Wordpress Fantastico Vs Manual Install Forge

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

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WordPress 61 comments. This will also address multitude of questions I receive on why my Web 2. I want to show you exactly WHY I think Fantastico does more damage to you then it has benefits , provide you with 3 reasons NOT to use Fantastico for WordPress and perhaps help you learn how to avoid the problems you might experience as result….

Now this article will not apply to you if you are simply using a default WordPress install with one of the themes that comes with it, completely unmodified and NO plugins.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

Perhaps even with minimum number of plugins and well supported theme you can quite easily enjoy the benefits Fantastico provide s. Yes, I said benefits because in particular case above Fantastico serves as an ultimate time saver by removing all complexity from WordPress install and upgrade, assuming your host is staying up to date with latest releases. Take them for what they are — personal technical opinion ….

Cara Install Wordpress di cPanel Tanpa Softaculous atau Fantastico

Yes, those are the options presented to us by Fantastico. In fact that simplicity alone perhaps responcible for allowing hundreds on technical novices to put their own WordPress blog on the web in a matter of minutes.

That simplicity enabled multitude of people to have their own place to share thoughts, ideas, exchange opinion or simply give it as is!

And yet, I state that…. It might work for you once without any glitch, twice or however many times it might be but there will come a time when you click that Upgrade button only to learn few minutes later that your blog is a total mess!

That is because from the very start you have chosen the path of least resistance and avoided learning process that comes with install of the blog and its initial setup.

Simplicity of the install process and perhaps subsequent successful upgrades drove you to believe that it will ALWAYS be so and you have no need to know the inner workings of the platform you are using.

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I know that it might seem intimidating but I highly recommend you get to know the platform you are using and with great documentation already available that covers every aspect of install and upgrade it is a lot simpler than you think! Which brings us to second reason…. And before I get blamed for making false statement I want to quote one part from official WordPress Upgrade guide….

Note that during the upgrade process access to your blog may not work for your visitors.

How to Use Fantastico to Install WordPress Files

You may consider a plugin like Maintenance Mode. Please note above the recommendation for Maintenance Mode and Deactivation of plugins. While in many cases this might not be an issue — major update to WordPress core often changes function calls as was the case with WordPress 2. Failure to deactivate them PRIOR to upgrade will lead to whole bunch of errors thrown on the screen and since Maintenance Mode was not activated — present it to your visitors and readers.

How does that reflect on your professionalism? While your regular readers more then likely will understand — is that something you want to present your first time visitors with? To make matters even worth — bad plugin might make your blog completely unavailable for login to admin interface and deactivate the offender!

This is the last point I want to make and yet its importance should NOT be overlooked.

As I have mentioned above major upgrade, such as one coming in March 2. But the point I want to make here is that official WordPress documentation should include one more step right before Step 3 and rename Step3 into Step Now you really deserve it!

In fact I follow my own guidelines and provide my customers with a path that fully addresses concerns above, minus the complexity since I already do all the work and verify compatability prior to distributing upgrade. Let me know what you think! You are so right. I have the advantage of having worked with computers as a trainer for Apple Computer for 12 years.

You have provided that kind of instruction all along the way in your excellent videos, including how to users can utilize FTP to copy files to a their web site.

Let me encourage your W2. If you would like a brief video introduction on doing FTP on the Macintosh side, let me know.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

I would be glad to put something together for your Macintosh W2. Thank you for comment! Alex Amazing, I was thinking to write a post similar to yours.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

If blog is kept up to date — that will effectively prevent this form of exploit but I do see your point. Great advice. Gorilla Link Love. Hi Alex, Yet another informative and helpful post. I always enjoy reading your posts. Being a newbie to the hosting world, I was really happy to use Fantastico to do my initial installs, but the 2.

I like to know how things work so I can fix my own problems, so your comments make sense. What is Web 2. Hi Alex , Thanks for the wonderful Lengthy post, I really enjoyed the post, I also agree with Charly I am also newbie to this blogging world , like me lots of newbies out there they also dont know how to install this complicated wordpress to self hosted blog for them Fantastico its really a useful one, sorry i dont know you agree me or not , once again thanks for the nice post.

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Wordpress Manual vs 1 Click Install

Learn your blog and you will be rewarded — if only in time …. Yes, they can inject SQL through browser and even if you use the latest version of wordpress, a theme or plugin might have vulnerabilities that make them get to your tables. I wrote and strongly recommend any wordpress owner to change your table prefix.

I can see all the issues are regarding WordPress upgrade. I uses Fantastico to install my side blogs not taking the risk of using it with my main blog but I upgrade them using the Automatic WordPress Upgrade plugin to upgrade rather than the one-click upgrade.

Your spot on with this one.

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I have seen a lot of wordpress blogs get messed up because of a bad install from fantasico. This is of course better than the install godaddy does.

Mods/Installing OptiForge/Manual Install/Fresh

Which are almost guaranteed to be broken. Yeah… I think it is common issue with any script responcible for mass installs. Considering how easy it is to do it manually and that it only takes a few extra minutes and goes long way toward learning Why Not Do It? As I have mentioned before — initial install is fine and I can actually easily recommend to any technical novice to get going but then learning should become part of blogging process. Unless you are paying someone to do it all for you and limit yourself in what you get ….

I do it thru SSH myself on my own blog. I get individual files that fail to upload, or files that should have been uploaded in ASCII format instead of binary, or vise versa, and believe you me, it causes more problems then Fantastico method does.

Thanks for your input — everyone has their own opinion based on what works best for them.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

I appreciate you sharing your experience as it gives people a different perspective on the process. I abandoned using Fantastico after the first similar read several years ago. All you have to do is bring in the new build in zipped form and unpack it on the server.

I take double precautions and drag all my working directories into a folder while I do this and yes it takes my site down for 10 minutes. This also allows me to have my last good known files safely tucked away should I have an issue later. Bottom line on this great post, how can you be enthusiastic about a great product if the internal working of it are foreign to you? Good job here. As he said, uploading zillions of files via FTP is a nightmare. I also manage multiple client sites, and WordPress makes the installation process a matter of minutes rather than hours FTPing , and upgrade is a cinch.

We all have our takes. My reason on Why not to use Fantastico stated above and I appreciate you express your opinion. I had the worst experience of my blogging life wit h Fantastico! I was Googling about security issues and WordPress, etc.. I clicked ok, a couple clicks, same difference..

WordPress Tutorial: One-Click Installation With Fantastico

They are behind the times with their update versions still at 2. All I had left of my blog posts after the supposed upgrade were shells or ghosts of where my posts used to be!

I wish I had seen this post before I relied on those jerks for the upgrade. I finally upgraded manually to the newest 2. If you use a non latin character e. Arabic, forget Fantastico. I tried to change it to UTF8 to support Arabic, but it did not work.

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Finally i reinstalled it manually, and everything works fine. Fairuz talibs last blog post.. Good points. You do bring up some good points especially how it would really leave the novice, non-techy person in the dark when some glitch happens with the themes or plugins, or even during a version update. Well what should I say.. I read your article 2 times and yes you have made some genuine and logical points.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

I never think that way. Gauravs last blog post.. Nokia XpressMusic.

Wordpress fantastico vs manual install forge

I am debating whether to teach people to install and upgrade WordPress using Fantasico. My gut feeling was not to. I found your article and think it sums up all the reasons why not perfectly. This is so true of many aspects of the easy web culture.