Yamaha Fz6 Service Manual Free Download

Yamaha fz6 service manual free download

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Yamaha Factory Service Repair Manual PDF

Table of Contents. First Edition, December All rights reserved. Any reproduction or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. It is not possible to include all the knowledge of a mechanic in one manu- al. Therefore, anyone who uses this book to perform maintenance and repairs on Yamaha vehicles should have a basic understanding of mechanics and the techniques to repair these types of vehicles.

Comprehensive explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, repair and check procedures are laid out with the individual steps in sequential order. INFO Symbols 1 to 9 indicate the subject of each chapter. Point the tip of the clamp downward in front of Clutch cable the handlebar. Throttle cables B Route the branched lead behind the main switch Right handlebar switch lead and immobilizer lead. Horn lead D Clamp the horn lead and radiator hose the external Wire harness side only.

Horn lead should be positioned inside of Rear brake light switch lead the hose.

Yamaha fz6 service manual free download

N Clamp the rear turn signal lead and license plate B Route it inside in the width direction of the vehicle light lead to the frame. Hook the clamp to the brack- of the left handlebar switch lead. W Route it behind the starter motor lead. X Point the bend-R section of the throttle cable pull side to the inner side horizontally. It is also possible to visually check the bend-R section.

U Coolant reservoir tank hose Fuel tank drain hose Battery cover Cover Connecter cover Starter relay lead Fuel tank breather hose Battery negative lead Brake fluid reservoir hose Battery negative lead coupler Lean angle cut-off switch I Set the 4-pin coupler in the connector cover after B Either right or left side arrangement for the left han- wiring it.

X To the engine ground. AH Pass the spark plug lead 2 through the inner Y To the fuel injection. It is inserted until it makes a click sound the connec- Fuel hose tor, and it checks that a connector does not fall out. It Clip takes care that a foreign substance does not enter Clamp All 4 Clamp notches gear at the time of attachment. Page Periodic Checks And Adjustments S The annual checks must be performed every year, except if a kilometer-based maintenance is per- formed instead.

S From 50, km, repeat the maintenance intervals starting from 10, km.

Yamaha FZ6RC Service Manual

S Items marked with an asterisk should be performed by a Yamaha dealer as they require special tools, data and technical skills. See page , Front fork S Check operation and for oil leakage.

Yamaha fz6 service manual free download

See page Shock absorber S Check operation and shock absorber for oil leakage. Rear cowling Frame side cover For installation, reverse the removal procedure.

Disconnect: S headlight bulb cover S headlight coupler 1 2. Remove: S headlight bulb holder 1 3. Adjust: S headlight beam vertically a. Turn the adjusting screw 1 in direction a or Direction Headlight beam is raised. Headlight beam is Direction lowered. Remove: S connecting rod cap 1 S big end bearings NOTE: Identify the position of each big end bearing so that it can be reinstalled in its original place.

Measure: S crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearing clear- ance Out of specification!


Replace the big end bearings. Crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearing clearance 0. Tighten the connecting rod nuts. Connecting rod nut 15 Nm 1. Replace the connecting rod bolts with new ones. Always install new bolts and nuts. Tighten the connecting rod bolts. NOTE: Install by carrying out the following procedures in order to assemble in the most suitable condi- tion.

S connecting rod bolts Connecting rod bolt Connecting rod bolt 15 Nm 1. Always install new bolts. Clean the connecting rod bolts. Remove the connecting rod and big end bearings. Measure the compressed Plastigauge width on the crankshaft pin.

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Offset: S piston ring end gaps a Top ring b Lower oil ring rail c Upper oil ring rail d 2nd ring e Oil ring expander 5. Lubricate: S crankshaft pins S big end bearings S connecting rod big end inner surface with the recommended lubricant Recommended lubricant Clean the connecting rod bolts and nuts. Put a mark 1 on the corner of the connecting rod nut 2 and the connecting rod cap 3. Tighten: NOTE: Install by carrying out the following procedures in order to assemble in the most suitable condi- tion.

S connecting rod bolts. Tighten: S connecting rod bolts 15 Nm 1. NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the water pump unless the coolant level is extremely low or the coolant contains engine oil.

Repair or replace.

Yamaha fz6 service manual free download

Improperly connected! Properly connect. Incorrect continuity reading! Replace the switch. Battery S Check the condition of the battery. Check: Minimum open-circuit voltage 1. Ignition spark gap The following procedure applies to all of the spark plugs.

S Disconnect the spark plug cap from the spark plug. S Connect the ignition checker and spark plug cap as shown. S Measure the ignition spark gap Spark plug cap resistance S Crank the engine by pushing the starter Crankshaft position sensor resis- spark plug lead tance Positive tester probe! Replace the crank- shaft position sen- sor.

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Sidestand switch sky blue S Check the sidestand switch for continuity. Negative tester probe!

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Positive tester probe! Replace the ECU.

YAMAHA FZ6-N Owner's Manual

Check: S Clean the battery 1. Dimmer relay S Disconnect the dimmer relay from the cou- pler. Positive battery lead! The headlight and the high beam indicator Negative tester probe! Headlight coupler wire harness side 1. Headlight bulb and socket High beam S Check the headlight bulb and socket for con- tinuity. The license plate light fails to come on. License plate light bulb and socket 1. Voltage 4. The auxiliary light fails to come on.

S Connect the pocket tester DC 20 V to the 1.

Yamaha Fz6-Ss(C) 2004 Service Manual (Eng)

Auxiliary light and socket auxiliary light coupler wire harness side as S Check the auxiliary light bulb and socket for shown.

S Clean the battery S The horn fails to sound.

Diagnosis manual Yamaha FZ6 2004.

S Recharge or re- Check: place the battery. Voltage 2.

Yamaha fz6 service manual free download

Neutral switch S Check the neutral switch for continuity. The oil level warning light fails to come on. Voltage 6. The fuel level warning light fails to come on.

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Fuel sender meter assembly coupler wire harness side S Drain the fuel from the fuel tank and remove as shown.