User Manual Acer Iconia Tab W501p

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

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Acer ICONIA Tab W500 Service Manual

By closing this banner, you agree to the use of cookies. Page of 73 Go. Table of Contents. User Guide 1. Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Acer Iconia One 7 Product Manual 20 pages.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

Page 4 Acer content folders Playing music and video Multimedia playback Page 5: End User License Agreement Sublicense or otherwise make the Software available to third parties, except that you may, after prior written notification to Acer, transfer the Software as a whole to a third party so long as you do not retain any copies of the Software and such third party accepts the terms of this Agreement.

Page 6 Privacy policy During registration you will be asked to submit some information to Acer. Music recognition technology and related data are provided by Gracenote Gracenote logo and logotype, and the "Powered by Gracenote" Click Product Registration and follow the simple instructions. You can also register directly from your tablet by tapping the Acer Registration icon. After we receive your product registration, you will be sent a confirmation email with important data that you should keep in a safe place.

User Guide

Page 8: Unpacking Your Tablet Your new tablet comes packed in a protective box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the contents. A 5-megapixel camera for taking high- resolution images. Page Charging Your Tablet Item Card slot cover Charging your tablet For first-time use, you need to charge your tablet for four hours. After that you can recharge the battery as needed.

Page Using Your Tablet Turning on for the first time To turn on your tablet, press and hold the power button for two seconds.

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You will then be asked some questions before you can use your tablet. To start, tap to select your language, then tap Start. Follow the rest of the instructions as they are displayed. Page Locking Your Tablet If you will not use your tablet for a while, briefly press the power button to lock access. This saves power and ensures your tablet does not unintentionally use any services.

Your tablet will lock automatically if it is not used after a while.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

Page The Home Screen Tap and hold: Tap and hold an item to see a list of actions available for that item. On the pop-up menu that appears, tap the action you want to perform. Scroll: To scroll up or down the screen, simply drag your finger up or down the screen in the direction that you want to scroll.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

Page 15 Back Tap this icon to go to the previous page, or to go up one level in a menu. This icon may be replaced with the such as if the keyboard or list of recent applications is shown. Home Tap this icon to go directly to the Home screen. Recent Tap this icon to see recently opened applications. Page Status And Notification Area The application menu The application menu displays applications installed on your tablet.

Two categories are available All and My apps. All displays all applications that are installed on your tablet; My apps displays applications that you have installed from the Android Market. Note: All images are for reference only.

Page Status And Notification Icons Tap the status icons to view more status information and a summary of events. Tap the status area again to view more controls. While viewing a notification, tap the summary to see more information, if available. Some event summaries include controls, such as media controls if music is playing. Status and notification icons Connection and batterystatus icons Note: Network connection icons are blue if you have an active Google Page Personalizing The Home Screen Personalizing the Home screen You may personalize your Home screen by adding or removing application shortcuts or widgets, and by changing the wallpaper.

Adding or removing shortcuts or widgets To add shortcuts or widgets open the Add to Home screen: tap the plus sign next to Apps in the top-right corner of the Home screen.

Acer Iconia One 10 User Manual

Page The Onscreen Keyboard Adding shortcuts from the Application menu You can add shortcuts to the Home screen directly from the application menu. Open the Application menu then tap and hold an icon until an image of the Home screens appears.

Drag the icon to a Home screen to create a shortcut.

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The onscreen keyboard When you tap a text box to enter text, an onscreen keyboard will appear. Page Xt9 Text Input settings. These settings include Auto-correction and keyboard sounds and vibration.


Predictive text or auto correction The Android keyboard can provide predictive text input. As you tap the letters of a word, a selection of words are displayed that continue the sequence of letters tapped, or are a close match allowing for errors.

Page Editing Text listing the text input methods available on your tablet. Tap the settings icon next to the XT9 Text Input entry. Function Description Languages and Set the languages that will be available.

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Page 23 The selected text is highlighted, with a tab at each end of the selection. Drag either tab to expand or reduce the amount of selected text, or tap Select all. To cut or copy the text, tap the Cut or Copy button.

Editing text Visit www.

Alternatively, tap the Wi-Fi status icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. When a page is open, press the small tab with a plus sign. Simply tap one of the tabs across the top of the screen to switch pages. Pinch to zoom in or out of pages.

Tap and hold an item on a page to open a contextual menu. Many of these require some form of Internet access. Select Sign in to enter your account information. When you are finished press Start. Page 31 You can browse the market by category or tap the search icon to search for a specific application.

Acer ICONIA User Manual

You will be told which services contact information, wireless access, GPS, etc. Certain applications also provide widgets, or only provide a widget with no application icon. Widgets can be found in the Widget section when personalizing your Home screen. Page Acer Content Folders Acer content folders Your tablet includes content folders that allow you to easily organize and access your favorite applications.

Choose one of the four categories on the Home screen or application menu: eReading, Games, Multimedia or Social. Tap the shortcut to open a screen containing applications from that category.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

Page 34 Selecting a content folder The folder shortcuts on the home screen or Application menu give you direct access to any of the four categories. If you have opened a category, you can easily change category by swiping the screen to the left or right. Adding You can add applications to any content folder.

Acer ICONIA TAB W501 Manuals

Page Playing Music And Video Your tablet comes supplied with a variety of programs that you can use to enjoy multimedia content. Acer clear. Note: You must be connected to a wireless network. Page 36 Tap and hold a photo thumbnail, then tap and hold any of the connected device showing an arrow.

Acer Iconia Tab A501 User Manual Guide

Select Play or Save. To upload a photo to Facebook, or Flickr via Acer Photo Uploader, or to paired devices using Bluetooth, tap and hold a photo thumbnail, then tap Share. Page 37 Note: The Acer clear. Please check for updates to the tablet's software which may add support for other types of video. To send video files, for example, to paired devices using Bluetooth or to YouTube, tap and hold a photo thumbnail, then tap Share.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

Page Media Server nemoPlayer Open nemoPlayer from the application menu to play media you have stored on your tablet. Media server Your tablet can act as a digital media server using UPnP technology.

Acer Iconia Tab A501 User Manual Guide

Page Managing Contacts Your tablet features an address book that allows you to save contacts to the internal memory or your Google account. Tap Contacts from the application menu to view your contacts. Page Editing A Contact You may now edit the new contact entry. Editing a contact If you have opened an new or existing contact you can enter information about the contact: Simply tap on a box and type the appropriate information.

Click on the arrow next to the name entry to see options, such as adding a name prefix or phonetic name. Page Starred Contacts Tap on an entry such as an email address to open the application linked to that type of entry.

For example, tap an email address to open the Gmail application.

User manual acer iconia tab w501p

To add or change information, tap the pencil icon.