Yamaha 5hp 2 Stroke Manual Lawn

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

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Changing Yamaha 4hp outboard impeller ( year 2000 )

Most useful pages: More Propeller selection. Page of 66 Go. Page 32 - Tilting up and down Page 33 - Procedure for tilting up manual tilt mo Page 34 - Procedure for tilting down manual tilt Page 35 - Maintenance Page 36 - Transporting and storing outboard motor Page 37 - Storing outboard motor Page 38 - Lubrication except oil injection models Show quick links.

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Comfortable Control

Yamaha F2. Yamaha F25 Owner's Manual pages. Related Manuals for Yamaha F2. Summary of Contents for Yamaha F2.

Portable four strokes

If there is any To the owner question concerning this manual, please con- Thank you for choosing a Yamaha outboard sult your Yamaha dealer. Page 6: General Information Record your outboard motor serial number in the spaces provided to assist you in ordering spare parts from your Yamaha dealer or for reference in case your outboard motor is sto- len.

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Approval label location 1. Page 8: Safety Information General information ing.

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

At a minimum, children and non-swim- mers should always wear PFDs, and everyone should wear PFDs when there are potentially hazardous boating condi- tions. Gasoline is highly flammable, and its va- pors are flammable and explosive.

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

Handle and store gasoline carefully. Page 9: Important Labels If necessary, verify the necessary replacement proce- dure with the dealer. Never illegally discard dump the product. Yamaha recommends consulting the deal- er on discarding the product.

Air cooled yamaha 2 stroke outboard 5hp

Be informed about boating safety. Additional publications and information can be obtained You should be aware of these rules, and fol- Tighten the air-vent screw on the fuel low them whenever you encounter another tank cap.

Vessels with trolling lines are not considered fishing ves- sels. Fishing vessels have the right-of-way re- gardless of position.

Page 13 General information System has been devised for these waters. Remember, markings may vary by geograph- This system uses buoys and signs with dis- ic location. Always consult local boating au- tinctive shapes and colors to show regulatory thorities before driving your boat in unfamiliar or advisory information.

Yamaha Do not smoke when refueling, and keep does not recommended gasohol containing away from sparks, flames, or other methanol because it can cause fuel system sources of ignition.

Page Propeller Selection Yamaha outboard motors are fitted with pro- pellers chosen to perform well over a range of applications, but there may be uses where a propeller with a different pitch would be more appropriate. Top cowling Gear shift lever 2. Top cowling lock lever Choke knob 3. Carrying handle EMU Fuel tank 4. Page Fuel Tank Cap Basic components 1. Fuel tank cap 1. Close position 2. When removed, to the carburetor. Page Gear Shift Lever Basic components EMU Gear shift lever Pulling the gear shift lever towards you puts the engine in forward gear so that the boat moves ahead.

Throttle indicator EMU Throttle friction adjuster A friction device provides adjustable resis- tance to movement of the throttle grip or the 1. The lanyard gine, push this button.

Yamaha F2.5 Owner's Manual

Page Steering Friction Adjuster Basic components EMU EMU Steering friction adjuster Tilt support lever for manual tilt model A friction device provides adjustable resis- To keep the outboard motor in the tilted up po- tance to the steering mechanism, and can be sition, lock the tilt support lever to the clamp set according to operator preference.

It enables you to carry the outboard motor easily with one hand. Otherwise Yamaha dealer or boat manufacturer for the engine could be completely lost if it further information on determining the prop- accidentally falls off the transom.

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If used, they must be of at least the working properly, have it inspected and same quality of material and strength and repaired before operating the outboard Lower level mark 2. Ring Free Fuel Additive Be sure there are no swimmers in the water near you. When the air vent screw is loosened, EMU Starting engine Page 27 Operation Do not attach the lanyard to clothing that could tear loose. Do not route the lanyard where it could become entan- gled, preventing it from functioning. Avoid accidentally pulling the lanyard during normal operation.

Loss of engine power means the loss of most steering control. Consult your Yamaha dealer if repeat the procedure. If the engine fails to the problem cannot be located and cor- start after 4 or 5 tries, open the throttle a rected.

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

Stop- determine the position of the bow of the boat ping the engine immediately after operating at in the water. Operat- board motor when tilting up and down, ing with excessive trim-in at higher speeds also be careful not to pinch any body parts also makes the boat unstable. Tilt support bar equipped models: Hold the rear of the top cowling or the rear han- dle if equipped with one hand and tilt the outboard motor up fully until the tilt sup- port bar automatically locks.

EMU Procedure for tilting down manual tilt models Slightly tilt the outboard motor up. If equipped with the tilt support bar: Slow- ly tilt the outboard motor down while pull- ing the tilt support bar lever up.

Easy Storage

Page Transporting And Storing Outboard Motor If there is insufficient road clearance in this position, then trailer the outboard motor in the tilt posi- tion using a motor support device such as a transom saver bar. Consult your Yamaha dealer for further details. Page Storing Outboard Motor 00 to each gallon of fuel. Place a towel or something similar under the outboard motor to protect it from damage. Page Checking Painted Surface Of Motor EMU Replacement parts If replacement parts are necessary, use only genuine Yamaha parts or parts of the same type and of equivalent strength and materials.

Any part of inferior quality may malfunction, and the resulting loss of control could endan- ger the operator and passengers.

Yamaha 2B Owner's Manual

Page Maintenance Chart When operating in salt water, turbid or muddy water, the engine should be flushed with clean water after each use. Initial Every Item Actions The condition of Instead, take If a torque-wrench is not available when you the outboard motor to a Yamaha dealer. Page Inspecting Idling Speed If you have difficulty veri- NOTE: fying the idle speed, or the idle speed requires Change the engine oil when the oil is still adjustment, consult a Yamaha dealer or other warm.

Put the outboard motor in an upright po- Verify whether the idle speed is set to sition not tilted. Page 44 Consult Drain screw tightening torque: your Yamaha dealer if the problem cannot NOTE: Turn off the engine and wait 3 minutes. Page Checking Wiring And Connectors Maintenance with oil if it is below the lower mark, or NOTE: drain to the specified level if it is above If any leaks are found, consult your Yamaha the upper mark.

Page Removing The Propeller The propeller will then spin Apply Yamaha marine grease or a corro- freely on the shaft. If this happens, the shear sion resistant grease to the propeller pin must be replaced. Severe injury could oc- dealer. NOTE: Inspect ground leads attached to external an- odes on equipped models.

Consult a Yamaha dealer for inspection and replacement of inter- nal anodes attached to the power unit. Page 49 Maintenance Page Trouble Recovery Yamaha outboard motors. Therefore Q.

Yamaha 5hp 2 stroke manual lawn

Has fuel pump malfunctioned? Have serviced by a Yamaha dealer. If your outboard motor requires repair, bring it to your Yamaha dealer. Are spark plug s fouled or of incorrect Page 51 A. Return to normal operating position. Fill tank with clean, fresh fuel.