Vauxhall Corsa Design 2009 Manual

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

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Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

Most useful pages: More Child safety locks Personalised key Automatically saved settings. Page of Go. Table of Contents.

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

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This information is available under the section "Technical data" as well as on the identification plate and in the Service Booklet. Page 4 You will receive quick, reliable and or back, in the descriptions always relate to individual service. Experienced mechanics, trained by Thank you for choosing a Vauxhall.

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

Vauxhall, work according to specific We wish you many hours of pleasurable Vauxhall instructions. Page 5: Table Of Contents Keys, doors, windows, sunroof All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers offer first-class service at competitive Lighting Experienced, factory-trained Infotainment system Page 6: In Brief — see page 28, see page 33, remote control 3 — see page 31, Vauxhall alarm system 3 — see page Page 7 In brief To adjust front seats: To adjust front seat backrests: To adjust front seat height Pull handle, slide seat, Turn handwheel Operate lever on outboard side of release handle seat Move backrest to suit seating position.

Page 8 In brief To fold forward the front seat To adjust front seat head Apply seat belt: backrests restraint height: Pull out seat belt smoothly, Raise the release lever, Press button to unlock, guide over shoulder and click fold the backrest forwards, adjust height, engage into buckle lower the release lever, Page 10 In brief Deflation Detection System 3, see pages 86, Parking distance sensors 3, see pages 86, Page 17 In brief Clearing misted or frozen Set automatic mode on Manual transmission: windows: Electronic Climate Control Reverse gear: with the vehicle stationary, Air distribution to system 3 seconds after depressing clutch pedal rotary knobs for temperature and Press AUTO, pull up the button on the selector lever and engage the gear.

Page 18 In brief Press button on selector lever to engage P or R.

Vauxhall Corsa Owner's Manual

Only with vehicle stationary, first apply handbrake. Only if vehicle is stationary. Page 19 In brief Before starting-off, check: z Tyre pressure and tyre condition — see pages , Page Parking The Vehicle — see pages 28, 33, or Easytronic 3, and with automatic Vauxhall alarm system 3 — see page 38, transmission 3 move selector lever to P.

Page 21 In brief That was a brief overview of the most important information for your first drive in your vehicle. The other pages of this chapter contain a description of some interesting functions in your vehicle.

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

Page Airbag System In brief Airbag system Side airbag system 3 Curtain airbag system 3 The side airbag is triggered in the event of The curtain airbag system triggers in the The airbag system consists of several a side-on collision to form a safety cushion event of a side-on collision and provides a internal systems. Trip computer Check control Selection using left adjuster wheel on steering wheel 3: Rotate and press knurled The trip computer provides information on The check control software monitors: wheel.

Page Parking Distance Sensors In brief Steering wheel remote control AUX input Parking distance sensors The functions of the Infotainment system 3 An external audio source such as a When reverse gear is selected, the parking and the information display can be portable CD player can be connected via distance sensors switch on automatically.

System each driver can store his or her own preferred settings and vehicle functions Page Adaptive Forward Lighting In brief Curve lighting The light beam pivots based on steering wheel position and speed, from approx. Turn lighting An additional light throws a beam approx. Page Diesel Particle Filter In brief Diesel particle filter The diesel particle filter system removes polluting soot particles out of the engine exhaust gases.

Opel Corsa Workshop Manual

The system includes a self-cleaning function that operates automatically while driving. The filter is cleaned by burning the trapped soot particles at a high temperature.

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Page 29 In brief The self-cleaning function will automatically operate while driving after the engine has reached its normal operating temperature. Control indicator will continue to flash until the self-cleaning operation is complete.

This may take up to 20 minutes of driving. The time will be shorter at higher vehicle speeds. The key is a constituent of the electronic immobiliser.

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Ordering keys from a Vauxhall Authorised Repairer guarantees problem- free operation of the electronic immobiliser. Page Electronic Immobiliser see page Note The immobiliser does not lock the doors.

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

Therefore, after leaving the vehicle always lock it and switch on the Vauxhall alarm system 3 — see pages 33, Electronic immobiliser Control indicator for immobiliser A Control indicator A illuminates briefly The system checks whether the vehicle may when the ignition is switched on. Page 33 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Close luggage compartment To lock Central locking button for locking and Close the luggage compartment with the Close doors and luggage compartment.

Page Remote Control 3, The hazard warning lights illuminate to z Vauxhall alarm system 3. Page 36 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Fault Make sure that you dispose of old batteries If the central locking system cannot be in accordance with environmental operated with the remote control, it may be protection regulations.

2009 Opel Corsa - Owner's Manual (284 pages)

Page Central Locking System With Remote Control 3 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Central locking system with To unlock To lock remote control Press button q on the remote control: Close doors, luggage compartment and All doors, the luggage compartment and tank flap.

