Zt 90 Atlas Copco Manual

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

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Instruction book. Copyright , Atlas Copco Airpower n. Any unauthorized use or copying of the contents or any part thereof is prohibited. This applies in. This instruction book meets the requirements for instructions specified by the machinery directive.

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Table of Contents. Stationary air compressors with elektronikon i or ii regulator 45 pages. This applies in particular to trademarks, model denominations, part numbers and drawings.

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

Page 2 Atlas Copco. Follow all applicable safety precautions, amongst others those mentioned in this book. Repairs must be carried out by trained personnel from Atlas Copco who can also be contacted for any further information. Page 4 Instruction book 5.

ZT 55-90 Oil Free Compressor Series

The compressors deliver oil-free air. ZT are air-cooled and ZR are water-cooled. The compressors are enclosed in a sound-insulated bodywork and include mainly Figs. Page 9 Instruction book 1 Safety valve 2 Shut-off valve, regeneration air 3 Safety valve 4 Inlet regeneration air 5 Inlet pipe, wet compressed air 6 Condensate trap, aftercooler 7 Dryer inlet valve 8 Manual drain valve 9 Dryer by-pass valve 10 Dryer outlet valve 11 Moisture indicator Fig.

Page Air Flow figs. The cooled air is further compressed in high-pressure compressor element Eh and discharged through pulsation damper AS and aftercooler A check valve CV is provided downstream of the pulsation damper.

If the fault is not remedied automatically, maintenance is required. Consult your Atlas Copco Customer Centre.

Compressor Atlas Copco

Checking the alarm signal Press the test button for at least 1 minute Check that the alarm LED flashes Release the test button. Page Elektronikon Control System The regulator has a built-in function to automatically restart the compressor if the voltage is restored after voltage failure.

For compressors leaving the factory, this function is made inactive. If desired, the function can be activated. Consult Atlas Copco. Page Control Panel Instruction book Warning If activated and provided the module was in the automatic operation mode, the compressor will automatically restart if the supply voltage to the module is restored within a programmed time period.

The power recovery time the period within which the voltage must be restored to have an automatic restart can be set between 1 and seconds or to Infinite. Page Emergency Stop Button s3-fig.

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

Pressing the button breaks the circuit to the drive motor. The circuit to the control circuit and other electrical components is not broken. Warning Before starting any maintenance or repairs: Stop the compressor and close the air outlet valve. Page Main Screen Instruction book 1.

Compressor Outlet 7. Page 29 Instruction book 22 25 23 24 20 21 19 11 10 14 12 16 17 15 19 00 13 D See page 30 for the list of texts on this figure. Page Installation Proposal figs. The required ventilation capacity per compressor installed to limit the compressor room temperature can be calculated as follows: 1.

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

Page 33 Instruction book 00 D Text on figure 2. Page Electric Cables Instruction book 2. Page 36 Instruction book Fig. Page 37 Instruction book Text on figure 2.

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

Page Pictographs figs. Page Cooling Water Requirements Instruction book Reference Description Torques for steel Fe or brass CuZn bolts Consult the Instruction book before greasing Switch off the voltage before removing the protecting cover inside the electric cabinet Oil the gaskets, screw on the filters and tighten by hand approx. The values from A, B, C and D are found in the table below.

No oil.

Ambient conditions Consult section 7 for the limitations with regard to the ambient conditions and altitude operation. Make sure that the forks protrude from the other side of the frame.

Zt 90 atlas copco manual

Page 44 Instruction book Text on figures 3. Page 45 Instruction book The compressor and motor are secured to the frame, immobilizing the vibration dampers during transport Figs. After installing the compressor: On earlier production units Fig.

ZT 90-160 VSD STD

Check the dryer connections for air leaks. Page 47 Instruction book Open drain valve 8-Fig. Oil cooler Oil drain valve, gear casing Oil filler cap Oil filter Oil level sight-glass Arrow, indicating correct rotation direction of drive motor Fig.

Page Starting fig.

What makes the ZT 90-160 VSD (FF) unique?

If the value should be exceeded, contact Atlas Copco. Warning When the compressor is stopped and automatic operation LED 8 is alight, the compressor may start automatically. Page 49 Instruction book Manual condensate drain, aftercooler Prepared for electronic drain only for Electronic condensate drain, intercooler IMD Automatic condensate drain, aftercooler Fig. The normal operating condition will be reached after approx. Avoid short loading periods and operation at very low working pressures as the performance of the dryer will diminish.

Page Maintenance 3.

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Service kits comprise all parts needed for servicing components and offer the benefits of genuine Atlas Copco parts while keeping the maintenance budget low.

Page Service Plan When reaching a level, a message will appear on the screen. After carrying out all service actions, the interval timers are to be reset using the key "Reset" in menu "Service".

Page Servicing Procedures 5. If a valve does not open at the pressure specified in section 7. Warning Never run the compressor without safety valves. No adjustments are allowed. Page Problem Solving Check water temperature and increase cooling water flow On ZR, restriction in cooling water system due to formation of scale or settling down of dirt Consult Atlas Copco Condensate is not discharged from condensate traps during operation Discharge flexible clogged Below 0.

This vessel shall only be used as compressed air pulsation damper and be operated within the specified limits as mentioned on the data plate.

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Zt 90 atlas copco manual

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