Apache Ii Pdf 1985 Mustang

Apache ii pdf 1985 mustang

A severity of disease classification system

APACHE II uses a point score based upon initial values of 12 routine physiologic measurements, age, and previous health status to provide a general measure of severity of disease. An increasing score range 0 to 71 was closely correlated with the subsequent risk of hospital death for intensive care admissions from 13 hospitals.

Apache ii pdf 1985 mustang

This relationship was also found for many common diseases. When APACHE II scores are combined with an accurate description of disease, they can prognostically stratify acutely ill patients and assist investigators comparing the success of new or differing forms of therapy.

Apache ii pdf 1985 mustang

This scoring index can be used to evaluate the use of hospital resources and compare the efficacy of intensive care in different hospitals or over time. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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Apache ii pdf 1985 mustang

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Apache ii pdf 1985 mustang

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