For doors, tailgate and tank flap. Page 38 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof If the key is in the starter switch, locking is only possible if all doors are closed. The doors cannot be unlocked with this button when the mechanical anti-theft locking system 3 is activated. Mechanical anti-theft locking system 3 Central locking button for locking and unlocking the doors from inside the Warning Page Fault When Locking Or Unlocking This procedure must be executed towards the front of the vehicle as far as it remain locked.

To deactivate the Vauxhall for every door. Page Luggage Compartment Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Luggage compartment To open To close The luggage compartment is opened by Close the luggage compartment with the To unlock operating the button beneath the handle.

Basic car controls for a Vauxhall Corsa Driving Lessons

Press button q on the remote control 3, - or - Do not operate the button beneath the Warning Page Vauxhall Alarm System 3 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Vauxhall alarm system Monitors: z Doors, tailgate, bonnet, z the ignition. To lock To activate Press button p on the remote control 3 All doors and the bonnet must be closed.

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Page 43 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Alarm While the anti-theft alarm system is switched on the alarm can be triggered, indicated by: z an acoustic signal horn and z a visual signal hazard warning lights. The number and duration of the alarms are legally established.

Vauxhall Workshop Manuals

Page Child Safety Locks Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Personalised key Automatically saved settings The last settings selected for: Store personalised settings or vehicle- specific functions in the vehicle key z the Electronic Climate Control 3, If the vehicle is used by a number of drivers, z the information display 3, each driver can store his or her own z the Infotainment system 3, Page 45 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Programmable functions The vehicle-specific functions P1 to P7 listed in the table on the next page can be activated and deactivated.

The setting selected is automatically stored depending on the vehicle key used.

Vauxhall corsa design 2009 manual

Different settings are stored for each vehicle key. Page 46 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Overview of programmable functions Function Function Status in the Description, designation as-delivered pages condition Switch on the external lighting using the remote control 3 lead-me-to- the-vehicle lighting function Automatic rear windscreen wiper when reverse gear is selected Lane change indication: three flashes when the stalk is moved slightly Page Exterior Mirrors Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Aspherical mirror glass 3 Increases the field of view.

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Estimating the distance away from vehicles following you is only possible to a limited extent because of slight distortion. Page 48 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof To fold in exterior mirrors For the safety of pedestrians, the exterior For the safety of pedestrians, the exterior The exterior mirrors can be folded in by mirrors will swing out of their normal mirrors of the Corsa VXR are released from gently pressing the outer edge of the mirror mounting position if they are bumped with the holder if they are bumped.

Page Interior Mirror Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Interior mirror Manual window operation Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror 3 Dazzle at night is automatically reduced. Swivel mirror housing to adjust. The door windows can be operated using the crank. The interior mirror does not reduce dazzle To reduce dazzling at night, swivel lever on if the ignition is switched off or reverse gear underside of mirror housing.

Opel Corsa Owners Manual

Page Electric Windows On The Front Doors Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Electric windows on the front Safety function If the window glass encounters resistance doors above the middle of the window during Warning automatic closing, it is immediately stopped and the window opened again.

Caution when operating the electric In the event of difficulty due to frost or the windows. Page 51 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Overload Fault If the windows are repeatedly operated at If the windows cannot be opened and short intervals, the power supply is briefly closed automatically, activate the window cut off.

The sunroof is raised at the rear. The sunroof opens automatically until it reaches its limit position. Page 53 Keys, doors, windows, sunroof Note Overload z If the top of the roof is wet, tilt sunroof, If the system is overloaded, the power allow water to run off and then open supply is automatically cut off for a short sunroof.

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Head restraints Luggage compartment extension Luggage compartment cover Lashing eyes Front seats Adjusting the backrests Notes on loading the vehicle To adjust backrest, turn handwheel at side Warning Three-stage safety system Page 55 Seats, interior Adjust height of seat 3 Folding the backrests forwards 3 Folding backrests forwards, Corsa VXR 3 To adjust height of seat, operate lever on To fold the backrests forwards, lift release Remove seat belt from belt mount on outboard side of seat.

To set in the first position, To adjust, press button on side and adjust held in the area of its upper spokes with the pull the head restraint up, in the second Page 57 Seats, interior Active head restraints 3 Note In the event of a rear-impact, the active Only approved objects or components head restraints tilt slightly forwards. Page Luggage Compartment Extension Seats, interior When unlocking, a red marking appears next to the release lever.

The backrest is only engaged correctly when the red bolt is no longer protruding.

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If the backrest is split 3, unlock the relevant side, and unlock at both sides if it is a single unit. Do not place loose objects in the interior. Pay attention to the notes on loading the vehicle on page Stowage compartment under double load- bay floor 3 —