Troubleshooting Nikon D70s Camera Manual

Troubleshooting nikon d70s camera manual

UPDATE : came across an original D70s repair manual with highly detailed disassembly instructions, part numbers, etc. You can download it here as a PDF. Seems to be a safe download, but the usual precautions about content from unknown sites apply. A closer inspection revealed that one of the pins was pushed back… straightening a bent pin is fairly easy with the right set of SMD tweezers and a little patience, but if it is pushed back things become more difficult, effectively requiring a little disassembly.

Nikon D70 CF problems

Only attempt this if you are comfortable with working on fragile parts, have a lot of patience and the right tools. Do not lose any parts. Make sure you have a clean work space.

Troubleshooting nikon d70s camera manual

This is not the right time to be drinking Coke or eating chips. Make sure you remove the battery. Remove the lens and put the protective cap in place. The back panel is held in place by four screws on the left and right side of the camera body. Remove them all and set them aside. Now, gently lift off the back panel.

Nikon D70s Manual

I used the CF cover flap to pull on one side. Be careful, there is one connecting ribbon cable on the bottom that you do not want to damage. To disconnect this cable, carefully slide the black part of the connector downwards, towards the cable. The best way to do this is by using the tweezers on the side parts of the connector. Step 2: Bottom panel removal The bottom panel is held in place by 8 screws. Now lift off the bottom panel.

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The CF subpanel is connected to the rest of the camera through one ribbon cable. Unlike the back panel, this connector has a black flap to hold the ribbon in place.

Gently flip the black part up to release the cable, and then pull it out of the connector. Pull out the CF subpanel, it should come off very easily. Note that there is a small copper sheet below the bracket that held it in place, do not lose or damage this part.

Step 4: Fixing the pins Now that you have direct access to the reverse side of the CF receptable, use the tip of very fine tweezers — or a very small screwdriver — to push the pins back into arrangement.

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Here is the bottom part after realigning:. Step 5: Testing and reassembly once you are confident that the CF receptable works try it with a CF card , put it back in place. Reconnect the CF subpanel. Reconnect the back panel. This can take a while. Now the camera is sufficiently connected for testing.

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Put the back panel back in place, and insert a CF card and a battery. Test all the buttons on the back panel. Finally, replace the bottom panel. He said to disconnect the bottom end of the back panel ribbon cable rather than the back end.

To do this, wait until you have the bottom panel removed before removing the back panel.

D70 Camera Manual

As Patric said, the ribbon cable socket of the bottom end uses a very different locking principle. Instead of sliding, the black clamp pivots 90 degrees open like a piano hinge.

Lift the edge of the black clamp cable side with a sharp screwdriver, but DO NOT touch the ribbon cable itself, or the contacts will get gouged! When the clamp is rotated 90 degrees, the cable pulls out free. This is much easier and safer than disconnecting the cable at the back panel, but the cable and socket clamps are very delicate. Thank you Stephan and others for taking the time to share things learned.

Thank you for the excellent instructions. Just reassembled my D70s and the CHA-problem seems to be gone.

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Be aware that the pins are of different length by specification! That is the upper left and bottom right pin are shorter, the bottom left, upper right and two pins in the middle are longer than the rest of the pins.

I cleaned the ribbon cable contacts with a clean q-tip. Maybe that helped. You can run Linux off a bootable CD to do that. After that I formatted the cards in the camera. Just shot 4GB worth of images without any troubles. Thanks for the detailed instructions and photos. They made the job very easy. Unfortunately, after taking it all apart, cleaning, checking and re-assembling, there is no improvement.

I guess I will have to break down and buy a new reader module but at least I know that installing it is a snap.

Thanks again. Thanks for great instructions. Followed them easily.

Troubleshooting nikon d70s camera manual

Of course reconnecting the back panel is a little tricky. Could you please tell me how you ordered the card reader part from Nikon USA?

Reviews are coming soon

I could not find a way to order online. Did you call customer service?

Troubleshooting nikon d70s camera manual

Very happy. Replaced the CF reader no problem other than that awkward ribbon connector on the back panel which took a while.

Nikon D70 Manual

Many thanks for the detailed instructions. According to the experience of the ones who made the repair : Did the CHA-problem definitly go after you made the repair or did it come back latter?

Great instructions — 2 pins were bent on mine too and I was only able to see it once the CL reader module was out. Unfortunately repositioning the pins is almost an impossible affair due to the lack of access space.

In case anyone is still looking at this, talked with Nikon today, the part number is actually 1C number transposed above. On backorder until end of April.

Nikon D70s (Chapter 1) Instructional Guide by QuickPro Camera Guides

I will look around to find. Thanks for the info though, my camera has been CHA for 9 months and I finally going with this solution. This a great source of information and confirms this as a common problem. For those not brave enough to attempt the repair then consider my comments below. I would suggest for those who will try to do this themselves they should probably buy a replacement card reader and flex as this is the most likely cause of the issue and so once open replace the card reader is the best advice.

My reasearch suggests its an issue with the gold plating on the camera SD card reader pins where the coating wears off and the pins oxides cause the poor contacts and hence the CHA issue. I got several quotes, beware of shops claiming to do them as they will often just send them off themselves and add a cut on top.

I wont advertise who I used to make the repair but feel free to email me if you want the details. It has taken 5 days in total. This repair also included an internal clean and clean of the CCD sensor.

Which ever you try do be aware its an easy fix and relatively inexpensive, do consider an internal dust rem,oval clean and CCD clean at the same time.

Troubleshooting nikon d70s camera manual

I hav70 with CHA problem. The camera is dead with permanent CHA. I would like to send the camera to a trusted repair facility and pay them a fair price for the required service.

Can you please provide the name contact info of the firm that you used with successful results?

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It is much better accessible and it flips open, just like the CF cable. The only camera problem I could find was some dust between the soldering pins of the CF connector. I cleaned them all using electronic cleaning solvent Servisol Aero Klene 50 and reconnected them carefully. I followed this very easily, thanks! It seems though that I have some corrosion on the cable that was taken out of the cf subpanel… anyone know if that would have caused the CHA error? I lost that bookmark and am so happy to find it with a search query.

Oh joy.

Nikon D70 Repair

So, I hope that this page helps me correct the issue. Nikon is stating they do not sell parts directly anymore. Has anybody in the US found an option to get the card reader. Apparently this may also be caused by a malfunction of the card reader panel.

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A brief search turned up this discussion on flickr , where the original author mentions that they managed to fix their issue with a replacement. Sorry, the only suggestion we can make is to check ebay… it should be fairly easy to find a seller there. Great tutorial.