorer® 6000 Series - Imaging

Storage card use The GeoExplorer series handheld provides a storage card slot, providing an alternative storage location to the storage memory in the handheld.

Page Table Of Contents Introduction Page 15 Connecting to external devices Page Page Technical Assistance Introduction Technical assistance Technical support Go to the GeoExplorer series handheld technical support page www.

Page Getting Started Getting Started In this chapter: This chapter describes the main features of the GeoExplorer series handheld, and provides Parts of the GeoExplorer the information you need to get up and running series handheld with the handheld. Keypad buttons LEDs provide visual notifications of system events.

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Right softkey Left softkey Camera control key Page Powering The Handheld Wireless radio status A wireless radio is turned on.

Powering the handheld The GeoExplorer series handheld contains a removable rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Note — Charge the battery completely before using the handheld for the first time. If the battery has been stored for longer than six months, charge it before use.

Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series manual

Page Inserting The Battery Turn off the handheld or put the handheld in Suspend mode see page GeoExplorer Series User Guide Page Checking The Level Of Battery Power To check the level of battery power remaining at any time while the device is running, tap the battery icon in the title bar of the Home screen and then tap in the pull- down list.

Removing the battery when the red LED warning light is still on will make the device reboot when the battery is swapped.

Do not remove the existing battery until the red LED turns off. The handheld is able to automatically wake up to calendar alarms if it is in Suspend mode.

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series User Manual

Page Resetting The Handheld Note — Perform a hard reset only if a soft reset does not resolve the problem. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the key until the boot screen appears Power and then release the key. Page Resetting To Factory Default Settings While holding the application keys, press and hold the key until the Power device reboots. Keep holding the two application keys until the factory reset screen appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue the factory reset.

Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series manual

Ensure encryption is enabled on the handheld. To use the integrated modem, the 3. Page Fitting The Hand Strap Align the upper hand strap bracket with the two mounting holes and then use a coin or screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Stretch the hand strap to align the bottom hand strap bracket with the mounting hole and then use a coin or screwdriver to tighten the screw. Interacting with the handheld This chapter describes the main features of this Status indicators generation of the Windows Mobile operating system.

Page Parts Of The Screen Pull-down list Tap anywhere on the title bar to open the title bar pull-down list, where you can access connectivity controls the Wireless Manager , battery information, time and date settings, and volume. Page Status Indicators The speaker status icon on the title bar of the Home screen or the Start screen shows the status of the speaker.

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Tap the title bar and then on the pull-down list tap the icon to adjust the volume and to turn the speaker on or off. In the Connectivity or Phone dialog, select Wireless Manager and turn on or turn off the radio. Alarms Set alarms. Page Entering Information Use the Keyboard input panel to enter typed text by tapping keys on the on- screen keyboard. Drawing Use the stylus like a pen to draw or write directly on the screen. Recording Create a stand-alone recording or embed a recording into a note.

Page Using The On-screen Keyboard In some applications, for example Notes, you can draw or write directly on the screen using the stylus. Tap the Menu icon. Select Draw. Use the stylus to write or draw on the screen. Page Making A Recording Record button to begin recording. Note — The GeoExplorer series handheld microphone is on the front of the handheld, in the keypad area.

The microphone will capture voice notes when you are holding the handheld in front of you. Page Home To select the picture that you want to display — in the Home screen background, select the Use this picture as the background check box. Then to search for a file on the Browse handheld. Page 48 Tip — On the calendar which appears, tap on the month or year to select the required value.

In the Time field, tap in turn the hour, minute, and second values and then tap the up or down arrows to set the correct time. Page Device Lock Suspend mode, page Page Screen Note — To align the screen at any time, press and hold the Power button for 1 second until the Power menu appears and then tap Using ClearType font smoothing can make text easier to read on the screen.

Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series manual

Page Backlight To automatically turn off the backlight when the handheld is idle and is using battery power, tap the Battery Power tab. Select the Turn off backlight check box and then select a time from the drop-down list.

Page Messaging Messaging Use Messaging to send and receive email messages using the GeoExplorer series handheld. Messaging is the equivalent of your email Inbox.

Page Connecting Directly To An Email Server If you need to connect to different mailboxes, set up and name a different service for each connection. Page 54 The next time you connect, Messaging downloads the complete messages you have marked for retrieval and sends any messages that you have written. Page Connecting To An Office Computer Connecting to an Office Computer In this chapter: Connect the GeoExplorer series handheld to an office computer to transfer information, Connection management settings, and files from one device to the other, or software to install software onto the handheld.

Alternatively, go to www. Connecting the handheld to a computer To connect the GeoExplorer series handheld to a computer: Make sure that the handheld and the computer are switched on.

Trimble geoexplorer 6000 series manual

Page 58 Office software is installed on the office computer, you can configure the Connection Manager utility in the GPS Pathfinder Office software to automatically detect when you connect a GeoExplorer series handheld to the computer. This enables you to automatically transfer data from the TerraSync software, differentially correct the data, and then export it to a GIS.

Next To transfer data between the handheld and the computer without — synchronizing the devices, click to close the wizard. Configuring the GNSS field TerraSync software You can install version 5.

After purchase, you must activate the Floodlight technology option on the receiver. The settings fields for accuracy-based logging appear. Page 71 Accuracy settings and using accuracy-based logging, page 68 and Smart Settings to control the quality of the GNSS positions logged and let the TerraSync software manage the logging of positions based on your required accuracy.

Editable fields appear enabling you to specify the required GNSS quality settings.

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Enter values in these fields. If you have a GeoXT handheld, you can also connect a Tempest or an external patch antenna for when you work in a vehicle.

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series Manuals

Page Getting Connected Getting Connected In this chapter: The GeoExplorer series handhelds include a number of options for connecting to other Wireless connection information devices.

For wireless connections to networks or other devices, the options are: Connecting to a cellular network from the modem a 3. Page Wireless Connection Information Deactivating the integrated radios Note — If you are unsure about whether the GeoExplorer series handheld radios are approved for use in your country, check with your Trimble reseller.

Page 81 Turning on and turning off the Bluetooth radio from within the Bluetooth application, page To make the GeoExplorer series handheld visible to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and enable them to connect, see Making the handheld visible discoverable to other Bluetooth devices, page