Visioneer Photoport Tv 100 User Manual

Visioneer photoport tv 100 user manual

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Page of 74 Go. Page 22 - Transferring Images from Digital Memory Page 33 Page 34 - Setting PhotoWorks. Table of Contents. Color scanner with duplex and 80pages feeder; up to ipm speed 57 pages.

Page 4 Cleaning the Scanner Glass Close the document cover after placing items on the scanner glass. Place items face down on the glass aligned at the arrow symbol in the upper left corner. Reference marks. Marks on the border of the glass show where to align various paper sizes.

Visioneer photoport tv 100 user manual

OneTouch button panel. Click the Windows icon named My Computer. Note: You do not have to shut off the power to your computer when connecting the scanner to a USB port. Turn the scanner over to see the locking tab on the bottom. Slide the locking tab to the unlocked position. Unlocked position 4. Plug the power adapter cable into the power jack on the back of the scanner.

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Your computer recognizes that a scanner has been plugged into the USB port and automatically loads the appropriate software from the CD to run the scanner. Place the mouse pointer on the scanner icon in the Windows taskbar. Right-click the icon. The shortcut menu appears. Choose About from the shortcut menu.

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Inspect all cable connections. Make sure all the cables are plugged in securely. If the light does not come on, plug the power adapter into another electrical outlet. Please see the technical support card that you received with your scanner for technical assistance telephone numbers. Also visit our web site at www. To scan by pressing a OneTouch button on the scanner: 1.

For example, if you pressed the Fax button, the destination application is your fax software.

Compatible Vendor Software

In the sample below, the scanned image appears on the PaperPort Desktop. The scanner scans the item, and then sends the image either to the printer, or to a software application on your computer. Using the slots on the front of the PhotoPort scanner, you can transfer images directly into your computer from the CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards without having to connect the camera to the computer.

The slot on the right side of the scanner is for SmartMedia cards. To transfer images from the cards: 1.

Visioneer photoport tv 100 user manual

Gently push the card into its slot until you feel it lock into place. If you are inserting a CompactFlash card, the release button pops out when the card is properly in place.

Visioneer photoport tv 100 user manual

The slot for SmartMedia cards does not have a release button. PaperPort automatically stores the images in a folder named with the date of the transfer. Each one has its own folder. After transferring the images, for example, you can erase them from the card so you can re-use it in your camera. Type a password in the Password box, then retype it in exactly the same form in the Reenter Password box. You may want to write your new password on a piece of paper in case you forget it.

Red text indicates incorrectly entered information. For the expiration date of your credit card, enter a two digit number.

Visioneer Announces Photoport TV 100 - Instantly Share Your Digital Photos On TV Without A Computer

You can send any suitable images on your computer to PhotoWorks. In the example above, the estimated time to send four images is 6 minutes. In addition to selecting a new size, you can also crop and rotate an image, and order additional prints.

To crop the image, drag one of the cropping handles. Drag a cropping handle to select the portion of the image to print. Notice that the print area retains its length-to-width proportions based on the selected print size. Page Setting Photoworks. Click OK. Note: If you click Apply but then decide you want to uncrop the image, remove it from the PhotoWorks.

The next time you open the application, the images are still available so you can order the prints. Click the PhotoPort button. Select the options for the PhotoPort features. Upon insertion send all images to PaperPort—this is the default setting. If this option is selected, your scanner automatically reads the images on a card when it is inserted and transfers those images to the PaperPort Desktop.

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Select the images you do not want to transfer and click Remove. When the remaining images are those you want to transfer, click Send Images. Your scanner transfers the images from the card and displays them in the appropriate destination application.

The tabs across the top of the dialog box correspond to the buttons.

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Clicking a tab shows the current settings for the corresponding button on the scanner. Click the icon again to close the detailed information. For example, if the scanned image is too dark, you can adjust the brightness of the scan setting. Click the Edit button. Adjust the scan settings that you want. For example, letters and memos are usually scanned in black and white.

Click the Page Settings tab to adjust the scan page settings. Page Size—Choose a page size from the drop-down list. The outlines on the picture represent the various page sizes.

VISIONEER PhotoPort 7700 Installation Manual

Clicking one of those outlines also selects it as the page size for the scan. If you select the Custom option from the drop-down list, boxes appear in place of the picture. Gamma correction allows you to achieve precise color matching. Because the computer cannot always transmit the exact color information to the hardware, you may have to make some color adjustments using the Gamma feature.

To set preferences: 1.


Preferences tab The Preferences dialog box appears. For example, the destination applications for the email button are usually email applications. By selecting the Show All Destinations option as the preference for the email button, all the other types of applications are included in the list of email destination applications.

The Select Source dialog box appears, and shows the Visioneer Scan Manager Pro as well as all other Twain devices installed on your computer.

Visioneer Announces Photoport TV 100 - Instantly Share Your Digital Photos On TV Without A Computer

You can scan many types of paper items, from small business cards to A4-sized pages. To scan a black-and-white image, select one of the other settings. To scan at a higher resolution for a color image, select Color Document— Click AutoScan. Use the PaperPort software to work with the image.

Visioneer photoport tv 100 user manual

To adjust a setting: 1. Click a setting in the list of settings, or click its corresponding button on the right side of the Scan Manager Pro. That is, as you change the settings on the panel, the numbers in the list on the left also change.

Click Save As.

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The resolution setting for the scan is in dots-per-inch dpi. To use one of the preset resolutions for typical scanned items, click one of the options in the list. Drag the Brightness slider to the left to make the item darker or to the right to make the item lighter. You can also type a number directly into the sharpness setting box, or click the up and down arrows next to the box to increase or decrease the setting.

The three Sampler buttons correspond to the Black, Mid tones, and White portions of an image. To use the Sampler buttons: 1. From the Channel drop-down menu, choose the individual color Red, Green, or Blue that you want to adjust, or choose All to adjust them together.