World Wide Web Quick Facts Manuals

World wide web quick facts manuals

The Web of today was built - and continues to be built - by everyone. Yet it owes much to many people, some who came before its invention in , and all those who have since then made it an invaluable resource for humanity.

World wide web quick facts manuals

In the spirit of the Web, we want your input on what the 25th fact should be. Tell us on social media with hash tag web25fact. Thank You Lee for this great invention which help to become what we are today. Amazing and the power of Opening its capability to Everybody in this World. Thanks for give us access to the knowledge thru the world wide web, thanks for change the way people study, buy, make business, etc. Thanks for keep the web open.

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Gracias Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

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What would our lives be without access to the world and the universe that the world wide web has allowed us? And, yes, we must keep it free for all to access. Thank you Sir Tim for expanding our horizons, changing how we perform many daily activities, giving us access to one another around the globe, enabling many to know what democracy is, and for what I consider my very own worldwide virtual library.

World wide web quick facts manuals

God bless all your endeavors! Thank you for the gift of knowledge. The people, places, that I will never get to see in person, I have at my fingertips because of you. Thank you!

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the word thank you is not enough, you changed the whole world, imagine the time saving to get a piece of information, to send a letter, to get an advice, The web, and internet have helped so many people with learning disabilities. My Mum would have been so proud of me. A person with dyslexia, and in my fifties learned to type. Using the web gave me confidence. Thank you to Sir Timbl, lets keep this going so everyone has accesses to free web, and its teachings.

Thanks, timbl. I remember computing before the web, and the iterations to get where we are now. Looking forward to get everyone connected around the globe.

Congratulations Sir Tim!

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Amazing invention that transformed the way we use and access information. Libraries are great equalizers and the perfect vehicle to provide free access to all! The greatest invention of the XX century.

I nominate Sir Tim Berners-Lee for the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding invention that has brought the world together and for his continued work to keep it free to enrich the lives of all. Freeeeeeeee to beeeeeee a net traveler forever!! By keeping this FREEDOM the World Wide Web global community has the responsibility of being actively involved in keeping peace, guarding against all forms of maliciousness, especially and including bullying, content protection, and engaging self-governing communication amongst all communities.

Did I just say all that? Tim Berners-Lee.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The World Wide Web is on the same level as the Gutenberg Press - a Global game-changer for the unobstructed exchange of information. The web itself is free It always has been and by design always will be.

World wide web quick facts manuals

That is how it was created. The only costs are the costs of sending data to or from the web and the cost of whats actually there. You pay your internet provider for data nor world wide web You or at least someone pays for the content.

World wide web quick facts manuals

Even a web search has a value but this is paid for by the provider of the search. They pay for this out of advertising on that search page. The world with the web is like the earth without the sun. Thanks for bring the brightest sun to earth. Sir Tim Berners Lee and team much appreciated for making communication so easy.


Enjoy your 25th Web birthday. The world is changing today so that the individual interests can be addressed. This is true in financial, medical, political and all other aspects of life. Hats off to Sr Tim….. Thank you Sir Berners-Lee for making your vision and connections so connecting and alive.

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I hope you have the satisfaction that you deserve. Web We Want is an extensive celebration of how the web has changed our lives. Explore some…. Berners-Lee is the son of British mathematicians and computer scientists Mary Lee Woods and Conway Berners-Lee, who worked on the first commercially-built electronic computer, the Ferranti Mark 1. In college, Berners-Lee built a computer out of an old television set.

For this to be possible, the method of storage must not place its own restraints on the information. The first Web site was info.

A Little History of the World Wide Web

A few simple ideas have played a key role in making the Web a success: it is universal: it can be made to work with any form of data, on any device, with any software, in any language. You can link to any piece of information it is decentralized: anybody can create a site. This enabled the Web to grow quickly. The Web is not the same thing as the Internet.

5 Fast Facts About the World Wide Web on Its 30th Birthday

The Internet protocols describe how to send packets of information between pieces of software. The first Internet protocols were defined in That makes the URL the most fundamental piece of Web technology.

Mosaic, which later became Netscape, was released in The goal of the organization is to ensure the Web is available to all, and not fragmented into proprietary silos. Its mission? To establish the open Web as a global public good and a basic right, ensuring that everyone can access and use it freely. On average, a fixed broadband connection costs over a third of income in the developing world.

Estimates of the number of Web pages vary greatly, but it is surely in the tens of billions.

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Many estimates depend on what search engines access, but it is expected that many times more public pages exist that are not indexed by search engines. Internet live stats estimates that the number of Web sites will reach 1 billion by the end of , this anniversary year. Comments Arise Thank You Lee for this great invention which help to become what we are today. Human makes better technology and the technology makes better life, sir, you make both.

Freeman The World Wide Web is on the same level as the Gutenberg Press - a Global game-changer for the unobstructed exchange of information. Scholten Thank you Sir Berners-Lee for making your vision and connections so connecting and alive. I hope you have the satisfaction that you deserve

World wide web quick facts manuals